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The world is ever-changing and with it, competency levels are reaching new highs. Every individual is skilled in their own unique ways and utilizing those skills to the optimum, comes with choosing the right career path. ClickAstro’s extensive career astrology engine is well-reputed in helping individuals from all walks of life decide their specific careers and excel at it using the right advice.

Career Astrology can help you to find how successful your career and future life will be. It is not just about your career, Career Astrology based on Vedic Astrology can predict your education, business, and whole life as well. Also, your success in your career relies on some choices you make in your life. According to astrology, the 10th house indicates career. It helps to find the profession or career best suits you, based on your horoscope. Learning more about your career prospects using your career horoscope can help you make the right decisions in your career and find more success. It can also help you overcome possible obstacles that you may face in your career by preparing yourself. 

There are a few indicators that can help decide what career works best for an individual. Firstly, the Lagna chart is considered as a key indicator of a vocation. This is known as the first house and is the sign that is rising in the eastern horizon at a person’s time of birth. There are a total of 12 houses in the astrological chart with different characteristics. An individual’s primary vocational focus is indicated by which house the Lagna lord is situated in. An example of how this works will be that if the Lagna lord is in the fifth house, it is said that a person is most likely to find a job in the creative line, which could be the performing arts.

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Lagna is said to be the representation of an individual’s personality. If the lagna lord is in the third house, it is an indication that the person will become a writer or a speaker of sorts, leaving behind a legacy even after their death.

 The 10th house is another indicator of career options. This is also known as the house of Karma, which signifies the ideal job for an individual. For example, if the 10th lord is in the fourth house, then there is a chance that the person can flourish as a businessman, real estate mogul, or politician.

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For eg: If your 1st lord is in the 5th house of creativity, then there is a higher chance for you to find a job from the creative domain. This is an indicator of a person working in movies or an area connected with movies. The peculiarity of the placement of the Lagna lord is because Lagna is the representation of your personality. These matters will be a great part of your life forever even after your death, you will be known for these features. For e.g.: If your Lagna lord is in the 3rd house of writing, speaking and hands. It is natural that your career sector will be very much related to these matters.

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Next, the Sun is another contributing factor when it comes to one’s career. In astrology, the placement of the Sun is paramount in deciding what the purpose of one’s soul is. If we look at the Sun being placed in the ninth house, which is of spirituality and studies, then the possibility of a person becoming a teacher or preacher is higher. It represents the spiritual domain and hence the individual will follow suit on those lines.

Rahu is another indicator of a career path as it implies obsession. As an example, if we look at Rahu being in the seventh house, it indicates that the person could take up a career in public relations, courthouses, or business owners. Since there is an obsession with dealing with masses, adversity can be expected. But there will be convincing victories through these battles. Rahu positioned differently in different houses bears different effects on an individual’s career.

If you’re facing problems with your career or are yet to get your big career break in life, you may need to look at your horoscope for a solution. You may be in a stream of work that is not suited to your aptitude. You may even be stuck in a position because of decisions that are not aligned with your planetary influences. In such a scenario, referring to a career horoscope can help balance out the negativity in your life and bring you the opportunities for progress.

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