Rahu-Ketu Predictions for all Nakshatras

Medakoor –  Ashwathy, Bharani, and ¼ Karthika

This is a great time to gain wealth and popularity, careful use of speech can help towards this purpose. There is also the likely hood of making progress in a career using intellect. Once they remove the doshas in the horoscope, happy life can be attained. The family will experience bountifulness thanks to warmth in marital relations and good friends. They may also receive money or land as ancestral wealth. But to get these, doshas have to be removed from the horoscope. They can easily attain wealth. All we need to do is to prepare the way for this. If there is a clear goal in mind and the will power to reach the goal life will be fruitful. Do what is necessary to attain the blessings of God. There are possibilities of doshas due to Rahu. Dream big but it is better to be practical about the capabilities one possesses. It is better not to pay too much attention to what others say. Favorable time is seen for activities or approvals related to the government. 

These are people who may have achieved many things in life through their own effort. Yet, caution is advised when entering into mutual undertakings, joint ventures, and marriage. Care is advised while choosing people for work. They may have numerous attendees and helpers and due consideration should be given to them lest there be financial losses. These people, who usually take firm decisions and make good use of their intellect, may find themselves stumbling during this period. Care is advised while using vehicles. Those operating machines, wielding weapons, and working in the field of security should be extra cautious. Special care should be given to the stomach as there are chances of ill-health. They are hard-working people and are loved by all, still, some behavioral traits of theirs may not find wide acceptance. Although generally lazy, their superior intellect will allow them to discover newer, easier ways to succeed in life. If consistent in the efforts, they will be more successful than anyone else, provided they find a solution for Graha Dosha and carry out Pariharas.

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Edavakhoor: Karthika(3/4), Rohini, Makayiram(1/2)

These are people who have faced a lot of hardships and failures in life and finally reached a good position. There will be prosperity in health and family. Be careful of toxic food items. Good food plays a great role in the healing and peace of mind. During Rahu times, there may be issues with the nervous system. There might be issues with mental and overall health. But these can be kept at bay with the right action at the right time. With effort, all relations can be turned to their favor. Relationship building can be extended to outside the country, state, etc as it will help in creating a community that can be favorable for your business. Rahu is good for gaining wealth. Though some people may see you as a liar or as a deceiver, know that these are misunderstandings. Even good deeds may be misunderstood. As you are very charitable and act for this purpose without thinking, the chances of being seen as a cheat are possible. Family life can be fun. It is a good time for those looking to start a family. There will be objections but you will see results in the end. 

Their life may be either awesome or awful. Either way, they will keep it a secret. Their love/married life would generally be miserable. Children may have to endure loss. There may be obstacles in the field of education and growth may cease. Misery may arise due to illness, hospital stay, and/or surgery. Losses in form of gold or money are seen. Do not stand guarantee for others and do not engage in legal hassles. This is a period of Shatru Dosha. If Pariharas are strictly carried out, with the grace of God, everything may get sorted out. Bad things may happen from time to time. Initiatives undertaken may lose its luster in a few days. If proper Pariharas haven’t been carried out it may affect work, business, marriage, and family. This is a time when one is unable to think straight. Act as per the advice of a good mentor and protect the spouse and Karma Mandala in a timely manner. If one insists against self-evaluation, great losses await.

Midhunakoore: Makayirum(1/2); Thiruvathira, Punartham (3/4)

It is not a good time for these people. They may encounter difficulties on many fronts like health, family, reputation, etc. The atmosphere at home might turn sour. For those planning to buy a new home, it is a good time. There might be some loss in the form of household items. You may have to spend a lot of money on repairing the house or for your family members. There may be disagreements with your significant other. Maintaining distance from people who might take advantage of you will be good. You will have to motivate yourself. Work or business will need special attention as the finance front might face some difficulties. Pay attention to your employees so that you may not face difficulties from their side later on. If you are living away from home you may have to go back home. Decisions should be taken independently and not considering your pasts. Insight, experience, and advice are also important in life. Health issues might be because of the position of the stars. Be prepared to face some tough times ahead. Remember that some of the advice that you get is probably opinions. Do not get easily influenced by others as this may lead to great loss later on. Your faith in God will be tested. Hospital visits and expenses can be expected. You will have to support yourself through this time. Be careful while using vehicles or any sort of machinery. 

