Shrapit Dosh: It’s effects and remedies

Planetary alignments play a significant role in deciding the key characteristics of a person from birth to death. These planetary alignments and combinations are called Yogas. Yogas are believed to be very auspicious and are revered during many important stages of a person’s life like marriage, establishing a new business, giving birth to a child, and deciding on their education.

The philosophy of Hinduism believes that Yogas have the potential to positively influence a person’s life and enable them with the tools, skills, and resources required to achieve greatness.
Like Yogas, there are certain planetary alignments that have an opposite effect on a person’s life, and these alignments are called Doshas. Doshas happen when Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu occupy certain houses or are in a placement that does not allow the positive power of the Yogas to influence the person, thereby providing a constant and uninterrupted flow of negative energy.

The most prominent symptoms of being affected by doshas are:

  • The affected person will constantly be in debt and will not be able to resurface from that
  • The person will find it difficult to hold relationships
  • The native is easily drawn towards negativity and often finds himself/herself in trouble with regulatory authorities. In a few cases, there could be significant jail time involved.
  • Marital disputes, adultery, and infidelity are common
  • It becomes difficult for the person to conceive and in rare scenarios where the couple is able to give birth to a child, the offspring are either stillborn or are affected with complicated medical conditions.
While these are the most prominent ones, there are many other effects that one could face depending on the position of Saturn in Navamsa chart and Rahu in Navamsa chart.
Out of the many doshas, it is the Shrapit dosh that is dreaded the most, and people ensure that they do everything possible to nullify its effects to a certain degree.

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Shrapit Yoga occurs when Rahu Saturn conjunction is in your horoscope readings. Shrapit Dosh is agnostic of the house and regardless of which house this conjunction occurs in, the effects could be devastating to the person. This occurs when the person has committed sinful deeds in his/her past life and has not repented for them in their past life and is forced to face the consequences of those actions in their current life.

Shrapit dosh when Shani in the 10th house or Rahu in 5th house is in conjunction with Saturn.

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There are many positive attributes that come with having Saturn in your planetary alignment in the right house, however, this conjunction does not trickle down any of those attributes into the person’s life. Shrapit dosh is not always significant, however, in times of Marak Mahadasha and Antardasha of planets it has the potential to cause maximum damage.

The most dangerous outcomes of the Shrapit Dosh are:

  • The person affected or native will not be able to hold a steady relationship with their spouse, their parents, and their inlaws
  • Marital discords and lack of respect for the spouse will become a pressing issue
  • Lack of physical intimacy between the couple
  • Inability to conceive a child
  • In cases where the planetary alignment gets stronger after the birth of a child, the child gets sick constantly
  • The path towards education and spiritual enrichment will not be easy and the native should undergo a lot of struggle to achieve this
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How can I know if I have the Shrapit Dosh:
Today, the field of astrology has developed significantly. It is no longer a compulsion to travel thousands of kilometers to consult an astrologer. You can check for the presence of Saturn and Rahu in your horoscope online and know more about Shrapit dosh in your Kundli with just a click.

Shrapit Dosh remedies

Before we talk about the most prominent Shani Rahu Shrapit dosh remedies, it is important to understand that these are the most recommended remedies. To get the remedies that could have the desired effect on you, you should consult an astrologer to get advice on a tailor-made approach that is designed according to your horoscope.

The most recommended remedies are:

  • Under the guidance of a priest, perform the Shani Shrapit Nivaran Pooja. In the same manner, perform the Rahu Shrapit Nivaran Pooja. 
  • Make it a practice to chant mantras to appease Rahu and Saturn early in the morning after taking a bath
  • Offer your prayers to lord shiva every day. As a ritual, offer water and milk to a Shiva Linga while praying to Lord Shiva.
  • Feeding balls of food made from Ghee and rice to cows and fish could reduce the negative impact of Rahu and Shani to a great extent
  • Participating in acts of charity towards the poor can help you pay for the sins you’ve committed in your previous life
  • On Saturdays, find solace by offering your prayers to Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Shiva
  • Wearing certain gemstones can help you alleviate the negative energy in your life caused by this planetary alignment.
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Any house with Shani Rahu combination or a combination of Saturn and Rahu could lead to Shrapit Dosh. However, it is imperative to understand that this situation can be remedied and Shrapit Dosha cancellation could be done by seeking guidance and help from learned astrologers.

These afflictions in life are happening to balance the karmic scale and the effects of these are not for the entirety of your lifespan. There are certain periods where these energies will be strong and measures should be taken to ensure that when the time comes, the impact is either nullified or reduced to a minimum.

Participating in acts of kindness, charity, and self-help not only balances the karmic scale but also makes you a better individual who is spiritually learned. This positive energy that you carry will influence people around you and have a domino effect that could make the world a better place to live in.

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