Holi is an annual Hindu festival celebrated at the approach of the vernal equinox. It is known as the festival of colours for its tradition of merrymakings with colours. The festival falls on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Phalguna. As this day marks the end of the dull winter season and heralds the approach of colourful spring, the festival is celebrated with colours. The frolics with colours, spraying and smearing on each other, occurs everywhere and people move in gangs from place to place, singing, dancing and engaging in various fun activities. Celebrate this Holi 2020 with lucky colours based on your Zodiac sign.

In the Gregorian calendar, Holi falls either in February or March. In 2020, Holi starts on Monday 9th March and ends on Tuesday 10th March.

As you take the spirit of Holi to your heart and plan to celebrate it with your family, friends or colleagues, you can have a look at your zodiac traits and its corresponding colours.

Holi Colours based on Zodiac Sign

In some areas, Holi is identified as an agricultural festival, commemorating good harvest. For some people, it marks the beginning of the new year too. The mythologies behind this festival signify the victory of good over evil and the day is observed as a time to rid oneself of past errors, end conflicts, forget, forgive and renew ruptured relationships. In whatever you believe, let’s take this festival as an occasion to renew your hopes and relations and to restore your positive vibes.

Aries people are enthusiastic and determined and they might take the initiative to celebrate Holi. They may love to organize friends and lead the groups to escalate the celebrations. Since Fire is the element of Aries, those born in this sign can celebrate with bright colours. Red is regarded as their lucky colour.

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Taurus born people can celebrate Holi responsibly. They may devote themselves to all kinds of merrymakings and engage with groups involving members of the opposite sex. Earth is the element of Taurus and different shades of green, pink and blue are the recommended colours for these people.

Gemini people might be curious to try various fun activities. They may keep a plan B for celebrating the festival and would love to move around various places. Air is the element of Gemini and the people of this zodiac can celebrate Holi with light colours such as white, yellow, pale green etc.

Cancer people may prefer coloured water to dry powder. They love togetherness and might invite the dear and near to their home to celebrate Holi. Since Water is the element of Cancer, colours such as white and pale blue suit the individuals of this sign.

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Leo is creative and passionate. These people will definitely love to have some fun and engage in activities after considering its pros and cons. They may love to celebrate Holi in a different way too. Fire is the element of this sign and gold, yellow and orange are their recommended colours for 2020 Holi.

Virgo people might have made a perfect plan to celebrate this day. They would engage in fun-makings in a cautious way and take this occasion to restore the relationships too. Earth is the element of this sign and their matching colours are yellow, brown, beige, peach etc.

Libra born people are sure to enjoy this festival as they can get along with all groups. These people will love to celebrate in the company of others and outdoors. Air is the element of Libra and their lucky colours are blue, green, violet, purple etc.

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Scorpio likes friendships and love to play Holi. Sometimes, someone has to convince them and push them from behind to take part in the merrymakings and, once they start, they would celebrate with passion. Water is the element of Scorpio and their recommended colours are the various shades of red for this Holi.

Sagittarius people are cheerful and they can add fun to the Holi celebrations. They may not like to limit the festivities and would even convince others to take part in the merrymakings. The element of Sagittarius is Fire and suitable colours for Holi 2020 celebrations are blue, lilac, vermillion etc.

Capricorn people might love to make arrangements for a grand celebration more than engaging themselves in the merrymakings. While celebrating, they would engage with everyone equally. Earth is the element of Capricorn and the colours they can use for Holi 2020 are brown, black and various dark shaded colours.

Aquarius born people would love to celebrate Holi with a large enthusiastic group. They like to socialize and would walk around, celebrating and meeting various people. Air is the element of Aquarius and they can use all light shaded colours to celebrate this 2020 Holi.

Pisces finds happiness by making others happy. These people might invite others to the fun-activities and try the best to make them happy. Water is the element of Pisces and they would like to splash coloured water. Sea green and purple are their colours of good fate for this Holi 2020.

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The Holi celebrations usually begin with the Holika bonfire lit at the previous night. From the early morning of Holi, people engage in the frolic with colours where they play, chase and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water. Apart from the splashing and spraying of colours, the common Holi observations include singing, dancing, visiting friends & relatives and preparing some special sweets and drinks. It is mainly a North Indian festival with a variety of traditions that vary from state to state. The charm and festivities are at its best in places associated with the birth and childhood of Lord Krishna – Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, Nandgaon etc.

The tradition of breaking the pot is one of the most enjoyable Holi activity which is common in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. A pot of buttermilk will be kept hung high on the streets and men will try to break the pot by forming a huge human pyramid. This tradition commemorates the mischievous nature of child Krishna who used to steal buttermilk from every accessible house in the village.

There are a lot of legends associated with the festival of Holi such as the legend of Prahlad & Holika, the legend of Krishna & Radha and those related to Kamadeva, Pootana and Dhundhi. Though the apparent reasons for celebrating Holi are purely mythological, it is indeed a festival with great social, cultural and scientific significances.

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