Kundli or horoscope is the astrological tool for studying an individual’s life and character. The astrology of an individual is based upon the unique planetary alignment corresponding to the particular time and place of his birth. A kundali holds this data, the unique planetary alignment that makes every person unique and distinct. It is a record of the native’s astrological design determining his life, character and destiny.

How to prepare a Kundli? Is it possible to generate free Kundli?

A kundali must accurately capture the unique planetary placements corresponding to the date, time and place of birth. An astrologer would go through several complex astrology calculations to find this. Nowadays, one can prepare a free kundali online too. The online portals generating free Kundli use advanced astrological software. Once you provide the date, time and place of birth, the software does all those calculations to generate an online Kundli within minutes. 

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An online Kundli is reliable if the software used is an authentic one. There are several online portals offering free kundali out of which you have to choose a reliable one. Clickastro.com is one such portal using authentic astrology software. It is the Vedic Astrology portal maintained by Astro-Vision, one of the pioneering firms in astrology software development in India. The Astro-Vision software has the backup of more than three decades of research and development and is the trusted software of more than 50,000 astrologers. Clickastro uses the same software, and hence, its online Kundli is authentic and accurate. 

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Can online kundlis predict the future? Are these predictions accurate?

Online free kundalis are software generated ones. Compared to manually prepared horoscopes, the errors in calculations will be less or null in software-generated kundalis. With more accuracy in calculations, there will be more accuracy in predictions. A Kundli generated by Clickastro.com provides a variety of predictions. These include Panchanga predictions, Bhava predictions, Dasa-Apahara predictions, predictions based on Yogas in Kundli, Transit predictions, Ashtakavarga predictions, predictions on Favourable periods in life etc.

Online Kundli can provide your future forecasts. Every individual is curious to know about the future, especially in matters regarding career, wealth, marriage, relationships, health etc. Kundli specifically analyses all aspects of life and gives predictions on each. These predictions would help you understand your future prospects. 

Online Kundli generates a detailed list of your dasa-apahara periods with their starting and ending timings. Through detailed analysis of dasas, anthardasas (apaharas) and paryanthardasas, the general nature of your life under each dasa, apahara or paryanthardasa phase can be known. These predictions will help you know about the possible opportunities and obstacles at various times in the future, and you can plan your life accordingly.

Planetary transits are astrological events marking the sign change or transit of planets from one zodiac to another. This, based on the planets’ positions in your birth chart, would cast some influence on your life during the transit period. Planetary transits can cause some sudden changes and developments in life. Clickastro Kundli includes the transit predictions that help you know about the possible changes in the near future. In addition to these, the online kundali generated by clickastro.com provides a list of favourable periods in life. Based on the analysis of dasa-apaharas and other horoscope factors, it lets you know the favourable years; the right time to get married, for job changes, for starting or developing business, for house construction etc.

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Whatever be your concern or plan for the future, reading the Clickastro Kundli can help you. Its various future forecasts will let you tune your strategies according to the cosmic designs. Your destiny is written in your horoscope. Following an authentic horoscope like Clickastro Kundli would make your path easier. Why wait to generate your online Kundli report? Go to Clickastro.com to read your free Kundli in Hindi now!

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