As humans reel under the Coronavirus pandemic, the planets have settled in for an auspicious alignment of planets not seen for centuries. It seems the universe is preparing itself for a way out of this particularly turbulent period in time. Whenever the world is afflicted, the universe finds a way to solve the situation. This rare auspicious planetary confluence must be one such solution.

Astrology is the eye of Vedas. It has a vision into the present and future of a person. It attempts to help the person find a balance between favorable and unfavorable conditions and live in happiness and peace.

The navagrahas or the nine planets and their cosmic positions form the basis of Astrology. Astrologers study the energy of that particular position and how it affects a person’s life. 

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Starting from 10.30 am, September 13 to 2 pm, September 15, we will witness an extraordinary alignment. It happens once in a few centuries and is a very auspicious time.

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When the planets are positioned in their own rasi, they are the strongest. They can do wonderful things. At this moment in time all planets, except for Shukran, Rahu, and Ketu, are at their strongest positions. Ravi is at Chingam, Moon at Karkidakom, Bhudhan at Kanni and Guru is at Dhanu. This is a rarest of the rare occurrence. 

The ideal man of the scriptures Lord Sreeram was born under a similar sky. We can say we are passing through a time that is similar to the ancient times. Praying and fasting to the deictic incarnation of the respective planets is assured to make your life better in every manner. 

Lord Shiva, the incarnation of Ravi, the energy of self, is good for inner peace, pride, health, respect, and work.

Devi Durga has the moon, the energy of the mind. Getting in touch with Devi will calm your mind, give you confidence, and bring care for your mother as well. It is also good for work hours and rest times. 

Subramanya Swamy gets you to Kujan which is the energy of the body, or the physical self. It will protect you from accidents, diseases and duplicity and bring you success in trade and business.

Budhan is the energy of learning. With it standing strongest at Kanni, gain access to it through the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Getting in touch with Sreekrishna, Sreerama, Balarama, Narasimha amongst others is good for your learning, understanding, employment, and higher education

The planet Guru, which is the energy of wealth, is at its strongest position in Dhanu. To access Guru, concentrate on Lord Vishnu. It will get your profits, intelligence, promotions, and skill development. 

The energy of death, Shani, is positioned at Makaram. Hanuman and Sashtha will get you in touch with Shani. You will need the energy of death to keep away illness and fear of mortality and it will do well for your health.

Chanting prayers and getting in touch with these incarnations of cosmic energies as well as with your personal derivatives and that of your locality is good for you. So is the chanting of navagrahasthothram.

Utilize this phenomenon and wish for the betterment of oneself and the world you live in. I wish good for all the beings in this world. Make sure to let your dear ones know what they are seeing.

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