These are people blessed with prestige and pedigree, talent in their field of work, wealth, prosperity, nobility, high status, elite education, craftmanship, compassion, and an open mindset. They place immense value on friendships and bring benefit to others. Steady intellect, ability to rise to the occasion, and power to overcome adversity are other highlights. They may possess knowledge of everything and may impress upon others as arrogant. They may be talented in sculpting and music and have all the potential to be an artist. Even so, lack of planning and delay in making decisions may bar them from reaping deserved benefits. Caution is advised when getting involved in partnerships. Finding an ideal life partner would be tough. Children’s education may be interrupted, but there will be fulfillment. They may be recipients of benefits and generosity. Body discomfort, intermittent illness, bondage, lack of growth in the field of work may bring depression, but they will survive no matter how bad the situation may become. They are good at dealing with people. There is a chance of experiencing loss in love life, friendship, or close relations. There will be enmity in the field of work. Engaging in Parihara mantras to ward off ills facing marriage, work, and Shatru Dosha may bring guaranteed benefits. 

Karkiddakoore: Punartham(1/4), Pooyam, Ayilyam

These people will gain the favor of friends and family through their love and compassion. These people will get easily emotionally attached to all. Because of this, there will be a lot of people who will be interested in helping them. These people will be wealthy and think in a high manner. Therefore, their family relationships and friendships will be strong and healthy. This is an apt time for those looking to get married. This is also an apt time to conceive and have children. Ears and eyes need special attention. Due to their high-level of thinking they might be able to foresee the future and behave accordingly. Due to their long-sightedness and intellect, they will be able to shine in any field of their desire. This is also a time for good relationships to prosper and flourish. They can also have a lot of financial gains, win a lottery, and earn profits while buying land. Be wary of those wanting to lead you to trouble. 

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These people, who mean only good to others, maybe misunderstood during this period. They will endure sacrifices for the sake of love. Life may be difficult. People will talk about them with prejudice and misconceptions. They may be known as headstrong, stubborn, and characterized as wicked and dishonest people. They may have to run errands for others. Abstain from consuming liquor. Keep away from water bodies, boat trips, and cruises. There are chances of unreasonable fear affecting health. The mind may become polluted with unnecessary thoughts. Watch out for snakes. There may occur diseases due to faults in the nervous system, poor blood circulation, and lack of rest. If proper Pariharas are carried out, everything may be warded off to an extent. 

Chingakoore: Makam, Pooram, Uthram (1/4)

These people will reach heights in their professions with the help of efficient, smart, and experienced coworkers. They are industrialists who jump into actions without much thought. Even though they face a lot of problems they will be focused on achieving their goals. They will give their partner equal importance. This will be true for their business as well. These people will not give much importance to their health or body. Since they do not eat on time, they are likely to have stomach issues. Stability is not their strongest point and they will get involved in multiple jobs at the same time. But they will be successful in all such tasks. They are always willing to help, for which they are ready to sacrifice their own needs too. Though they may be different from their family members, there will be many who love them. Married life could do with some extra care and attention. Though there might be some troubles, they will take care to not let anyone know. 

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They may be adored by those around them. Changes are seen in positions of power. If they are leaders or occupy influential positions, they may have to face unnecessary rhetoric which may lead to displeasure among supporters. Some of them may not like sticking on to one job for a prolonged time period. Though they may scale huge heights, the present time period is not good for them. Commitment to married life is very important. Travel difficulties and bad health are foreseen. Yet they may possess the will power to overcome these predicaments. They may be seen as role models for abiding by morality and truth. They may donate to educational institutes, hospitals, and old age homes. Close attention is advised while using vehicles and handling machines. People who plan to travel abroad may incur losses. This is not a good time to start a farm or a joint business venture. They see happiness in the well being of the people around them. They have the mindset of kings. Being open-minded is their virtue and they may go to any extremes for virtue and truth. There may be damages inflicted on vehicles and houses. Success in life is not far away if proper Pariharas are carried out. 

Kannikoore: Uthram(3/4); Atham, Chithira(1/2)

People under this nakshatra will face issues with their fathers. They may earn the wrath of their fathers and might not be able to take care of them properly. They are likely to become people’s leaders but they will be at the forefront when false accusations and bad luck happen. They are not a patient lot and have short temper. They may have to take back their promises. They will have plenty of support and will shine in debates. It is not easy to fool them. They will show love and anger in the same intensity towards people. They should take remedial actions for their marriage and this will bring them great fortunes. 

