Becoming rich is the dream of every person. One can become rich in various ways. In Vedic astrology too, there are many ways mentioned which will help a person attain wealth and prosperity in life. Some of them are technical. Others are ways of life. Following them will lead to a change in fortunes that will see wealth and prosperity find their way into the life of the person. The following are the ten ways to become rich in Vedic astrology.

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1) Clearing North East

The North-East direction is very important when it comes to wealth and fortune. It is believed to be the direction where Lord Kubera resides. At home and in the office, take care to avoid any clutter forming in the North-East direction.

Avoid having bathrooms or shoe racks here. Having small water fountains or aquariums in the northeast direction will improve fortunes. However, avoid placing overhead water tanks here which can harm the fortunes as well as the health of the person.

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Use the northeast direction as a place for worship. Using it for meditation can do wonders to your psyche. The north-east direction is called the brain of the house and contemplating on how to improve wealth and fortune facing the north-east direction will improve finances.

2) Clearing South West

South West is the direction facing the North East and is therefore as important. Having the main entrance of the house in the South-West direction is believed to improve the fortune of a person.

It is also recommended to keep the money locker in the South West facing the North East. Doing so will improve the financial fortune of the person. However, if the locker opens in the South or West direction, it can ruin the financial fortune of the person.

3) Bathroom

The bathroom is the place that generates maximum negativity according to Vastu Shastra. If you are not careful, a bad bathroom will cause an excessive drain of wealth. Make sure the bathroom is clean and well-maintained.

Pour out the water that is remaining after your bath. Instead, fill the bucket with clean water. Make sure the bathroom is kept tidy and organized. Do not leave wet clothes in the bathroom to be washed later. Always keep the bathroom doors closed.

Never have bathrooms near the entrance or in the centre of the house. Also, avoid corner areas. Both these will mess with the good fortunes of the people in the house. Placing air purifiers, plants or wood is recommended.

4) Respecting water

Water is very important in life. Water is precious. As per Vedic astrology, any leaks in the water system should be fixed without delay. Leaking water taps and pipes will lead to an outflow of wealth.

It is recommended to put some salt in a glass of water and keep it in the southwest corner of the house. This will ensure a steady inflow of money. Also keep a glass or a jug of water near the bed, which should be thrown out after waking up in the morning.

Add a pinch of turmeric, gangajal, salt, honey or jaggery to the water before taking a bath. Also, after the bath, offer some water to the Sun god. Doing so will improve the financial fortune of the person.

5) Broom

A broom is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. Never touch the broom with your feet. It is akin to disrespecting Goddess Lekshmi. Also, throw away the broom once it is broken. Cleaning a house with a broken broom invites financial trouble.

Keep the broom hidden in the house, away from the eyes of outsiders, as you would do with your money. Never place the broom adjacent to the money locker. The broom should be kept lying down and not in a vertical or inverted position.

The broom should be placed in the southwest corner of the house. Never leave the broom on the roof of your home as it will invite financial misfortunes.

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6) Yantras

Lord Kuber Yantra is the most famous among yantras used to attract wealth. Lord Kubera is the guardian of universal wealth. The Kuber Yantra consists of images and patterns that concentrate the energy of Lord Kubera in the house.

The Kuber Yantra has to be placed in the East facing the west. It can be placed on a table or hung on the wall. The Kuber yantra can also be used for meditating on Lord Kuber. Doing this will increase the wealth prospects of the person.

There are many other yantras which are designed to bring wealth into the life of a person. You can buy one after consulting with an astrologer.

7) Mantras/Stotras

There are many mantras chanting which will positively affect the financial fortune of a person. These mantras have to be chanted repeatedly during specific times to bring the desired changes.

Kanaka Stotra, Sri-Sukta, and Gayathri Mantra are some of the mantras which will bring wealth and prosperity. There are many others. Chanting a certain mantra requires a certain discipline. Consult an astrologer before commencing the chanting.

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8) Money plant

Having money plants at home is a common method to improve the financial fortune of a person. The money plant should be kept in the southeast corner for wealth and prosperity.

Avoid having money plants in the north or north-east sides as this will result in the drain of wealth. Also, avoid the east-west direction as well. They can be placed in corners and near electronic gadgets like TV or computers.

9) Offerings

Wealth fortune can be improved through offerings. Offering jaggery and grass to cows on Fridays is considered to do you good. Also offering wealth outside a Shani temple on a Saturday is recommended.

Offerings can be made to a deity of your choice each time there is an income of money in the life of a person. Doing so ensures repeating the money income at an increased rate. Consult an astrologer to choose your deity of offering.

10) Respecting women

Women are seen as the embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi also symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Therefore, to ensure the good graces of the Goddess of Wealth, the person has to respect women and what is feminine.

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