Coronavirus Update: What to expect based on astrology predictions?

The novel Coronavirus pandemic is a crisis that is unprecedented in human history, and everyone is waiting with bated breath on what the future holds for us. Millions are tuning into the news every day for the latest updates of the virus, its impact, and whether any progress has been made regarding its cure and treatment.

Astrologers have also taken a keen look at the virus and its origins and have made predictions about the virus based on the planetary influences in the coming year. We take a look at the astrological symbolism behind the pandemic and what the future holds for us.
To better understand the virus, we are taking into account the timeline of the virus from when it first started in December 2019 and all the way through June 2020.

Coronavirus: What does astrology say about the outbreak?

Astrology Dates and their significance in the outbreak of coronavirus

December 1 – 10, 2019: Saturn, Venus, & Ceres

The virus has been around for years, but it was between December 1 and 10 when it started to turn into a critical issue. During this time, Saturn, Venus, and Ceres were in Capricorn.
The planet Saturn, which is also known as the planet of time and rules, is a restrictor or grim reaper of the zodiac. Sitting next to Saturn is the planet of lifestyle and love, Venus, who will stop at nothing to create a world built within the illusions of her mind. And when Venus desires something, she always gets it.
The Ceres sits next to Saturn and Venus. Ceres is a great healer that protects the Earth and represents our saving grace. It is associated with growth and learning and lets humanity see things and care for the earth with a new perspective.
All of these events take place in Capricorn, which is an Earth sign. As these planets came together, it was meant to trigger an awakening process around the Earth, and the beginning of the virus outbreak marks this phenomenon.

December 2019: Uranus in Taurus

Uranus is the planet of surprise. As the planet steps in Taurus, it makes the event more ferocious. Uranus tries to break down the old and install what is new, but Taurus is the one that provides it with the roots to make the breakdown a strong, resilient, and lasting one.
As the Coronavirus spreads over the world with no signs of stopping, it is also breaking down how we used to exist. The planet also ensures that we move into a new era and have a new beginning after the breakdown. Although the initial phases look incredibly distressing, in the end, we are actually witnessing a complete restructuring of the world.

January 12, 2020: Saturn-Pluto Conjunction and the Stellium in Capricorn

This astronomical event marks the most essential aspects of what’s going around. A stellium is formed when several planets are present in the same sign. In our case, the stellium is taking place in Capricorn. Saturn and Mars have spent a longer time than normal in Capricorn leading to serious friction. On the other hand, Jupiter and Pluto are setting up uproar and transformation on a global level.
The presence of Mars in Capricorn isn’t a very compatible situation. Both the planets can be described as hot-headed and egotistical. Additionally, there are Saturn, Jupiter, the South Node, and Pluto as well. The aggression among the planets translates into the real world as death, crumbling of economies and states of anxiety, panic, and despair.
Saturn indicates and warns us that the pandemic and its impacts are going to stay for a while. So, we have to plan everything for the long term. Quick fixes and short-term arrangements won’t help to contain the virus completely.

January 26, 2020: Eris Square Pluto

Eris is the sister to Mars, the God of war. She likes to see the death of men on the battlefield. However, there’s one more side to Eris as well. She teaches us to up our game during times of great distress and pressure. And when Eris squares Pluto, mankind sees a lot of their own shadow and consciousness rising to the surface.

Moreover, as Eris moves through Aries, a ‘selfish’ sign in many terms, we need to understand that things for us might be changing for the good, but many parts of the world still need care and attention. More importantly, we have to take responsibility for the situation that got us here in the first place.

As Pluto still lies in Capricorn, the fractured parts and dysfunctionalities of the global family come up in front of everyone. Although the year 2020 is challenging, it is all going to be about a clear vision.

Coronavirus: How do different zodiac signs respond to it?

As we move ahead, here a few key dates worth considering.

What’s next for coronavirus according to astrology?

March 30: Mars Moves into Aquarius

As Mars moves into Aquarius, we will have to come up with new techniques and methods to tackle the pandemic. Tried and true methods won’t have any impact, and we will also have to think personally and collectively. It is expected that there will be a bit of pushback on the new ideas of eradicating the virus because Mars and Aquarius usually get what they want.

March 31: Mars Conjuncts Saturn

States of panic and fear will be high among people as the spread of the virus stays at its peak. As of April starts, Mars moves out of Capricorn and gradually enters into Aquarius. This relieves the tension between them and the planets level out. We may find ourselves at a better place in handling our fear during this time.

April 23: Ceres Moves into Pisces

This will bestow a sense of healing and community. Ceres is the protector of Earth and Pisces is empathetic. As they come together, we can make sure that all our communities have all the support they need to heal. We will see people come together during this time.

May 7: Full Moon in Scorpio

This may indicate a potential turning point for us. At the collective level, we will be able to realize how we have changed and stayed together through all this situation. We might also experience a revolution arising from within us.

June 1: Jupiter Quintile Chiron

Although this quintile has minor significance, it makes us want to rebuild all that has been affected by the virus. With Jupiter, comes the desire to heal, learn from the mistakes, and realize what suffering teaches us. All the terms like New World Order or formation of New Earth that were being used for a while are probably what the Jupiter quintile Chiron is about to bring.

June 5: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

With the full moon in Sagittarius, we will be free from the personal and collective shadow. We will shed out the old and make room for what’s new to come.

June 18: Mars Moves into Pisces

This can lead to problematic situations especially when there is uproar and we haven’t learned much and made progress. However, if we are clear about moving away from the past towards a better future, Mars can be the greatest motivator. It offers the determination to heal and regroup at the personal and collective levels.

Coronavirus Astrology predictions: When will it end in India?

What lessons can we learn from the coronavirus pandemic?

While the pandemic seems like a tough situation that we would never want to go through, it also gives us a chance to be the saving grace for ourselves and others. It is only through community and togetherness that we heal and sustain. It is only through acknowledging our past and learning from it that we can move ahead.
The universe has our back. We just need to follow the natural flow of the cosmos. The virus may be contained by around mid-June or July, but if we continue to do things like putting profits over people and nature or throwing money on the problem, the unfortunate events may linger for longer.

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