Coronavirus Astrology predictions: Based on Zodiac sign

The COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything we have ever seen before. In lieu of social distancing, most of us are now restricted to our homes under self-quarantine. We are all working from home and trying to stay as productive as possible while waiting for this storm to pass. However, this can be really tough for our physical and mental health, especially those of us who are used to an outdoorsy extroverted lifestyle.

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So, what can we do to keep ourselves fit and happy while staying at home during this crisis?

We break down how you can stay healthy at home based on the personality traits and attributes of your Zodiac. These coronavirus astrology predictions on Coronavirus are purely to help you find the right activities that you’ll enjoy will help you through this tough time and help maintain your health.

Coronavirus Astrology predictions for 12 Zodiac Signs


For Pisceans, Corona quarantine time is right up your alley. You are perfectly comfortable and at your creative best at your home. You love to cosy up in your bed tuning into your favourite movies and music for inspiration. One way you can keep yourself productive is to remember to create art, music, poetry at this time. You need a vent for your creativity and now is the time where you can really reflect on your ideas and create great art. However, your tendency to avoid exercise may get aggravated and this can lead to health issues, remember to stick to a fitness regimen and do your best to keep your diet healthy.


You are adaptable to circumstances and won’t have much trouble adapting to the quarantine as well. This is the best time to pick up a new hobby, pick up your hobby where you left off, whether it is writing poetry, painting or an instrument. However, it can get lonely, so make sure you video call your friends and family and take extra effort to stay in touch with them for the sake of your mental health during this time of social distancing and isolation.


You may be feeling like a fish out of the water as you’re obsessed with productivity. Remember this is a time to rejuvenate yourself, don’t stress about being super productive. You can contribute around the house, connect with family and friends and take this time for such much-needed self-care. If the productivity bug bites you, you can take this time to work on your career and enrol in some online courses that will help you pass the time and help with your anxiety about wasting time.

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You are usually a free bird and love to travel so this is a hard time for you. To get through quarantine you will have to find a new adventure that occupies your mind. Reading is a great way to escape, create a reading list for yourself filled with sci-fi, adventure and fantasy. This will keep your mind off the humdrum and monotony.


You are usually way too busy with your career and your social life to spend time with your family. Think of this break as a godsend and spend time with your loved ones. If your grandparents or parents live with you, speak to them at length about their stories and what they would like to do after the quarantine. If you have kids, take this time to play sports with them, read to them and bond. Learn about their dreams and aspirations to connect better as a parent.


You’ve always been gifted with a bold streak of creativity, put that to use by doing things around the house. You can take this time to start off an arts or crafts project or even some DIY projects such as painting the walls, decluttering your home, redecoration and more. Go to Pinterest or Instagram to kickstart your imagination, your curious mind will take over from there.


Your friends are always complaining that you never spend time with them. Now is your chance to work on that and connect with them virtually. Make time for your relationships and connect with old friends that you’ve lost touch with. You’ll spread smiles and bring them happiness from unexpected quarters. You can use apps such as Houseparty, which allows you to play online games such as Hangman, Pictionary while on a video call. You may not get this time later so use it to let the people you love know that you cherish them.


You are a born leader and sitting indoors will be a nightmare for you unless your mind is occupied. You are also naturally competitive and get your kicks out of excelling at whatever you do. There are a number of fitness challenges doing the rounds due to Corona time, pick up a challenge a day such as a pushup challenge, full bod workout challenge, crunches and push yourself to achieve it. This will keep you entertained and keep your mind at ease.


You love spending time indoors so this isn’t really too much of a challenge for you. However, boredom can get to you so keep yourself active at this time. Pick up something like cooking for your family, this will give you the added bonus of seeing the faces of your loved ones light up. Try all the new recipes you’ve been wanting to try and come out of quarantine season a Masterchef.


You are generally extremely social and outgoing and staying in one place is going to be difficult. Pick up Yoga or Meditation to calm your restless mind. You can do a Suryanamaskar or even pick up Pilates to keep yourself busy at this time. If you’re a master at these, you can start a Zoom session for your entire family or neighbours to keep connected while socially distancing.


You are the more relaxed of the Zodiac signs and at this time you really need to tune into that part of yourself. Download an app like Calm or listen to soothing music to help you meditate your way through. Keep your space clean and full of good vibes by investing in some scents and candles that help pep the mood. Pampering yourself is necessary to keep yourself sane as you tend to be anxious about changes around you.

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You are extremely competitive and love to stay active hence it’s not really easy for you to stay indoors. The best way you can keep your mind at ease is to take up a personal challenge and set a stretch goal for yourself. If you wanted to work on your fitness goals, set a goal weight and create a structured routine for yourself. If you wanted to learn a new language, take it up on Duolingo. Remember to hold yourself to the goal and treat yourself at every milestone.

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