The Moon Through Houses

The Moon is one of the most visible and naturally benefic planets in astrology. This celestial body symbolises a person’s emotional and sensitive character. The Moon rules Cancer, which is the fourth house in the natural zodiac wheel. The fourth house indicates the mind, psyche, mother, home, and emotions. In the horoscope, the Moon represents the inner self, our emotional needs, and how we process and express our feelings. It is also linked to our home and family and our connection to the past. The Moon gives different results in different houses. The Moon is a natural benefic in astrology, and in Vedic astrology, the Moon has a more prominent place than the sun.

The Moon in the First House

The first house or the lagna in astrology shows our personality, health, character, and perspective. The lagna is the first door to our lives, and by looking at the lagna itself, we can predict most of the events in a person’s life. The sign and planets located in the first house indicate how a person presents themselves to the world and how they approach new experiences and situations. The first house also shows the person’s attitude towards life, including their energy level, motivation, and sense of purpose. The Moon is one of the most visible planets in the sky, so when the Moon is in the first house, the jataka will have a very clear complexion, and he will be easily visible among the crowd.

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The Moon is a very attractive planet, so the jataka will also be very attractive. If there is any planet in the lagna, there will be a mark or mole on the face of the jataka. The first house represents the individual’s identity, appearance, and physical body, so the Moon in the first house can give the native an attractive appearance. These jatakas will also have an oval face. The Moon in the first house will make the person very innocent. They will have a childish look no matter how old they are. The natives will have an emotional nature, and if the Moon is alone, these natives will always like to stand alone. Normally, when the Moon is in the first house, these natives like to be dependent on others. They may also be moody and have a tendency to withdraw from the crowd when they are uncomfortable.

The Moon indicates mother, and these natives will have a strong connection to the mother. The mother will be the guiding force in their lives. If the Moon has any kind of affliction, the native will have a complex relationship with the mother. These jatakas are very friendly if the Moon is in a good position.

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If the Moon is in the second house

The second house indicates savings, values, and facial organs. When the Moon is in the second house, the jataka will have very beautiful features. If the Moon is afflicted, these natives will have some defects in their facial organs. The second house indicates wealth, so they will have a very strong attachment to their material wealth. The Moon is a waxing and waning planet, which means it is an unstable planet. When it is in the second house, that means the jataka will have instability regarding wealth. They have to be careful with how they spend their money. If the Moon is in a good position, these jatakas will be able to enjoy their lives in all their comfort.

They will always have good food to eat. The second house indicates values, so these natives will have good values. They will believe in having self-worth, and they will try to improve it. The second house also indicates a career, and the Moon indicates nourishment, so these jatakas can have a career in a nutrition-related sector. The second house indicates family also, so the native will be seen as a motherly figure in the family. Even if the native is a male, the native will be caring like a mother.

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If the Moon is in the third house

The third house indicates short journeys, communication, courage, writing, and siblings. This is the house for one’s own ventures as well, so the Moon in the third house indicates a person with a creative mind. This jataka can inspire a writer or poet. For these jatakas, self-expression through creativity comes naturally. This Moon will make the jataka intuitive, emotional, and receptive to the feelings of others. They will be excellent mediators and spiritual workers, too. The third house indicates multitasking, so these people will always be doing multiple things. If the Moon is afflicted, these people will be dispersed, and they will not be able to finish the work within the timeline. The third house indicates intellectual capacity, so these people will be naturally intelligent.

There may be opportunities to do multiple tasks at the same time. There will be individuals who demonstrate proficiency in several arts simultaneously. The mother of this native will be very talkative, and she will be holding kitty parties at home. These natives will be very curious, and they will always upskill. They often enjoy reading, writing, or speaking and expressing themselves through words and ideas. If the Moon is in a good position, these natives will be good readers too. However, they can struggle with mood swings if others are not treating them properly.

If the Moon is in the fourth house

The Moon rules the fourth house in the Kala Purusha Chakra. As a result, the Moon is very strong in the 4th house. These individuals may have a very emotional attitude. The Moon signifies motherhood, home, and emotions. If the Moon is in the 4th house, then this person may have a maternal equivalent. Due to this tendency, these individuals are looked upon with great respect. If the Moon is in a benefic position in that 4th house, that person will benefit greatly from land and construction. If such a person does construction work on land or buildings, he will earn a lot of money. If the Moon is in a good position, this person will have his own house and property.

When the Moon is in the 4th house, these individuals are deeply attached to their possessions, especially their family values, norms, home, and heritage, which they have held since the beginning. These people with the Moon in the 4th house try to keep their part of themselves alive because they don’t want anything to change and they never want to be a part of a different culture. Their extreme impatience may lead to frequent relocations. They seek psychological security throughout life from their mother, husband, and family members. They are quiet in their approach to life and children.

The Moon is in the Fifth House.

The fifth house of the zodiac is known as the Poorva Punya Stana, i.e., the good karma from past births. According to Hindu theology, the results of the past life’s karma are accumulated in the fifth house. This house indicates children, fun, relaxation, entertainment, love, speculative ventures, and romance. This is known as one of the happiest houses in the zodiac. At the same time, according to Brihad Parasara Hora Sastra, Sage Parasara says the fifth house also has a negative side. Sage Parasara says the fifth house is also the house of downfall. Meanwhile, the Moon indicates motherhood, home, and care.

When the Moon is in the fifth house, the jataka will have good blessings from his ancestors. The Moon likes to be in groups, have fun, and meet other people. These people will have so much love for children. If the sign in the fifth house is a dual sign, the chances of having twins will increase. These people will like to be with people. They will be the centre of attraction and crowd pullers too. These natives will be truly dependent on others, and that is the negative side of when the Moon is placed in the fifth house. They do not like to be alone, as the Moon likes to be with other planets. These natives will have a lot of creative talents, and they will be known for that.

