COVID-19 and the economy: An astrological perspective

The pandemic caused by a coronavirus has sent the world into utter dismay. What started in December 2019 in a city in China is now threatening to significantly impact the human race globally. This virus has so far proven itself immune to all our virus-based vaccines and has substantially brought down economies along its way.

Forcing everyone to be locked inside the safety of their homes, the Corona fever has tanked the real estate market, dragged down the multi-million-dollar crude oil industry to a standstill. Adding to that the pandemic has caused global markets in Forex, Commodities, Stocks, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies to fall steeply. The pandemic is witnessing a domino effect and the first domino was flipped in Wuhan. What happened there has now successfully become the cause of the loss of more than 175 million people around the world. Recruitment has come to a standstill and people who have a job are looking at pay cuts to a substantial degree.

The real estate market in India and globally has witnessed a significant downfall. In India, state-wise real estate organizations have petitioned an appeal to grant funds to ride the way. The purchasing power of the country has significantly reduced and this has affected the real estate market. In the last two quarters, its numbers fell significantly and March witnessed its all-time low with a score of 31. The state and central governments are trying to allocate emergency funds to support the contractors who have lost a substantial sum in this unforeseen pandemic.

Coronavirus Astrology Predictions: When will it end in India?

The global crude oil consumption has substantially reduced by the global lockdown that is in effect in more than 175 countries. The depreciation in the price of crude oil began with the trade war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The trade war followed by the pandemic has sent the price of crude oil per barrel from $61 to 0$ to 23$ as of 25 May 2020. The global consumption of crude oil and petroleum products like CNG, LPG, Petrol, and Diesel have reduced significantly and that has sent the economy tumbling.

The list of the largest consumers of crude oil includes powerful economies like the United States of America, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, and Germany among others. And these are also the countries where the effect of the pandemic is at its peak with the death toll increasing exponentially every day. 

In these uncertain times, people are turning to astrology for hope and to figure out their investment strategy. This is especially true for countries such as India where Vedic astrology has played a big part in the investment strategy of many stock market tycoons. 

What does Astrology have to do with any of this?

Astrology is a form of science that studies planetary movements and projections of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. It derives correlation from their position and movements and extrapolates information to predict the events on earth. Astrology is relied upon by millions around the world to know what their horoscope holds for them in the future. But the larger than life applications of astrology are in predicting the economic fluctuations in the world, being aware of natural calamities that could be catastrophic, and predicting any disease-based trouble that could come their way.

Coronavirus: What does astrology say about the outbreak?

These planetary alignments could sometimes be a boon and sometimes a bane. However, oftentimes these predictions have proven to be scarily accurate when it comes to political and economic events. Take the case of Brexit, a major political event, even before Brexit’s final verdict was moved to May 2020, astrologers found reasons to believe that 2020 will set the stage for a major setback in the economy, jobs, well-being, industries, and health. 

Well are these educated guesses or is there really something to the science of astrology. Historically, Vedic Astrology in India has always occupied a pride of place as a scientific discipline. From careers, investing, marriage, relationships, and more, astrologers were always consulates to weigh in on what the stars and planets have in mind. In a scenario, when we are faced with a global pandemic, we are faced with more uncertainty than ever. 

Let’s see what astrology has to weigh in when it comes to COVID-19, here are what top astrologers predict about COVID-19.

What does astrology say about COVID -19?

On the 26th of December 2019, an eclipse occurred in the Sagittarius Sun sign. In this eclipse, the celestial Ketu, who is responsible for ‘Sookshma Jeevi’ or microbial organisms was in conjunction with 5 planets. In this conjunction the Saturn and Jupiter were afflicted with Ketu, thereby setting off the global pandemic that would cause mass destruction to life. Saturn is responsible for mass epidemics and Jupiter signifies life. 

The effect of this could still be contained had Saturn not left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn. When Saturn enters its own home sign, it is considered devastating and this is remembered as ‘Saturn’s homecoming’. The homecoming signifies socio-economic distress along with political unrest that could go on for decades if the left unattended.

Interpretations of this mean that unless economies act fast to protect their people from COVID-19 and have appropriate measures in place, the effect could be devastating. We’ve seen the world over that the faster, economies moved with regards to implementation and taking action, the more prepared they were to face the epidemic. 

The road ahead: Astrologers believe that the months following June till November could be auspicious and nullify any negative effects that could have caused because of Jupiter or Saturn’s homecoming. While the effects in the above mentioned period could be slow and periodic, astrologers are positive that the pandemic will recess and the world will resume its activities and chalk a plan to recover the damage caused.

What’s next for coronavirus according to astrology predictions?

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