Celebration of Birthday

As per Indian tradition, birthdays are celebrated based on the stars rather than the calendar dates. The importance is given to the position of the Sun as well as the Moon. So if a person was born on a date when the Sun was in Mithuna Rasi and Moon in Mesha, positioned in the constellation of Aswini, he will celebrate birthdays every year when the Sun is in Mithuna and Moon in Aswini (person’s birth star).

Many regions in India follow calendar systems based on the movement of Sun through various zodiac signs and hence you can look at an Indian calendar and locate the date with your birth star. Since the Moon completes a cycle in 27 days, it is possible that a star may come twice within a month. In such cases, you are advised to take the second occurrence of the star and celebrate your birthday. Also please check and ensure that the star extends to a minimum period of 6 ghatis (Nazhika), that is 2 hours and 24 minutes after sunrise. If it is shorter than this, you are advised to celebrate your birthday on the previous date.

Tips to celebrate the birthday for Long Life And Prosperity

Wake up early in the morning, have a bath and wear new clothes. Observe non-violence and adhere to principled behaviour. Avoid having oil massage or oil-bath. Do not engage in adventurous sports or start on a journey on your birthday. Avoid non-vegetarian food, sexual acts and alcohol. Birthdays are considered inauspicious for Upanayana, marriage, starting with medical treatment, surgery, etc. The day is best spent on visiting houses of worship, conducting poojas (prayers) and giving away gifts and donations. Offering food to people as well as animals and birds are highly recommended.

For health, wealth and prosperity, it is good to conduct Vinayaka (Ganesh) pooja, Vishnu Pooja and Bhagavathi Seva. Students will benefit from Saraswathi Pooja and Vidhayagopala Manthrarchana. Those fearing threat to their life should conduct Mrithyunjayana Pooja on their birthday.

The significance is attached to the day of the week on which the birthday falls. The results are predicted as follows.

Birthday falling on a:
Sunday – indicates long journeys
Monday – enjoy good food
Tuesday – diseases
Wednesday – gains in education
Thursday – receive expensive clothes
Friday – good fortune
Saturday – problems for parents

To counter any malefic effects that may be caused, it is good to conduct the pooja for the lord of the weekday on which the birthday falls. For example, if your birthday falls on a Wednesday, you should conduct special pooja for the planet Mercury, the lord of Wednesday.

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