As the Corona second wave progresses, let us evaluate the situation astrologically. Guru (Jupiter) is beginning an unstable movement. From June 21, Jupiter starts traveling in a curve (backward), and on September 14, it enters Capricorn, the evil or inferior sign. At the same time, Saturn would be moving in a curve from May 23. Moreover, from October 23, Kujan (Mars) meets the debilitating Ravi (Sun) and aspects at Jupiter who meets Saturn.

Jupiter also has a special eye on Rahu during this period. While this happens, there is a chance for a third wave to happen. However, we may see small differences with its return to Aquarius from November 21. When Jupiter enters the house of Pisces on April 13, our country and its people may become free from this pandemic to some extent. Vaccination may also undergo completion to a certain extent during this time.

COVID  Second and Third Waves Predictions for All Zodiac Signs

Let us see how this second wave affects and leads each zodiac sign towards the third wave. Check the Coronavirus Astrology predictions for all zodiac signs now.


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For those for whom the second wave did not cause much trouble, the third wave is likely to be problematic. You need to focus on your career. The period from October to December will be full of challenges. Negative thoughts will cause a disturbance.


Even though you will be able to ride the second wave without much damage, you should prepare well for the third wave. Address the challenges you face in the workplace, effectively. Proceed with precise and effective plans.


The second wave would not have caused many problems to Geminis. However, those who are born in this zodiac should be careful of the third wave. From October to December, you should give special attention to your health. There is a need for preparation.


These zodiac signs will be able to withstand the second and third waves of Corona without any severe problems. However, they may feel a bit scared. Therefore, with proper preventive measures, they will be able to survive it.


Having suffered setbacks during the first Corona period, these zodiac signs will move forward carefully in the second and third waves. Though there will be financial losses, you can survive this period with proper preventive measures.


These zodiac signs did not experience significant losses due to their luck, together with the precautions undertaken. Becoming aware of the intensity of the Corona second wave from other people will help you escape the pandemic to some extent. However, you may have to postpone the projects you kept alive in your mind for a long time.


These zodiac signs may be the ones to escape the second and third waves of Corona. With their innate and keen observations and preparations, they may overcome the threats of Corona infection. 


The Scorpios are quite vulnerable to the Corona waves. Although they have escaped the first period without any problems, the second and third parts may pose problems. However, their readiness to take on challenges may save them to a certain extent.


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These zodiac signs have overcome the Corona waves without any serious problems. Even though the third wave will also pass smoothly, there is a need to take preventive measures. These signs will experience a risk of financial loss.


These zodiac signs are the most successful survivors of Corona waves. However, more attention is required during the third wave. Effective care and preventive measures are indispensable.


Although the Corona wave has not affected these signs significantly, unwanted fear and stress may cause them problems. Their spontaneous care and activities may bring positive results. They may take timely and voluntary initiatives to adopt preventive measures.


Even though the first Corona wave did not cause significant problems, the second one may create minor issues. Assume that the third wave will not become adverse when compared with the others.

The above Coronavirus Astrology predictions are prepared based on your birth sign only. An accurate astrology prediction is possible only after analyzing your horoscope.

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