Effects of Jupiter Transit in Capricorn for various Rasi

Transit of Jupiter to any sign is of special importance in any individual’s life. Being a larger planet, Jupiter takes a considerable time of 12 months to move from one sign to another. Hence,  its transit and duration of stay in a sign have a significant influence on one’s sign as per their birth charts. Jupiter is the primary karaka for children and wealth. It also signifies a healthy body, gold,  sastras and Vedas, financial institutions, education, rewards, religious institutions, etc. 

Everyone is curious to wait for Jupiter’s transit results and pariharas.  

  • Jupiter enters into Capricorn on 20th Nov 2020 in Uthirashada Nakshatra  • On 7th Jan 2021, it transits in Sravana nakshatra  

  • On 5th Mar 2021, it enters into Dhanishtha nakshatra  


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During the above said period, Jupiter is in Adhichara (fast movement) and enters Aquarius on  6-4-2021 which means within 5 months, it is moving into another sign whereas normally it takes  12 months to move from one sign to another. On 22-06-2021, by retro motion, it gets back into  Capricorn on 15-9-2021. When Jupiter travels with such a high velocity, the intensity of the results whether favorable or unfavorable gets reduced. We understand this with an analogy. A man’s intention is to give money to each and everyone he touches when he is moving in a car. If the car moves at a normal speed, he may be able to give everyone some amount. However, if it moves at a faster speed then he may be able to give cash only to a limited number of people. A similar phenomenon can be observed in a benefic planet when it moves at a higher speed than normal. It may not be able to do justice in delivering favorable results to anyone. 

Jupiter Transit Capricorn – Predictions for all Rasi

Aries (Aswini, Bharani, Krithika – 1)  

So far, Jupiter was transiting in the 9th house and has been giving favorable results for these natives. Now it has moved to the 10th house that too in debilitated sign. Some may face obstruction in their higher education, unnecessary transfers in the job with a possibility of shifting from the existing job. Children may stay away from parents and the possibility of expenses mounting because of them. This transit may force people to postpone performing good deeds or charity.  When Jupiter transits into Sravana nakshatra, some may spend money on renovating their existing house or buildings. Avoid lending loans or taking loans. By reciting Hanuman Chalisa, they may overcome financial and professional difficulties. 

Taurus (Kritika 2,3,4, Rohini, Mrigasira 1,2)  

For this rasi, Jupiter transits into the 9th sign, which is the Yoga giving the house. For one year,  these natives were struggling with financial matters and other important activities. Now, this Jupiter transit in the 9th house in Uthirashada nakshatra may help to invest money in land and buildings.  Agricultural activities, dairy farms, water, or liquid business may show good improvement. Those who are interested to move out to the desired place in the profession may also get a good opportunity.  Performance at work may get recognized. Children may do well. A marginal gain in speculation.  Recite Aditya hrudayam sloka for further excellent results.  

Gemini (Mrigasira 3,4, Aridra, Punarvasu 1,2,3) 

Jupiter transit into an unfavorable house may put the natives through many financial difficulties.  These natives should spend money economically. Avoid taking loans. Chance of asthmatic bronchitis for some. Constant medical check-up and consultation with doctors are advised.  Expected returns in business or support at the workplace may not be available. Avoid using harsh words at the workplace or in public places. Stomach related issues may dominate and delay important programs. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa, Sani ashtothara may help them to overcome difficulties. 

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Cancer (Punarvasu 4, Pushyami, Aslesha)  

For the past one year, Jupiter was not transiting in a favorable house. But this Capricorn transit may bring required comfortable changes for the natives. Support from expected sources,  relationship with spouse may improve, recovery of loans given are also possible. Some may get a  second foreign travel chance that may be financially beneficial. A chance for authoring books or writing. Some may get relief from hip, leg pains. Comfortable digestion is also possible. Children may get a good chance to compete in their respective fields. Reciting Sri Vishnu sahasranama may enhance favorable results. 

