Astrology is being updated just like any other stream as people are becoming more interested in research. Astrology enthusiasts around the world are looking for more fields and options where they can apply in-depth astrology. Some of the new trends in astrology are explored here.


In this stream, we study horoscope by connecting it with psychology. Those who practice astrology will be aware of the psychological side of astrology. In astrology, Moon and Sun are considered planets. Moon indicates peace, comfort, and mind. Sun indicates ego and vitality, while Mars indicates resistance. Rahu and Ketu are seen as two points which eclipse, aspect (be at an angle) or conjunct (line up) with every planet it is placed with.

So, if the Moon is placed unfavorably, or aspects, or conjuncts, the person can have emotional issues. Everyone has emotional issues, but if Moon is placed poorly, such people will tend to be highly stressed, which can amount to mental disease. In certain cases, we can also see bipolar syndrome, schizophrenia, psychotic disorders, and eating disorders. The planets, houses, and divisional charts are also checked to learn about astrology’s psychological side. Astrologers can suggest remedies or methods overcome these issues.


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Even though sage Parasara has not said much about nakshatras, many astrology enthusiasts are researching the possibility of nakshatras. Parasara might have passed on the secrets about nakshatras to his disciple sage Maitreya. Still, it is unknown whether the latter recorded these secrets in any format. Meanwhile, scholars are researching and are coming out with surprising results regarding nakshatras. According to the prevalent system, the horoscope is written focussing on the nakshatra/constellation in which the Moon appears. But presently, studies are ongoing, taking into consideration every planet which appears in a nakshatra/constellation. 

In the earlier days, the Moon was the most easily visible planet. So, ancient Vedic astrology has Moon as the central figure. The nakshatra where the Moon resides was seen as of great importance. However, nowadays, scholars are searching for the impact each planet causes in each nakshatra. 

Divisional Charts

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 Divisional charts are an integral part of astrology and are gaining a lot of importance. They were always part of astrology but have come into focus and are studied in depth these days. These charts, too, are studied based on nakshatras.

 Earlier, astrologers calculated the charts manually, so the drawing of divisional charts was complicated. But nowadays, computer software has made everything easier. Divisional charts is a unique specialty of Vedic astrology, as is the nakshatras. There are 12 houses in the chart, and each divisional chart shows how each house is actually placed and the results each house brings in your life. 


 Nothing in the chart can surpass the timing of Mahadasa. There are weekly, monthly and yearly transits, but Mahadasa is the king of all transits. People expect particular transits to trigger the events, but everything happens according to the Mahadasha. Earlier, Mahadasa was studied just through the planets, but these days, studies are ongoing where it is being considered through nakshatras as well.

Spiritual Astrology

There is various kind of astrology like Arabic astrology, Greek astrology, Tajika, and Vedic astrology. Earlier, people used to study astrology only to know their destiny. These days, people are studying astrology in a spiritual sense as well. Professionals are taking up astrology, and it has resulted in the field becoming quite popular. In the ancient days, only those who knew Sanskrit could follow astrology. But nowadays, people have easier access to the language, and the ancient texts are available in a consumable format without affecting the basics. This has resulted in the increased popularity of astrology, with more and more astrologers making their mark.

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