Astrology of Engineers

The world is changing rapidly, and every other day, new technology is coming into the market. Such technical know-how is required in every sector of life as people want to save time, money, and energy. Among this technological knowledge, engineering has a unique place. Since technology has made everything easy, everyone has a bit of knowledge on how to handle the machines. Earlier, we had only a few branches like civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, but as the technology advanced, we could see a lot of other branches of engineering. There is hardly any area or work in which machines and automatic machines are not used, from agriculture in rural areas to multistory buildings being built in cities and from small mobiles to large vehicles. We see it has come from the knowledge of engineering. We can see many youngsters choosing engineering as a career as well.

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In today’s time, many youngsters are taking various branches of engineering, but we see a lot of dropouts as well. Some will never complete their education and settle for careers with less pay. In such a situation, astrology can bring a lot of insights about career, saving time, energy and money. Astrology can help people identify their careers and thus make a huge change in their lives.

Planets Associated with Engineering Career

In Vedic astrology, the engineering and technical fields are considered from Mars and Saturn. Saturn is considered the indicator of iron-related materials, machines, tools, instruments, electronics etc.

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And Mars indicates fire and heat energy which helps in operating machines. Therefore, Saturn and Mars play a prominent role in the technology sector. Furthermore, Saturn and Mars connect the person with the engineering field, so if Saturn and Mars are inauspicious placement in the horoscope or impact the career, then the person will understand the subject easily.

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Mechanical Enfineers

Saturn is the planet for mechanical engineering, and technical skills related to anything built out of Mars indicate success in anything that needs heat.

The air sign indicates intelligence, and the air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If these signs occur in the first, second, fifth, or tenth house, known as the house for career, the native will have the brilliance the engineer needs. In taking engineering, the role of Jupiter and Mercury is also important. Mercury indicates calculations, and Jupiter indicates higher studies. Therefore, all the planets and houses should be placed well so that the student can successfully come out as an engineer.

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When Saturn and Mars are not in a good placement like debilitation without neecha bhanga raja yoga, retrograde and combust, the native will have difficulties in easily becoming an engineer.

Software Professionals

These days software and hardware professionals are known as engineers. Many of them take other subjects like civil or mechanical in college but later turn into the software domain.

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Mars is the karaka of electronics, Saturn is the karaka of machines, and Mercury is the karaka of the computer field, so when these planets are conjunct or are in a good connection, the native will understand the complex formulas of computing very easy.

If Saturn is in place well and it is either in its signs or exaltation, i.e., Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, that shows the chances to be in an engineering-related career.

Planets and Houses Influencing Engineering Career

When Saturn is in the tenth house and has the support of good planets, the native may become an engineer. From the tenth house, Saturn will aspect the fourth house; the native may have a chance to become a good engineer. Saturn is the indicator of barren land.

The presence of strong Mars in the tenth house also gives success in this field. Moreover, the presence of Mars in Aries, Scorpio and aspect of auspicious planets is good for a career as an engineer in the electronics and building construction sectors.

Mars is known as Bhumi Putra in Vedic astrology, and Mars is the indicator of land-related business. Hence, the placement, aspect or any relationship of Mars to the fourth house indicates jobs related to civil engineering.

Apart from these, Rahu is also an important planet indicating knowledge in engineering. Rahu indicates advanced technology, so anyone who works in IT will have a good connection with Rahu. Rahu is also the main indicator of foreign collaboration if Rahu is connected to Saturn or Mars in the horoscope, indicating a job in a foreign land or being a part of foreign collaborations.

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Since Mercury also indicates knowledge in the technology sector, if it has the support of Rahu, Mars or Saturn, the native will have a chance to work in engineering.

The placement, aspect or conjunction of Mars and Mercury in a house or exchange of the signs also can indicate a career in engineering.

Venus indicates the white colour, it indicates electricity and light, so when Venus is connected to Saturn, Mars or Rahu, the person will know electrical energy. Hence he may have the chance to work in such an industry.

Venus also indicates coding, so Venus independently and in conjunction or association, the native will get a chance to work in coding or software-related engineering.

When someone wants to be a marine engineer, the involvement of water signs is very important. If the tenth house or the tenth lord has a connection to the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the native will have a taste in learning marine engineering.

Rahu is known as the Asura planet, but if someone has to win in their life, Rahu should be placed in a very promising way. Rahu indicates passion and an undying spirit, so, in any career, the connection to Rahu is very important. Furthermore, Rahu will give very innovative ideas, and the native will easily find a solution or adapt to such technologies very easily. Therefore, he will be known as a jack of all trades.

There was no engineering as a course in the ancient days, but people used to know how to construct buildings and machines.

In the Vedic texts, we can see flying machines and buildings like pyramids that stood the test of time. They were built by highly technically evolved people, and we don’t have any idea about them. They also would have the same planetary combination in an auspicious way, which is necessary for being a successful engineer.

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