Gemstones hold a significant place in Vedic astrology. They have been in use for ages to counterfeit the problems that may occur due to different planets. In the early centuries, only kings and people with high levels used to wear these astrology stones on the recommendation of their astrologers. 

However, these days, anyone can wear a gemstone and get to experience its benefits. By getting the answer to which gemstone should I wear according to my date of birth, you can easily find success in all sectors including business, education, health, and others.

Types of Gemstones

Gemstones or astrology stones are classified based on quality, effect, purity, and cost into two segments – precious stones and semi-precious stones.  Here’s a quick review on both the types:


  • Precious Stones

They are expensive and of the best and good quality. As they are known to preserve quality, their effects are seen much faster and are quite strong. Being of great quality, you can often find affluent people wearing these as pieces of jewelry, while some use it for medicated healing and spiritual practices. All nine “Precious Stones or Navratnas” represent the 9 planets and include Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Hessonite. The pearl and coral come from the sea. The rest are excavated.

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  • Semi-Precious Stones

Those stones that aren’t much expensive and can be worn as substitutes to precious stones fall in this category. Wearing these astrological stones the right way gives you the equivalent benefits as desired. Similar to precious stones, you can wear these stones too as normal jewelry. Some common examples of semi-precious stones include the names of Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, Turquoise, Amber, Quartz, and more.

The gemstones are available in many colors and names. Apart from the two categories above, the gemstones are subdivided into natural and artificial gems. Finding out the difference between two types isn’t easier and at times even gemologists fail to identify if a particular gemstone is natural or artificial without getting them examined in the laboratory.

Significance of Astrological Stones/Navratnas

The position of celestial bodies in our birth chart influences and affects us in myriad forms. By wearing the right gemstone according to Kundli, you can get the blessings of all the nine planets. The benefits are abundant across career, wealth, business, marriage, etc. and gives prosperity to the wearer.

As per Vedic astrology, everything gets influenced by the nine planets. The position of these planets in an individual’s horoscope influences different aspects of your life. By wearing the Navratna, you create a balance and pave the way for benefits. Since these astrology gemstones can affect you in both the positive and the negative manner, it’s important to consult an astrologer before finalizing a gemstone.

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Since these gemstones are worn as per your horoscope, understanding the science behind gem/stone astrology is essential to harness the benefits of the good planets and minimize the harmful effects of bad planets.

Benefits of Navratnas (Gemstones)

If you’re searching for the answer to the question – how to know which gemstone to wear, knowing these benefits can help you. Each gemstone is unique and based on their characteristics, it affects the one wearing that Navratna. The benefits include:

  • They minimize the past Karmic reactions
  • Wearing the right gemstone by date of birth, you remain protected against all unfortunate events and possible accidents
  • The gemstones ward off the influence of opposing planets and negative energy that surrounds you
  • These Navratnas keep you relaxed and stress-free. They cut down the unwanted nervousness and keeps you away from depression
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The important thing is to choose the right gemstone as per your date of birth, time of birth, horoscope, and zodiac sign. Neglecting the importance of gemstones can have many adverse effects on your life.

Use this table and find the correct gemstone for you and experience the wonderful magic that comes with it.

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