Marriage dates in 2022 are eagerly awaited by many as 2022 is the year many hope to hold marriages that were postponed due to pandemic reasons in 2021. A lot of things go into holding a well-organized, successful Hindu wedding. For the bride’s parents, this is the moment in life where their entire life’s hard work and goodwill is put on display in front of loved ones and friends. For the bride and the groom, this is the day when memories to last a lifetime get made. But more than that, a traditional Hindu wedding is a large-scale get-together where men and women take some time off from the daily grind and revisit old family relationships.

A wedding is also a major driving force economically as crores of people, and thousands of service providers earn their living by catering to the needs of the marriage market. So, getting the grand Indian wedding season back on track is essential for individuals, families, and the country itself. We hope that 2022 will do that.

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Hindu wedding dates in 2022 are selected, considering all of this and much more. While auspicious mahurats or the time of wedding is calculated by matching the horoscope of the boy and the girl, there are some general rules for the muhurats. For example, marriage muhurat in 2022, or any year for that matter, generally falls during the period when the Sun is warm and bright. This is one reason why Indian weddings are colourful and vibrant.

Marriages are generally avoided during the bleak winter months of August till November. The month of March also does not have any marriage muhurat in 2022. As per astrology, the coming year is a good year for women, and while men have their role, traditional Indian marriages are all about women. From Clickastro, we wish good fortune for all young women and men who are set to get married in 2022.

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Factors Considered While Calculating Marriage Muhurat 2022

The various marriage muhurats in the 2022 Hindu calendar are decided after much consideration. Marriages that occur during inauspicious days will affect the couple’s married life in multiple ways, some of them devastating. It can even bring death to the married couple. Since marriage is by a long way the most important event in a person’s life, people want to make sure they pick the best time possible for it to take place. While the dates and months given below fulfil the general conditions for marriage dates in the 2022 Hindu calendar, consult an astrologer and get the horoscopes matched to find the best muhurat for the bride and groom personally for the marriage to take place.
Coming to 2022, good marriage muhurats are available in the following months.

  • January
  • February
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • December
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Coming to Zodiac signs best wedding days in 2022 astrology fall in:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius

Marriages are best held on certain Nakshatra days. Out of the 27 Nakshatras, 11 are considered auspicious for marriage dates in 2022. They are:

  • Rohini
  • Mrigashirsha
  • Magha
  • Uttara Phalguni
  • Hasta
  • Swati
  • Anuradha
  • Mula
  • Uttara Ashadha
  • Uttara Bhadrapada
  • Revati

Regarding tithis, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi, and Trayodashi tithis are considered favourable for marriage. In the week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are considered favourable for wedding dates in 2022. Planet-wise, the planets Venus and Jupiter are checked while deciding the muhurat. Marriage muhurat in 2022 is avoided whenever Venus and Jupiter are combust. Lagna is also essential while choosing Muhurat for marriage. Marriages held during inauspicious Lagna may end up having disastrous consequences. Lagna or ascendants that are primarily good for marriage dates in the 2022 Hindu calendar are Gemini, Virgo and Libra.

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Marriage Muhurats dates in January 2022

The Sun enters Uttarayanam on January 14. The Sun’s transition through Uttarayana is generally considered an auspicious time. It heralds the end of winter and the onset of warm spring-summer months. This is traditionally seen as a good time for new beginnings, including marriages. January is a good month for marriages postponed during the previous year to take place. Going by best wedding dates 2022 astrology, there are six auspicious days for marriage in January.

  • January 20, Thursday
  • January 22, Saturday
  • January 23, Sunday
  • January 27, Thursday
  • January 29, Saturday
  • January 30, Sunday

Marriage Muhurats dates in February 2022

February is the most romantic month of the year, not just because Valentine’s day falls on February 14. February is when nature is most colourful and vibrant. The youth especially is filled with energy and enthusiasm during February. The marriages held during this month often see the youngsters’ massive involvement. The occasion often adorns an environment of festivity. Weddings in February are most suited for alliances born out of mutual love between boy and girl. The mild climate and abundance in crops set for a very jovial atmosphere. There are eight auspicious marriage dates in 2022 February.

