The Sun, along with the Moon, is the most important planet in Vedic astrology. While the Moon is considered the mother among planets, the Sun is considered the father. He is the basis for life on Earth. He makes up for the physical self of the individual. He also determines the virtue of self-belief or ego. He represents one’s power, authority, and health. The position of the Sun in the chart has a huge say on how the life of the individual is going to turn out. The Sun takes about one month to move through one sign in the birth chart.

On May 14 at 11:15 pm the Sun will move into the Taurus sign and will remain there till it moves on to Gemini on June 15. As the Sun transit in Taurus there may be an increase in the determination to work hard towards realizing the aims and desires of the individual. Taurus sign is ruled by the planet Venus, and she does not share a good relationship with the Sun, so there are bound to be some problems as well.

Let us see the effect of the Sun transit in Taurus brings upon the various signs.

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For the Aires natives, this transit may bring in financial gains. There may be new opportunities in the field of work which may result in an increased flow of money. At home, there may be some troubles, especially with older members. It is advised to be careful while speaking to others and avoid misunderstandings and arguments. This is a good time to get married. There may be minor health issues, especially along the chest area. 


As Sun transit in Taurus, there may be health problems. Unchecked expenses may hit you, especially if there is a wedding on the way. Special care needs to be given to the upper body, especially the heart and stomach area. You may be able to solve problems in life provided your ego does not get the better of you. At work, you may have to work hard to maintain the required standard. Business people can look forward to making profits. You may enjoy a good period with your spouse. 


There may be unexpected expenses. Keep a tab on your finances and eliminate unnecessary financial liabilities. In business, it is best to hold back expansion plans and focus on saving money. Opportunities long in waiting may suddenly materialize, so be on your toes. Students looking for admission to foreign universities may find success. Your love life may improve. You may be able to better understand your partner. Those looking forward to starting a family have the blessings to do so. As Sun transit in Taurus, health-wise there may be fever, problems to the stomach and the eye. 


Long-time desires may be fulfilled. The business may see gains. There may be an increase in income. You may receive support from seniors and authority figures. There may be an increase in standing and status among peers. Students may find it hard to focus on their studies. As Sun transit in Taurus, this is not a good time to take exams. There may be problems in love life also. You are advised to take time out of your professional life and spend quality time with your spouse. Health may be stable and you may enjoy good immunity at this time.


You may enjoy success in your career. You may come up with innovative ideas. Those above you may be impressed with you. There may be a promotion also. The business may bring profits. This is a good time to apply for a foreign job if you are looking forward to it. If you are in a relationship, this may be a good time to make it official. Family life may be peaceful and happy. You may earn new respect among family members and your standing in society may improve. Health may remain stable though you are advised to maintain fitness.


The business associated with foreign countries may see growth and profit. There may be a spiritual awakening. You may take part in religious and social activities. Financially there may be little or no gain. Professionally, you may have reached a comfort zone. You may meet new people and form new bonds. There may be problems with authority figures. You may enjoy the love and support of peers and colleagues. Health may remain stable. You are advised not to overthink things and just focus on matters at hand. 


This may be a taxing time for you mentally. This may lead to bad decisions. You may miss good opportunities that may have brought monetary benefits. However, you may get benefits from joint ventures, inheritance, and help from your spouse. There may be problems in the family, especially with the in-laws. Be careful with your words. Keep the ego in check. Rivals may cause troubles in professional life which may spill over to personal life also. Leo women may have to deal with period-related issues. There may be skin problems, viral infections, and sexual problems. 


Those in business may experience tremendous profit. Marital relations may improve. Peace and harmony may reign supreme. However, do keep your ego in check. There may be problems in professional life. Disagreements may crop up with seniors and authority figures. It is better to go along with the group. Financial situations may stabilize as you may be able to rein in unwarranted expenses. This is a good time to ink new deals if you are in business. You may be low on energy and there may be fever. Proper rest is advised. 


You may overwhelm your enemies and rivals. There may be little or no financial gains. Those in business may have to work hard to stay even. Professionally, you may have to give extra effort just to maintain your position among peers. This is a good time for students to appear in competitive exams. There may be problems in personal life. Differences may crop up between you and your partner. There may be arguments with elders. Jumping into decisions may cause harm. Practice self-control. As Sun transit in Taurus, as per your birth chart, you may feel frustrated and ill. You may also face acidic reflux in the digestive system. 


There may be problems with health. Students may find it hard to focus on their studies. You should be careful with financial deals and save more money. You need to be patient at work and also forgiving. There may be problems in romantic relationships. However, married life may be good and there may be an increase in social status. New opportunities may present themselves in higher education. There may be some troubles with the stomach. There may be problems with the health of your children also. 


There may be problems within the family. You may feel disturbed when at home. Getting into new partnerships may bring benefits in the long run. There may be luck in professional life and you may gain things previously thought improbable. Your work will be appreciated. There may be promotions also. Keep off important decisions to another time, especially those related to property. Be patient while dealing with your mother. Try to help her with domestic chores. Envious people may try to harm you. Health may remain average. 


You may be mentally on at this time. You may feel energetic and focused. You will be ready to take in all challenges. You may get involved in religious activities. You may be diplomatic and stay away from arguments and debates. Friends and family will support you. There may be short trips and travels. This is a good time to take up new projects. Students may set new goals and work towards achieving them. You may be dedicated to the task at hand and hence more likely to enjoy success. Relationships with spouses may be average. There may be some health issues.

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