When Mercury Retrogression Hits you in Transit

If any retrograde planet in the birth chart indicates lifelong corrections, such planets in transit indicate temporary corrections in your life. Different planets have different nature and during retrogression, they remind you of different things. If Venus is about love, then Saturn is about delays. The Sun and Moon will never go in a slow down mode, rest all other planets get into such a mode, maybe they are hinting us to restructure our life, so that we can have a happy plight. So, whenever a planet retrogrades in transit, then you have to use that opportunity to cross-check your immediate past. Read the article to know more about Mercury retrograde in Pisces

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Mercury Retrograde 2020

Among these planets, Mercury will get into this retrograde motion multiple times in a year. In 2020 it goes retrograde thrice.

  • In February 2020 Mercury Retrogrades in Pisces.
  • In June 2020 Mercury Retrogrades in Cancer.
  • In October 2020 it goes retrograde in Scorpio
On the 16th February, Mercury will start its slow down mode and end it by March 4th.

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Mercury rules communication, media, travelling, studies, intellect, siblings, electronic devices, data, writing, arts, sculpture, expertise, message, cleverness, duality, astrology, wisdom, birds, fame, literature, poetry, accountants, teachers, secretaries, booksellers, clerks, messengers, radio, wireless, telegraph, post, letters, paper, cotton, representative, secretary, agent, clerk, astrologer, trade of foreign goods, import-export, thread, mercury, tin, accounts, auditing, able lawyer, expert, and ambassadors, etc,

When Mercury moves in a slow down mode, naturally it will affect the communication and intellect. So, you have to be careful regarding your communication and decisions. During every Mercury retrograde, you may do some wrong analysis and that can bring issues. Job offers and business deals during Mercury retrogression may not last for long. So, take care while you enter new official deals. This is a complex phase and your communication can go wrong, so you should take care before you submit any professional document.

Mercury indicates siblings as well, so during this time, you will be meeting with your siblings or relatives. They will have important matters to discuss with you. Arguments can also come up during this phase.

Travelling can also be a challenge during this time as Mercury indicates short travels. So, you have to be careful with your travel plans during Mercury retrograde. Some or other issues can come up at any time and that can affect your travelling. You have to take care of your vehicles as well. Mercury retrogression is famous for flat tire issues. Mercury generally indicates short travels. Saturn

This will be a complex situation for students as well as teachers. If they are getting ready for any exam, then they should get prepared.

Whichever houses Mercury moves in, they will have own concerns, but for everyone, there will be common challenges. This Mercury retrograde will be there for a maximum of fifteen days and then the things will get back into a normal pace. You need to think twice about starting new things during the Mercury retrogression phase. However, the primary focus will be on communication and electronic devices.


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