  • February 04, Friday
  • February 05, Saturday
  • February 06, Sunday
  • February 07, Monday
  • February 10, Thursday
  • February 18, Friday
  • February 19, Saturday
  • February 20, Sunday

Marriage Muhurats dates in April 2022

April is the time when Summer heats up. The time is perfect for outdoor functions. During April, Hindu weddings are usually the most flamboyant and colourful. Getting married in April is considered auspicious. It follows the spring equinox, and the Sun is nearing its peak powers during the Uttarayanam transition. April weddings are also popular as it arrives just as summer holidays begin and presents a wonderful opportunity for relatives to get together. It also signals the beginning of the traditional Hindu wedding season. There are seven auspicious wedding dates in April 2022.

  • April 19, Tuesday
  • April 20, Wednesday
  • April 21, Thursday
  • April 22, Friday
  • April 23, Saturday
  • April 24, Sunday
  • April 27, Wednesday

Marriage Muhurats dates in May 2022

May is the best time for summer weddings. This is the month most preferred by traditional households for arranging marriage ceremonies. While the heat may be slightly high, it bodes well for marriage ceremonies. The month of May sees the maximum number of weddings during the year. In addition, some of the biggest annual Hindu temple festivals take place in May. The fact that it comes right in the middle of the summer vacation and the sky is almost always clear are added advantages for May weddings. It is no coincidence that there are a whopping 12 marriage muhurat in 2022 May.

  • May 02, Monday
  • May 03, Tuesday
  • May 04, Wednesday
  • May 09, Monday
  • May 10, Tuesday
  • May 12, Thursday
  • May 18, Wednesday
  • May 20, Friday
  • May 21, Saturday
  • May 24, Tuesday
  • May 26, Thursday
  • May 27, Friday

Marriage Muhurats dates in June 2022

June is the month when the rainy season sets in. Monsoon weddings are a craze among youth and parents alike. The overcast sky and drenched landscape make for a romantic setting for marriages. After May, June is the most preferred month for weddings. While June signals the arrival of the Monsoon, it is technically still summer, with the Summer solstice happening towards the latter half of the month. The month of June often sees unique weddings like houseboat weddings, lakeshore weddings and the like. Marriage dates in the 2022 Hindu calendar include 12 in June.

  • June 01, Wednesday
  • June 05, Sunday
  • June 06, Monday
  • June 08, Wednesday
  • June 10, Friday
  • June 11, Saturday
  • June 14, Tuesday
  • June 17, Friday
  • June 20, Monday
  • June 21, Tuesday
  • June 22, Wednesday
  • June 23, Thursday

Marriage Muhurats dates in July 2022

July is the final month in the traditional Hindu wedding season. The Sun enters Dakshinayanam in July, after which it is generally assumed to be an inauspicious time for marriage. Marriages that had to be postponed or which are to be deliberately held as low-key affairs are held during July. Since it is past the traditional Hindu wedding season, weddings in July generally see a low turnout. As per best wedding dates 2022 astrology, five muhurat dates are available for getting married in July.

  • July 03, Sunday
  • July 06, Wednesday
  • July 07, Thursday
  • July 08, Friday
  • July 09, Saturday

Marriage Muhurats dates in December 2022

December is the final month in the Dakshinayanam transition of the Sun. While it is still winter and the Sun is weak, December is seen with romanticism and optimism, unlike the cold months preceding it. Weddings in December has a unique charm to them. While traditionally, households wait till the summer months for marriages, getting married in December has a distinct thrill. December being the final month of the year, people are filled with a certain kind of vigour and energy at this time, enjoying the winter at its best before the summer sets in. There are six auspicious marriage dates in 2022 December.

  • December 02, Friday
  • December 03, Saturday
  • December 04, Sunday
  • December 07, Wednesday
  • December 08, Thursday
  • December 09, Friday

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