Draupadi Murmu’s Horoscope: Background and the story so far

Astrological study of the horoscope and detailed birth chart analysis.

Draupadi Murmu is a politician hailing from the eastern state of Odisha, India. Murmu was born on 20th June 1958 to a Santali tribal family in Baidaposi village of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha. Biranchi Narayan Tudu is her father. She hails from a family of village heads. Both her father and grandfather have served as village heads.Draupadi Murmu was married to Shyam Charan Murmu. The couple had two sons and one daughter. The two sons and her husband are deceased. Her daughter Itishree Murmu is a bank employee. Draupadi started as a school teacher and was an assistant professor at the Shri Aurobindo Integral Education and Research, Rairangpur.In 1983, Draupadi quit her job as a Junior Assistant at the irrigation department of the Government of Odisha to look after her children. She joined politics in 1997. Draupadi was elected as councillor of Rairangpur district in Odisha in that year.In the 2000 Assembly elections, Draupadi was elected from the Rairangpur constituency after which she served as minister for transport, commerce, fisheries and animal husbandry till 2004. In the 2004 elections, Draupadi was re-elected as MLA from the Rairangpur constituency.In 2007 she was selected as the best performing MLA by Odisha Legislative Assembly. Draupadi also served as the governor of Jharkhand from 2015 to 2021. In 2016 Draupadi Murmu announced that she would donate her eyes after death to Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital in Ranchi.In 2022 Draupadi Murmu was nominated for the post of President by the BJP-led ruling alliance, thus becoming the first Scheduled Tribe to receive this honour. Draupadi Murmu is a follower of Brahmakumari Nirmala Bahan to whom she tied rakhi on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan in 2018.
Name: Draupadi Murmu
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 20 June, 1958 Friday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 12:00:00 AM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins) : 05:30 East of Greenwich
Place of Birth : Odisha
Longitude &Latitude (Deg.Mins) : 85.45 East, 20.57 North
Ayanamsa : Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 16 Min. 45 Sec.
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter) : Pooyam – 1
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord : Karkata – Chandra

Draupadi Murmu’s Horoscope and Success: Explained from an Astrological perspective

Draupadi Murmu was born on a Friday before sunrise which makes Thursday the astrological day of birth. This makes Draupadi a kind and compassionate person. Draupadi combines practical wisdom and a philosophical and religious approach to life in a seamless manner….Read More

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Draupadi Murmu personality

Based on the position of Lagna Draupadi Murmu is stubborn, traditional, religious, superstitious and truthful. Physically, Draupadi has an impressive appearance, is handsome, has many friends and is envied by others. Draupadi likes observances and memorials, either patriotic or religious…..Read More

Draupadi Murmu professional life

Draupadi Murmu is virtuous with a good power of speech. Murmu believes in honesty and conducts herself well. Draupadi will have clean habits and will be very particular about bathing, worship and meditation. A keen interest in cultural and social organizations is seen….Read More

Draupadi Murmu career

Draupadi Murmu is a very creative woman who likes charity and helping the poor. Multitasking will be a part of the career of Draupadi. As a workaholic person, Draupadi will deal with the masses and solve their issues without letting them create any friction in her personal life….Read More

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Draupadi career yogas

Amala Yoga – Born with Amala Yoga, Draupadi Murmu will be able to generate goodwill in people. Draupadi’s influence will be felt and remembered. Draupadi will be respected and noticed for her generosity and purity of spirit. Murmu’s character will be above reproach.

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Draupadi Murmu doshas

Kuja Dosha is seen in the horoscope of Draupadi Murmu. Boldness and energy will take Draupadi to trouble. Draupadi should manage her temper, otherwise, there will be conflicts. Personal pleasures will be hard to come by.

Rahu Dosha in the horoscope may hinder support from relatives during tough situations. Personal desires are less likely to get fulfilled. Draupadi may have to face many allegations. Children’s health may be in trouble.

Ketu Dosha will bring many obstacles in life. Conflict with authorities is likely. Many adversities have to be overcome. Draupadi may be loose with her words which can cause rifts in relationships. There may be tensions in life.

The birth star of Draupadi Murmu is Pooyam whose doshas make her inert to compromises. This may impede the achievement of life objectives. To fulfil them, Murmu may have to take a strong stand.

The lord of the birth sign Karkatakam is Moon. Draupadi Murmu may experience delays in coping with the realities of life. She may be careless with the usage of words. Murmu may have to overlook personal preferences in domestic life.

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Draupadi Murmu’s Horoscope and birth chart

Draupadi-Murmu-Navamsa-Chart Draupadi-Murmu-Rashi-Chart

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