How planets influence the education of your child

Hello readers! Vijayadashami is here. Traditionally, it has been considered the best time to start the education of the child. Like with everything else in life, education, too, is influenced by the actions of planets and houses in Vedic astrology. Knowing the positions of the planets in the horoscope of your child will help you know in advance how he or she is going to fare at school. Remember, education is not just scoring top marks in examinations; education horoscope is about realizing the child’s skill set and putting them to maximum productive use. It is the most crucial step in parenting. Ensuring the proper education is the biggest thing you can do for your child and the nation. For this, an education horoscope would be of immense help.

How do I know about my education from astrology?

You can get reliable and accurate education horoscopes from premier astrology websites like Clickastro. The report will contain in-depth revelations about the child’s affinities, aptitude and interests. Education astrology will highlight favorable and unfavorable periods and different yogas relevant to the education of the child. The report will also help chart out the child’s future by providing hints about opportunities and fortunes the child will have in education and the right stream for higher studies.

Education horoscope by date of birth is the most accurate study of a child’s prospects.  So, how can a horoscope reveal so much about the education of the child? As with everything else about astrology, this too is deduced from the positions of the different planets in the various houses in the horoscope. So, let us see what they are:

Which house represents education?

As we know, there are 12 houses in a horoscope chart. Among them, the houses 4th, 5th, 9th, 2nd, and the Lagna are concerned with education. Lagna is the degree of Rashi, which is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of birth. It is the moment when the soul makes first contact with the body. Therefore, Lagna is essential in the horoscope of a person. If the Lagna or Lagna lord becomes weak, the whole chart becomes weak. Jupiter as the Lagna Lord is the best thing to happen when it comes to the education of the child.

The 4th house is arguably the most crucial house for astrology predictions until the primary school level. This house tells about the mind and mental stability. Reading from this house reveals the grasping power of the child. Vedic astrology texts state that 50 percent of the grasping power depends on the strength of the 4th house and its lord. If both of them are good, the child will have exceptional learning capabilities. On the other hand, if both are weak or under the bad influence, the child will have difficulty learning lessons at school. How good the child will be as a student will depend on the nature of the planet placed in the house, its lord, and the house.

While the 4th house represents 50 percent of the child’s grasping power, the 5th house represents the other 50 percent of it. The 5th house also tells about memory power. It reveals the ability of the child to recall what he learned on command. The analytical power of the child, his ability to discern information and prioritize important matters over less important ones, is also dependent on the 5th house. The 4th and 5th house combined decides how well the child will fare at school. Based on this, it can be predicted whether the child continues education beyond primary school and onto high school and beyond.

The 2nd house tells about the early learning days of the child before attending school. As per the nature of this house, the child learns to talk and can distinguish between words and perceive good from bad. Any malefic influence on this house or its lord will have a considerable impact on the child’s early learning. This may cause a delay to the start of school education or, in extreme cases, may necessitate the need for special education. Planets like Saturn and Rahu can create many complexities and frustrations during this time. Any bad presence in the house will give trouble to the early learning of the child.

The 9th house of the horoscope tells about the higher education of the child. It reveals the urge in the child to know the truth and purpose of life. The desire to pursue specialized knowledge and acquire unique skills is reflected in the 9th house of the horoscope. It represents studies beyond the basic education and bachelor’s degree. It represents the road to discovery and the forming of ethics and ideologies.

Which planet is responsible for a good education?

When it comes to planets in education, Mercury is most important. It instills rationality into the person and makes him separate facts from rumors and innuendo. Mercury signifies literary skills. A strong Mercury makes the child-focused and perceptive. He will have the ability to apply what is being taught to daily life. Under the influence of the Sun and Mars, Mercury means the child will be good at math. He will have a promising career in the engineering stream.

Placement of Mercury in a malefic house like the 6th, 8th, or 12th brings hurdles in education. Mercury in the 3rd house for Aries and Cancer Lagnas means well for the child’s higher education. Mercury in the 4th, 10th, and 8th houses also gives success in educational pursuits and helps further career prospects. A combination of Mercury and Venus blesses the child with the power of communication. He will have a good grasp of words and will be able to articulate well during presentations and examinations.

After Mercury comes to Jupiter, Jupiter is also called Guru and is the lord of knowledge and wisdom. A strong Jupiter will make the child inclined towards attaining high-grade knowledge. A strong Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd house mean the child will grasp even the most complicated of subjects. Jupiter in the 9th house signifies higher education. Its presence in the 10th house represents high honors and positions for the child.

Other than Mercury and Jupiter, the other planets that have a say over the education prospects of the child are the Sun, the Moon, and Mars. A well-placed Sun in the chart means the child will earn status and position through education. With Mercury, the child becomes intellectual and possessing a mind for the scientific side of things. Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house bestow the child with linguistic talent. A strong Moon will ensure emotional stability for the child. In association with Mercury, the child will be gifted with an active mind and sharp memory. Mars is for attentiveness in education. A favorable Mars will help the child be more focused during class hours. Along with Mercury, it will ensure a sharp mind for the child.

Which dasha is for studies?

Like with everything else in life, there is a favorable period for education too. Maybe your child is lucky to have the planets aligned at the right time to make most of his learning years. The following are the periods that are most favorable for education. The dasha periods of the 5th, 9th and 11th lords are highly beneficial for the education of the child. The Mahadasha of Jupiter and Mercury, as well as the transit of Jupiter in the 5th or 9th house or Ascendant, are the other excellent periods for education. If the 5th house lord and the 9th house lord are in conjunction or aspected with each other, the child will be blessed with the best education and also recognized and honored for his knowledge level. Similar results can be obtained if a benefic planet is posited in the 5th house or if the lord of 9th is posited in the 5th house.

A good education horoscope will help you determine the best profession for your child, as well as chances for going overseas for education. It will help you make informed decisions regarding the future of the child. You can avail the most accurate and well laid out education horoscope report from Clickastro for just Rs 999/-. The benefits of availing of such a report are numerous, but the most important one is that you are doing what is best for your child. To make Vijayadashami the grandest day in the life of your child, know in detail all that there is to know about the educational prospects and the skillset he is bestowed with. So go ahead, order the horoscope now. Happy Vijayadashami to all dear readers!

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