Types of Charts in Astrology

There are different types of astrology charts. Astrology charts have different shapes; still, they all say the same thing. The idea of these charts is to tell people how to manage their life. Each shape is different, but the contents in that are the same.

North Indian Horoscope

Eg: Mr. Narendra Modi

North Indian Horoscope

In the North Indian model horoscope, the Lagna will always be in the same place. For example, the Lagna of Narendra Modi is Scorpio, so in the North format of the horoscope, the Lagna will always be in the upper portion of the horoscope. It will never change from person to person. So that makes this chart more popular and easiest to understand.

Narendra Modi’s chart is known to many people. His Lagna is Scorpio, and Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, and Mars is conjuncting the Moon. We can easily identify the Moon has a Neecha Bhanga raja yoga. It is very easy to know which rasis rules the next houses in this horoscope. The aspects and conjunctions can be easily identified in this horoscope. For a beginner, this format of the horoscope will be very easy.

Horoscope of Indira Gandhi

This is the North Indian format of Horoscope for Indira Gandhi; we can see her Lagna as Cancer.

Astrology Charts

In this horoscope, the Lagna is Cancer and Saturn is in the Lagna. We all know that Saturn has three aspects, and from this chart, it is very easy to understand the aspect of Saturn. It will aspect the third, seventh, and the tenth house from itself. So, we can understand how her marital life and career.

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In the North format, we can see a few numbers written inside the boxes, and these numbers are the code for each rasis. It makes it very easy to understand which rasi rules which house.

The simplicity of the North Indian horoscope will be very visible when it comes to the divisional charts.

In Vedic astrology, the importance of the divisional chart is very high. It gives the inner strength of the planets, and it is very important to understand the placements in the divisional charts. The promises in the Lagna chart should be justified in the divisional charts also. Suppose the Lagna chart shows the career in the government sector, then it should be seen in the divisional charts also. It is very easy to detect in the North format of the horoscope.

South Indian Format of Horoscope

South Indian Horoscope
In the North Indian horoscope format, the Lagna is always the same house, and the rasis will change; meanwhile in the South Horoscope, the rasis remain the same, and the Lagna will change. In this format of horoscope, Rasis moves through the houses. In the North horoscope of Narendra Modi, the Lagna is on the top, but in the South format, the Lagna is in the bottom portion of the horoscope.

This is the accurate placement in the sky, and people who have mastered the South format will not easily understand other formats. The difficulty in reading this format will be visible while finding the details from the divisional charts. However, mastering the divisional charts through the south format will be complex for a beginner. In the South format, Pisces always rules the top left side of the horoscope. In the South horoscope, we count the house in a clockwise direction, and in the North style, we count it in anti-clockwise.

The East Indian Chart

Diagram copied from a website

East Indian Astrology Chart

In this chart, the Lagna house changes just like the south chart. It has corner houses as well.

The Western Horoscope

This chart is in circle format, and the Lagna or Ascendant is always in the same place as the north Indian Horoscope. The entire zodiac wheel is 360 degrees, and the houses are divided equally into 30 degrees. The Ascendant is always on the left side, and the rasis moves in an anticlockwise direction. The advantage of this Horoscope is the planets are shown in the exact degree. In the other formats, we have to look into the planetary table to see to which degree the planets are placed. This chart has two main points: Imum Coeli and Medium Coeli. The IC comes in the fourth house, and MC comes in the tenth house.

The concept of divisional charts is relatively new to western astrologers. The divisional charts are known as “Harmonic Charts” in Western astrology. They mainly indicate the D9 or the Navamsa chart by harmonic charts. They say Harmonic two for Hora, Harmonic three for Dreshkken, Harmonic four for Chaturthamsa, and it goes on until Harmonic sixteen for Shashtyamsa in Vedic astrology. The calculation of this divisional chart varies slightly from Vedic calculation. Those who are used to the western style of the Horoscope will find it difficult to understand the Vedic horoscope formats.

Which is the Best Horoscope?

There is no clear answer to this as it depends upon the astrologer’s perspective. The north format of the Horoscope is used more among Vedic astrologers. Due to the static nature of the houses, it is very easy to understand where the planets are placed in the divisional charts also. The South format shows the actual placement of the planets in the sky. Due to the static nature of the rasis, it will be difficult to understand the placement, aspect, and conjunction of the planets in divisional charts.

Still, many people are well versed in all kinds of horoscopes.

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