1. Is the report computer-generated or not?

Clickastro reports are computer-generated. Specialized software is used to generate the report. These reports are noted for their accuracy and their detailed analysis. The reports are available in all major languages. You can check the nature of the report by availing of the free horoscope. Go for a premium report if you are serious about knowing more about yourself. Computer-generated horoscopes are quicker to avail and are free from errors that may spring up in man-made ones. The specialized software used by Clickastro has been honed through three decades of experience and is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

2. How accurate is your report?

Clickastro reports are very accurate. These are generated by using specialized software, which ensures the quick generation of reports which are free from human error. These reports are also extremely personalized and vary considerably from person to person. All you need is to give your birth details and time of birth to avail the personal horoscope. However, it should be made clear that details like family backgrounds and other people’s influences cannot be taken into account in these reports. For such a level of personalized predictions, personal consultation with an astrologer is advised. You can avail of the services of the best astrologers in the country at Findastro.

3. Who is the astrologer who developed this report?

Clickastro astrology reports have evolved through continuous research and development over 23 years. We have a panel of astrologers who are involved in the research and development of the product. While most of them are practising astrologers of repute, there are many others also who have been studying astrology because of their passion for the science and who are/were masters of the subject in their own right. Many other renowned astrologers like B.V. Raman and Dr T.S. Vasan have also contributed to the development of the products through their guidance and support.

4. How long does it take to get a report?

Online reports can be availed within minutes. All you have to do is to pay the amount and fill in your birth details. For a hard copy of the report, the delay that is required for the report to physically reach you is unavoidable. The time frame depends on the logistics involved. If it is taking too long, you can contact Clickastro customer service. Our service personnel are trained and ready to help you in any way possible. Clickastro customer care number is +916366920680. Our customer support is active from Monday to Saturday, between 9 am to 6 pm.

5. Why can’t you give 1st time free?

Free reports are available in Clickastro. You can avail yourself one by just giving your birth details. However, free reports are only partially visible as the bulk of the content will remain shielded from view. Giving free full reports is bad for business. No major astrology company endorses such a practice. However, Clickastro does provide attractive offers for beginners to get started. There are also many combo packages available that different cover areas of your life for a fair price. But giving freebies is not our way of doing business.

6. How can we trust online payment?

You can fully trust the online payment, provided you enter the right details. Clickastro offers online payment through trusted platforms like G Pay, Phone Pe and Paytm. You can also make payments through Credit or Debit cards, Net Banking or UPI. Online payment is presently the most preferred and widely accepted mode of money transaction. They are speedy, safe and reliable. All the major companies now prefer online transactions for retail business. If you have any further doubts about the mode of payment, you can contact the Clickastro service team.

7. What is the authenticity of report preparation?

Clickastro reports are generated using specialized software. The reports are 100% authentic and prepared based on extensive research of over 300,000 hours on 90 manuscripts related to Vedic astrology. The calculations used are extremely precise, as a result of which the most accurate predictions are obtained. Clickastro reports are as genuine and accurate a report as you will get from the most trusted astrologer, if not better. That Clickastro reports are validated, endorsed and accepted by over 50,000 professional astrologers is a testament to this. The reports are based on authentic Indian astrology and guided by strong ethics.

8. How can we trust we will receive the report after making the payment?

You can trust Clickastro. Clickastro has been in the field of online astrology for over three decades now. During this time, Clickastro has grown to become the no.1 astrology service provider in India, trusted by over 100 million users. Such a track record will not come if the brand cannot be trusted. However, occasional problems do arise in the generation and mailing of the report. Often, it may be due to technical faults. If any such thing happens, you can contact the Clickastro customer service for a prompt and efficient response.

9. What is the authenticity of the prediction you give?

Clickastro uses specialized software to generate reports. The astrological calculations are based on scientific equations and not on any specifically published almanack. Clickastro has been in the field of providing astrology services for over three decades now. Over 50,000 astrologers utilize and endorse the astrology services of Clickastro. As far as the calculations and charts are concerned, the accuracy levels are considered close to 100%, while on the astrological predictions, the accuracy levels can be considered close to 80% like any other predictive science. Please note that the accuracy levels of the horoscope also depend on the accuracy of the birth data provided.

10. Report is prepared based on the Sun sign or Moon sign?

Clickastro reports are prepared based on Indian traditional astrology, also known as Vedic astrology. This means the reports are prepared based on the Moon sign rather than the Sun sign. Western Astrology gives importance to Sun Signs, whereas Indian Astrology focuses more on Moon Signs. Although there are techniques available to experts for deeper analysis, Western Astrology generally looks at your Sun-sign and gives general predictions which are common to millions of people. e.g. if your sun sign is Pisces, the general predictions given by western astrologers or given in magazines/newspapers apply to all people under the sky whose sun sign is Pisces.

On the other hand, Indian Astrology looks for your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, which is unique in this world. Even in the case of twins, the time of birth differs. The use of divisional charts, the Dasa System, Ashtakavarga etc. and precise calculations for the strength of planets makes Indian Astrology more accurate and individualized.

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