Vastu Shastra clearly prescribes what materials can be used and what should not be used in constructing buildings. As a general rule, materials taken out from dilapidated buildings or those destroyed by fire or floods must not be used for constructing a new house or building. Similarly materials stolen and brought for sale or those auctioned by courts should not be used. The old material taken out from one’s old building can, however, be used for renovation of that building.

Trees felled from the premises of places of worship, graveyard, and cemetery, etc., should be strictly avoided as they will bring nothing but suffering and grief to the users.

Selection of wood:

It is recommended to use only one type of wood for a building. Use of wood from two or three types of trees will give only medium or low results. A building constructed out of one material is said to be ‘pure’, while, with two materials, it is called ‘mixed’ and with three, ‘mingled’.

Use of wood from following trees are considered to give beneficial results:-

Mango Tree – Blessings of Gods and angels.
Teak Tree – Big position and influence.
Margosa or Neem Tree – Good education, knowledge and skill in various arts and crafts.

Woodwork made from Kaypal, Kutki, teak, Ashok and Kadamb trees will bring happiness and prosperity.

Trees like Tamarind, Palm, Banyan, Peepul, etc., are not recommended as they are believed to make the residents poor and suffer from many difficulties.

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