Career Astrology can help you to find how successful your career and future life will be. It is not just about your career, Career Astrology based on Vedic Astrology can predict about your education, business and whole life as well. Also, your success in career relies on some choices you make in your life. According to astrology, the 10th house indicates career. It helps to find the profession or career best suits you, based on your horoscope.

The first and foremost indication of your career can be seen through the lagna. Lagna is the 1st house and it is the sign rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The placement of lagna lord is the main clue regarding your career. There are 12 houses in the astrology chart. Each house holds a lot of features. So, whichever house, your Lagna Lord is placed, will show you what your primary focus in your life.

career astrology

For eg: If your 1st lord is in the 5th house of creativity, then there is a higher chance for you to find a job from the creative domain. This is an indicator of a person working in movies or an area connected with movies.

The peculiarity of the placement of Lagna lord is because lagna is the representation of your personality. These matters will be a great part of your life forever even after your death, you will be known for these features.
For eg: If your lagna lord is in the 3rd house of writing, speaking and hands. It is natural that your career sector will be very much to these matters and there is no doubt about that.

career astrology

The 10th house indicates your career in astrology. This is the house of Karma and the status which we are known in the society through our Karma. The 10th house gives an idea of the job. It depends upon the sign, the placement of the lord and the planets in the 10th house.

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So, according to career astrology, the placement of the 10th lord is a valuable clue in finding your job. If your 10th lord is in the 4th house of the homeland, then the possibilities are, you may become a businessman connected with real estate, customer care or you even can become a politician.

The Sun indicates soul in astrology and the placement of the Sun also matters to know what your soul’s purpose is. Suppose your Sun is placed in the 9th house of spirituality and studies. Then, there are higher chances for you to become a teacher, preacher or a counsellor. You can even be a priest or a person who works in the spiritual domain.

Rahu, which indicates obsession, is also looked to know what you see as your obsession. For eg, if your Rahu is placed in the 7th house, then 7th house indicates business owners, masses, PR professional, courthouses and deal makers.

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So, it will be an indication that you have an obsession to be with masses of people and you will have a habit of dealing with adversities. You will like to conquer and defeat all the opponents and put your flag there. At work, you will also be doing this.

Suppose your Rahu is in the sector for scientific and technical communication, which is the 11th house, then naturally you will have a tendency to work with science and technology.

So, this is how we check the career prospects from one’s chart.