Sun Conjunct Saturn

The Vedas teach us a lot of ideas and philosophies through their literature. For example, if someone wants to study astrology, it is very important to know the Vedas as through that, we will come to know the underlying principles of astrology. So many logics are used in astrology, and astrologers make predictions through this logic. So, it is very important to read Vedas and other ancient texts.

The conjunction or aspect of Sun and Saturn is seen as a negative impact in Vedic astrology. There is an interesting story regarding this negative impact.

In Vedic astrology, Sun is considered the father of Saturn, but according to the Vedas, Sun and Saturn do not share a good relationship. So, when the Sun and Saturn are conjunct or aspect in the horoscope, the person gets its inauspicious results. Of course, this is not always true, and there are many horoscopes that show a good relationship with the father. But in most cases, such horoscopes show complexities.

When Sun is exalted in Aries, Saturn gets debilitated, and when Saturn is exalted in Libra, Sun is debilitated. For these reasons, the conjunction of Sun and Saturn is said to give very bad results in astrology. Sun is in the form of light and heat. Meanwhile, Saturn is known as the planet for darkness and coldness. Their contradictory properties bring on the inner conflict in life. Saturn rises when Sun sets. Saturn is strong at night, while Sun is stronger during the day.

According to the Vedas, the Sun had a wife named Sanjana, who was feeling very uncomfortable because of the heat produced by her husband, the Sun or Surya. She ran away, but before that, she created her image called Chhaya and replaced herself. The Sun was under the impression that “Chhaya” is Sanjana, and a son, Shani or Saturn, was born to them. Saturn was dark in appearance, and Sun despised him because of this. Saturn or Shani could not tolerate his father’s ill-treatment, which led to an eternal conflict between the Sun and Saturn.

Sun indicates king, and Saturn is considered an indicator of slavery and service. In astrology, Saturn represents those who work in the lower class of society. Still, every job has its dignity. Suppose Sun indicates vegetarian dishes, then Saturn is considered the indicator of non-vegetarian dishes. In that situation, if a person consumes wheat and meat together, then he has to face various diseases.

The Sun is a Satvik planet that spreads light and auspiciousness; it is a very visible, luminous, and flaming planet. This spreads light in a person’s life; it is the factor of life force, soul, father, success, health, medicine, etc. It is the light of the eyes and the body’s spinal cord. Saturn indicates delay and obstacles while the Sun shows opportunities.

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Saturn has a special feature over the other planets, known as 2.5 and 7.5 Saturn. Whenever Saturn comes in the Kendra houses, which are 1, 4, 7 and 10, life goes slow and harsh. Progress will be delayed, which will worry the person. When Saturn moves through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house of the Moon, the native will have some struggles and challenges, and the mind will be inclined towards negative thoughts. This special condition occurs only in the case of Saturn. So Saturn has a special role in astrology, even though it is considered the planet for slavery and service.

Saturn has three special aspects: the 3rd, 7th, and 10th aspects. If Saturn aspects or conjuncts Sun, there will be conflicts regarding family matters. If this conjunction is in the fourth house, the family will have long term conflicts, and the native or the father can go through breathing or heart-related issues. These issues will get aggravated during Sun or Saturn’s Maha Dasha or Antardasa.

When the Sun is in conjunction with Saturn in the fourth or the tenth house, there will be many arguments and power struggles between the father and the son. If this conjunction occurs in the tenth house, there will be a lot of power struggles with the superiors. The native will have to struggle a lot to get his deserved position, and there will be a lack of satisfaction in his career.

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There are many horoscopes with this conjunction showing a good relationship between the father and son, but the planets should have enough support in the divisional charts. When this conjunction happens in Libra, the Sun gets debilitated, and Saturn gets exalted, giving Neecha bhanga raja yoga for the native. Still, it will bring a lot of complexity to marriage and social life.

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Similarly, if this conjunction occurs in the sign of Aries, Saturn will be debilitated, and the Sun will be exalted. This conjunction will bring joint pains and struggles in the personal life of the native.

The Sun and Saturn keep enmity even when they are father and son. Anyway, if we consider nature, then knowledge and darkness do not have an optimistic effect when combined; the Sun-Saturn conjunction creates life with many internal conflicts.

Especially when this conjunction is in the ascendant, fifth, ninth or tenth that brings breaks in a happy life, success comes after a lot of hard work, which may bring confusion to the native. Due to continuous struggle, people become frustrated; they also become depressed.

If Saturn is exalted and is a factor, then after the 36th year, it gives success in its Dasha-mahadasha. Therefore, when this conjunction occurs, one should always be ready for continuous hard work, avoid differences with the father, acquire knowledge, and strengthen his morale through spiritual practice.

There are many conjunction and aspects, which are complex in nature. Still, many of them will improve after the mid part of life. Until then, the native has to work on improving the situation. The speciality of such conjunction is that the first part of life will be very challenging, and after the first Sade Sati, life will witness some progress.

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