Leo (Makha, Purvaphalguni, Uthira -1)  

So far, Jupiter was transiting in an excellent house. But now it is transiting in the 6th house, that too in Uthirashada nakshatra or Sravana nakshatra which leads to unnecessary travel. Some may have professional or business difficulties. Take expert advice to resolve issues. Competition in financial matters is shown. Children may not show interest in education or sports activities.  Avoid disputes with neighbors. Control spending money unnecessarily. Reciting Dakshinamurthy sloka may help you.

Virgo (Uthira 2,3,4,Hasta, Chitha – 1,2)  

Jupiter is transiting in a favorable house. Some may get excellent benefits from imports and exports, foreign travel, or correspondence from foreign countries. Expected financial support may come from many sources. Self-employed may do well. Relationship with everyone will be cordial and your health may improve, Children may excel well in the competition. A marginal gain in speculation. Recite Hanuman Chalisa, Kadha Shashti kavacha for beneficial results.    

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Libra (Chitha – 3,4, Swati, Visakha – 1,2,3)  

This Jupiter transit in Capricorn may not give expected results. Many may face unexpected challenges in the profession,  business, and alike activities. Do not spend or expand business activities. Mother’s health may require attention or medical expenses towards family members may increase. Loans from banks and other institutions may be available. A constant medical check-up is advised. Avoid unpleasant situations with co-borns. Vehicle maintenance may mount. By reciting Kanda Shashti kavacha,  Narasimha mantra, these natives may overcome this difficult phase of life. 

Scorpio (Visakha – 4, Anuradha, Jyeshta)  

Jupiter transits in the third house may marginally beneficial because of its transits in Sun and  Moon star. You may overcome financial difficulties and other related matters. Relationship with workers, factories, trade unions may improve. Short journeys may give favorable results. Some may get favorable results from foreign countries or contracts. Meditation can help focus on tasks at hand. By reciting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and Lakshmi Asktaka, these natives may overcome  financial difficulties or other issues 

Sagittarius (Moola, Purva Shada, Uthirashada – 1)  

The rasi sign lord itself is transiting in a favorable house even though in a debilitation sign. This may help you to overcome domestic and financial problems because of transit in the nakshatra of  Sun. Businessmen may do well. Employees may get the required transfer to the desired place.  Financial gains, improvement in performance at the workplace. Divine blessings and participation in auspicious functions are indicated. Children may get employed and they may get expected results in their career. Good relief from mouth-related issues. Relationships with everyone will be cordial.  Reciting Durga Chalisa may improve your prospects further.

Capricorn (Uthirashada – 2,3,4, Sravana, Dhanishtha – 1,2)  

The Jupiter transit in Capricorn is not favorable for you for the first 6 months. There will be a testing period for business professionals, trade union leaders, political personalities. Advice children not to take any adventurous sports activities. The period is not favorable for artificial insemination. Children may require an immunity booster. Expenses for children may mount. Concentration and meditation may help to overcome stressful periods. Avoid signing any security bonds. Recite Vishnu sahasranama and Sani sthotra to overcome this stressful period. 

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Aquarius (Dhanishtha – 3,4, Sadabisha, Purvabadrapada – 1,2,3)  

Some may invest in new business activities or in landed properties. More traveling in profession or business. Some may not get sleep at night. Possibility of leg or thigh pains. Medical check-up and regular exercises may help to overcome a stressful period. Children may go abroad for higher studies or may go for a hostel stay. Avoid signing any sureties to anybody. New investments may not bring any favorable results. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa, Sani sthotra may help. 

Pisces (Purvabadrapada – 4, Uthirabadrapada, Revathi)  

Overall, this Jupiter transit in Capricorn may benefit you in many ways. Some may get name, fame, elevation in the profession, etc. Children may excel in education. Addition of new investment opportunities and new partners. Relationship with spouse may improve. Foreign trade and correspondence, import and export business, and speculation may do well. Excellent health is also indicated. Reciting  Kanda Shashti kavacha and Lakshmi Ashtotra may bring more prospects.

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