The moon in the sixth house

The sixth house is known as the first negative house in astrology. It deals with a lot of negative things like work, health, daily routines, service, and responsibilities, and the moon represents emotions, habits, nurturing, and comfort. The moon is a very soft planet, and it doesn’t like to be in the house, which indicates harsh things. Since the moon indicates emotion, the person will be engaged in dealing with all the matters in the sixth house. In traditional astrology, the moon in the sixth house is seen as an indication of mental issues. If the moon is in a bad placement, aspect, or conjunction, the Jathaka will also have to take horoscope

The Moon indicates mother, and the jataka with the Moon in the sixth house will be involved in a profession where he takes care of unprivileged people. These people can be primarily in the medical or paramedical profession. They do not like any change in their daily lives; otherwise, it can impact their happiness. The sixth house indicates maternal relatives, so these people will be closer to maternal relatives. On the negative side, these people will always be worried about their existence and careers. Women will be their main enemies.

The Moon in the Seventh House

The seventh house is associated with relationships, partnerships, marriage, and public interactions. The moon is an attention-seeking planet, so it likes to be in the seventh house of the crowd. These people will like to be in the crowd. Their emotions are connected to other people, as the seventh house indicates. These jathakas will depend on others for happiness and stability. If the moon is in a complex placement, these jathakas will have back-to-back relationship issues. They have a strong desire to connect with people. Their personality development will be based on how others react to them. If the moon is in Kema Druma yoga, these jathakas will never be able to understand others. In that case, anyone can easily influence them.

The moon in the eighth house

In the natural zodiac wheel, the eighth house is ruled by Scorpio, and it is the debilitation point of the moon. So, every horoscope has a shade of Scorpio in the eighth house, so the Moon will be losing its energy in the eighth house, no matter whichever sign rules the eighth house. The eighth house deals with ups and downs, transformations, taxes, loans, struggles, and in-laws. The Moon doesn’t like to be here as it is a very soft planet, so the native with the Moon will have a lot of fears. Moreover, the eighth house is known as the Maranakaraka Bhava of the Moon. In the eighth house, the moon feels dead.

These jathakas will have strong intuition. Occult sciences are an integral part of the eighth house, so these jathakas will have an unending attraction to occult sciences. They will be very intuitive, and they will easily understand the minds of others. These people will have a close relationship with their in-laws, but how close will depend on the condition of the moon. These jathakas always like to be closer to their spouses.

The moon in the ninth house

The ninth house is associated with higher learning, travel, philosophy, spirituality, religion, and beliefs. In the natural zodiac wheel, the ninth house is ruled by Jupiter, so no matter which sign rules the ninth house, it will have a shade of Jupiter in it. The ninth house indicates happiness, expansion, and magnification. When the moon is in the ninth house, the native will naturally have a spiritual inclination. These people will have an inclination towards female goddesses. These jathakas will be attracted to foreign countries and cultures. They will also know foreign languages. If they work hard at learning foreign languages, they can even make a career out of it.

When the moon is in the ninth house, the native will be very philosophical too. The ninth house indicates teachers and mentors, so these jathakas will be mostly working as teachers and mentors. Spiritual gurus will have this planetary placement. Since the ninth house indicates expansion and magnification, these people will have an over-thinking nature. They will have a lot of emotional issues too.

The Moon in the Tenth House

The tenth house is known as Karma Bhava, and it deals with job, profession, reputation, and father’s wealth. The Moon likes to be in the tenth house, as this is a public house. The moon indicates motherly affection, so this placement shows the native will be primarily working in the medical domain. This is a classical example of medical professionals, but other placements should also be taken into consideration. The moon indicates fluctuation, so there will be some fluctuation in the career.

These people will have difficulty controlling their emotions. They will be expressing their emotions openly, which can be trouble for them. The moon indicates the mind, and people with the moon in the tenth house will be working with their imaginative skills too. The tenth house indicates the wealth of the father, so the jathakas with this placement will be proud of their father. The father will be a huge influence in their lives.

The moon in the eleventh house

The moon indicates social gatherings, friendships, collective projects, futuristic plans, and finances. The moon indicates mind and happiness. When the moon is in the eleventh house, the native will like to always be with friends. He will have many plans with his friends. These jathakas will not like to be alone unless the moon is in Kema druma dosha. Their finances will be fluctuating as the moon indicates ups and downs. The eleventh house is associated with ideals and hopes, so the native will always be hopeful.

Whatever these jathakas do, it will be for their future. The Moon will aspect the fifth house from the eleventh house, so these jathakas will have a motherly affection towards the children. They will always work hard for the betterment of children and youngsters. These people can easily relate to the needs of others. These jathakas will have foreign collaborations too. If the moon is in Kemadruma dosha, then there will be recurrent issues with friends.

The Moon in the Twelfth House

The twelfth house is known as Moksha bhava, and this house deals with spirituality, the subconscious mind, dreams, and hidden or subconscious fears. The moon also indicates mind, emotions, and mental health. When the moon is in the twelfth house, the native will be very interested in spiritual matters. People with the Moon in the twelfth house can go through emotional issues. There will also be a lot of interest in the occult sciences. The placement of the moon in the twelfth house indicates the native can be a healer or psychologist.

These jathakas will be able to connect with others psychologically. These jathakas may go through mood swings if the moon is in any kind of affliction. These natives will have an interest in meditation, yoga, or other practices that help them connect with their spiritual side. If the moon is in a bad place, these people will have mental health issues as well.

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