The combined power of femininity and masculinity may see them rise as per the demands of the occasion. They may be having the ability to make people understand their viewpoints. This is a good time to be a teacher. They may possess great thoughts, progressive ideas, and the ability to train others. Due recognition and encouragement may propel them to the top. They are a source of empathy, generosity, and provide help as and when needed. The combination of good fortune and family prosperity may see them becoming social workers. They may be at the forefront of politics, service, and providing health care. They may be portrayed as selfish in their own life, likely due to misunderstanding. They may use wealth for the benefit of others without thinking of themselves. They have the habit of giving and may also receive help whenever they need it. They may enjoy strong support from followers during this period. A stable home, public support, patriotism, prestige, strong friendship, and comfort are their characteristics. Sympathy for the wicked may invoke slander. Even though famous, they may not care for it. Their empathy and ability to organize may make them great personalities. They may also enjoy longevity. Since they are an abode of goodness, it is natural for them to attract animosity and they will be able to overcome it as well. 

Thulakoore: Chithira(1/2); Choti, Vishakam(3/4)

This is a difficult period with suffering in many forms. Surrounding yourself with friends and family as well as people you trust will be important. Every step has to be taken carefully. Financial aspects should be analyzed to the minutest point so that you do not get cheated. Hidden costs in financial transactions, the fine print in investment opportunities are causes for unforeseen expenditures. So be careful when such schemes are brought to you. Financial trouble can delay many things that you have been wanting. Being careful is the only way to avoid escalating health conditions, otherwise, it could lead to hospitalization and further financial debts. Spend time with children and pay attention to their needs. It is important to have long-term goals so that your efforts show results. Even if you feel burdened with financial liabilities, try to keep a positive mind. Work hard to come out of a difficult time. Avoid initiating business establishments ordeals during this time. 

These people may have to talk sternly with those they interact, earning them animosity. There may befall in income and a rise in expenses. They may have to experience suffering and endure some difficulty with food. People whose work revolves around fire and weaponry should be very careful. Timely treatment of diseases is advised. Anxieties and love failure may cause stress. Educational or foreign trips are not advisable. There may be hindrances in higher studies. In education or in the profession, hard work may not bring due results causing dissatisfaction among higher-ups. They may lack a systematic planning or a set objective. Paying attention to those around is most important now. Observe and decide who to approach for advice. Do not let others cheat you or take you for a ride. Being careful and watchful is the best way to avoid trouble and problems.

Vrischikakoore:-Vishakam(1/4); Anizham, Thriketta

Not a favorable period for those in this nakshatra. Though their love affair will ultimately lead to marriage, they will not get much benefit as desired. They might have to face problems like lack of good friends, business trouble, etc. Be careful while selecting your life partner and business associate. Trust issues and other problems may crop up so it is important you find a partner who has patience and financial skill. Consume food items that are beneficial for your bones and blood. Eyes also need special attention so that any eye problems can be avoided and surgery is not needed. These problems should be resolved through medication. People with dental issues should be very careful. Becoming dependent on medicines can make the person forever ill. You should eat at the proper time. 

Problems at the job front and lack of support will make this a stressful time. This will in turn cause strain in familial relations. Clashes are likely but make sure to not let it go beyond a level. Travel to distant lands and traveling itself should be avoided. Planning ahead and being cautious about finances will help face difficult times. Proper planning and gathering of enough information is a must. Gossiping, trust deficit, will bring harm. Businesses that will lead to debts should be avoided. You will have good fortune, wellness, and intellect by your side, take care to put it into proper use. You will face uncertainties in a profession or a decrease in income. You may find yourself being a leader and head of the family but may find it difficult to maintain that position. If not careful, you might lose everything. One should be careful while plunging into joint business ventures or startups. One should be careful of investing in businesses requiring partnerships, capital, staff, or dealing with share markets. Diseases should be treated immediately.

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Dhanakoore: Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam(1/4)

This is a time to be very careful about your health. You will face a lot of issues in the future if you don’t identify the rare diseases that you get. Problems from enemies and issues in family life will make life miserable. Since you are not a pious person remedial measures might not see solutions easily. Pets at home should be handled very carefully. There are chances that they can get poisoned. Due to certain doshas, one can be led into misunderstandings and wrong thoughts that can keep us aloof from near and dear ones. It is difficult to handle our income wisely. Monetary issues can cause mental and practical difficulties. Focus on your work instead of trying to please seniors at the workplace so that you can avail of benefits. By doing proper remedial measures one can get rid of all problems in life. Sometimes you will have to talk in a manner that will displease others. This will result in a lot of enemies. 

These people may have a definite objective in life and will be liked for their lightheartedness. They have the blessings of the almighty. Despite hard work, they may still fail to achieve the required progress. Working people may face travel issues. Misfortunes may haunt them. Be extra careful about the condition of the eyes. They may lose ancestral wealth or would be unable to enjoy it. One must be very careful about such dealings. You will gain from brotherly bonds. Those working in government offices will face opposition from superiors. A fall from a meritorious position may see those undertaking unnecessary journeys. It is good to develop the habit of helping relatives. Be attentive to the family’s needs and those of your friends. 

