What is Gurubala?

Guru is the Vedic name for the planet Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the most benefic among planet lords. The term Guru balam means the positioning of the planet Jupiter in a comfortable house or sign in the horoscope of a person or the positive influence that is felt on behalf of Jupiter in the horoscope of a person. Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, teacher etc. in Vedic astrology. For women, Jupiter is traditionally viewed as the husband as well. From this, it is clear how Guru balam is directly related to the marriage prospects of the person.

Jupiter or Guru’s influence on the horoscope is usually welcomed. Jupiter can bring down the malefic effects of other planets and reduce the ill effects of harmful yogas in the horoscope of the person. This effect is the result of Gurubala. Jupiter in the 7th house brings good fortune regarding spouses when it comes to males. Such persons will get a partner who will respect them and abide by their ideologies in life. Jupiter in the 7th house in females makes a woman independent and confident in her abilities to tackle life problems. Such women may not be willing to limit themselves to the restrictions imposed on wives in a conservative society.

When is a good time for marriage?

As per the principles in Vedic astrology, the marriage time of a person is said to commence with the commencing of the period of the 7th Lord from Lagna or Moon. The dispositor of the 7th lord can usher in a favourable period for marriage during its time. Also, the planets placed in the 7th house bring favourable periods for marriage during their period. For marriages to happen and for success in marriage, Gurubalam is a very important factor in astrology. Gurubalam is thus Jupiter aspecting favourably on the fortunes of a person during any given period.

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Gurubalam or the beneficial strength of Jupiter is calculated by matching the position of Jupiter with that of the Moon in the chart of the person. Generally, Gurubalam is considered whenever Jupiter transits the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses from the position of Moon in the birth chart. In the case of marriage, the presence of Gurubalam exerts a positive influence. The chances of the person getting married become high. Suppose if the person is not having Gurubalam during a period, his or her marriage can still happen if the Dasa bhukti is favourable and the spouse has strong Gurubalam during that time.

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Gurubalam influence on marriage

Marriage held when Jupiter is transiting to a favourable sign in the chart ensures an auspicious start to the life of the couple together as husband and wife. A strong Jupiter blesses the couple with healthy children, financial prosperity and spiritual success. Jupiter in the 2nd house brings monetary gains after marriage. Guru or Jupiter in the 5th house blesses the couple with healthy and beautiful children. Jupiter in the 7th house means an increase in prosperity through the wife. Guru in the 9th house means an increase in prosperity through the husband. And Jupiter in the 11th house means overall gains in married life.

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Jupiter when occupying the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house from the Moon results in the forming of Gajakesari Yoga. It is one of the most favourable yoga to happen to a person. The effect of Gajakesari Yoga on marriage is propitious. The person will receive a good spouse from a good family and his or her marital life will experience bliss. This yoga can result in the early marriage of a person which will be prosperous, productive and successful. Success will come in intellectual, spiritual as well as material realms. The person will receive increased opportunities to earn more money.

How to improve Gurubalam?

A weak Jupiter can adversely affect the marriage prospects of a person. It can bring disrepute to the person, and make him or her devoid of wealth and children. Such persons may be spiritually bankrupt and face financial struggles as well. To negate the ill-effects of weak Jupiter and bring more Gurubalam into life, wearing yellow-coloured jewellery and clothing on a day-to-day basis will help. Observing fast on Thursdays and donating sweets or jaggery to people in temples is recommended. Another way to improve Gurubalam is by providing care for cows.

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Jupiter-Saturn conjunction for marriage

Jupiter and Saturn are the two biggest planets in the solar system. Jupiter is considered to be universally benefic while Saturn is considered to be universally malefic. A conjunction between the two planets in the same sign in the natal chart of the person results in Yukta Yoga. This results in a good understanding of the human mind with the person possessing unique intuitive powers. The conjunction also strengthens one’s people skills and brings good luck. All this bodes well for the marriage prospects of the person.

Reasons for Delay in Marriage and Astrological Remedies

The conjunction period of these two planets makes the person disciplined, knowledgeable and authoritative by nature. It makes the person righteous and hardworking. However, this conjunction can also bring delays and the person may have to work hard to overcome this. The conjunction will start giving true results only after 29, or 30 years of age. If this conjunction happens in the 1st /7th house, it can give the person an authoritative, commanding personality and a spouse who will be very serious and may come out as cold and reserved. The spouse will be focused and strict in the routine to attain higher status and position in society.

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