Makarakoore: Uthradam(3/4); Thiruonam, Avittam(1/2)

You will receive a lot of advice from family and friends. You will engage in debates that won’t be fruitful. It is not a great time for marriages and there are chances that marriages that are fixed might get delayed. There are also chances that close relations avoid you. However, you can reach heights through mere hard work. It is a great time for those interested in joining the police force or army. This is a time that supports students to write higher education level examinations. You will not bear any benefits from sons or children. There is a lot of room for all kinds of misunderstandings. During this period, you will not get much benefit from friends or relatives. There will be nobody to take over your newly set up businesses. While taking key decisions it is important to take into confidence all the key people associated with it or else it will lead to enmity. 

During this time, the person may gain fame as someone who is patient with efforts, gives care to minute details while doing a task, honorable, wealthy, popular, possessor of home utensils, does good deeds, and as an overall noble person. They may experience stature and wealth at the same time. They will be known for their large-heartedness, popularity, and their behavioral excellence. Their married life will be smooth. They may have trust issues and will keep their opinions to themselves until facts clear things up. They may experience wealth in form of family property as well as household items. Bargaining on these items may yield good returns. The marriages of children may be held in a very grand manner. Romantic interests and aspirations will be fulfilled though there may be few objections and difficulties. Those in the government sector may have a good time, especially those involved in the field of security and governance. Those preparing for exams may achieve good results. This is also a good time for those involved in government jobs, businesses like share market, entrepreneurs, and collectors of antique items. 

Kumbhakoore: Avittom(1/2); Chathayam, Pooriruttathi(3/4)

You may stop being popular among friends and family. Pay attention to the mother’s health. Remedial measures and rejuvenation should be done promptly. There will be a great change in the behavior of relatives. Do not expect any favor from them. You will not be able to live by your hard-earned income instead you will be living on the debt received from other people. It will be difficult to please anybody with marriage and love. One will easily face all kinds of mental agony. People whom you helped in the past don’t need to return you the favor. There may be conflicts between you and your relatives. You will fail at explaining your thoughts to other people. Financial losses might be a possibility. Do not embark on something you are not familiar with or are inexperienced in. It is difficult to convince other people and so you will end up doing all things on your own. If proper remedial measures are done all these can be made positive easily. 

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These people will do a lot of good for others and will be loved by all. They may do a lot of surprising things. This period may see them scale new heights in spirituality. They may achieve fame in the field of arts and sculpture. Wealth and prosperity will find them. They may be strong and unbeatable. Still, few of their practices may be seen as unclean by others leading to difficulties. They may frame a lot of plans which never come to fruition. If given time though, they may be able to achieve some truly marvelous things in life. They may make for good advisors. Their area of expertise may include wielding weapons, controlling vehicles, production and control of machines, technical engineering, repairing, and cunningness. They may possess self-consciousness and superior ideologies. 

Meenakoore: Pooriruttathi(1/4); Uthrattathi, Revathi

These people will put their foot on different boats and hence their goals will be less pronounced. These people will enjoy praise from others. They will mix with all kinds of people. They will be good at giving advice. They will shine in their field of work. They will come across great opportunities. They will appear to be intelligent to others and will win at arguments or debates. They will not spend unnecessarily. They will be against their brothers. They will have to abandon their favorite sport. They will have issues on the eyes and face. If their diseases are not taken proper care, it can lead to complicated situations in the future. This can also lead to disabilities in the future. One can have the luck to conceive, luck in love and marriage too. These people will be able to live like a brave and wealthy person. Even though these people are Godly, they will fail at making decisions promptly. 

These are people who may be dependent on others, who have difficulty communicating. They ought to be careful with money and the way they deal with others. Attention should be paid to health and family relations. Father figures may cause hurt but there will be cordial relations if one tries. Procrastination and laziness have to be avoided. Special attention should be given to those around you who choose to hurt you purposefully. The lack of experience will cause trouble and enmity with colleagues. Friends and family have to be given due importance otherwise it may result in their loss forever. Make sure to pay back loans, debts in a time-bound manner lest it may end up harming you. A change in the environment where they grew up may cause mental strain. Life in a foreign land may be unbearable to them. This is a period where job opportunities become less. Lack of financial security may impact health. Excess thoughts may impact peace of mind. Plan ahead and well before starting a business. 


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