The Secret of Multiple Planetary conjunctions

The Stellium is a cluster of planets in any one of the houses in the horoscope. When three or more planets come together in one house it forms a Stellium. This is a very unique kind of formation that shows the person has a lot of duties in his life. Normally, the horoscope has the conjunction of two planets, but when three or more planets are conjunct in one house, there will be a lot of focus on the matters of that house. Such people should concentrate on that house in order to achieve success and happiness.

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These indigenous people will be tasked with changing the world by bringing revolutionary ideas. Such people are born into complex families, and being with their families, they will realize the need to change the world. They will start a new way of living that will influence everyone in the family. When the sun or moon is involved, the person does have a higher purpose in their life and cannot have an ordinary lifestyle. The Stellium will reduce the characteristics of your personality to one single thread. So, your success or failure will be determined by the placement aspect and conjunction in the house where Stellium occurs.

Stellium has merits and demerits. According to Vedic astrology, it is yoga for spiritual enlightenment. If Jupiter is combusted in this Stellium, the spiritual enlightenment will not be there.

The planet’s Stellium is known as the Sanyasa Yoga in Vedic astrology. The native will be troubled by his emotions and understand the worthlessness of material pleasures. That doesn’t mean he will become a monk, but he will live like one among his family.

Sage Parasara goes into great detail about the Stellium in Chapter 81. The name of the chapter is Pravajya Yogadhyaya.

In this chapter, in the second scripture, Sage says that if four planets are in one house and the sun is the strongest, the native will become a Tapasvi. A tapasvi is someone who detaches himself from the materialistic life for a religion-based life. If the moon is strong, the native will become a Kapali. Kapali is a monk with a beggar’s bowl. If Mars is strong, the native will roam around wearing red clothes. If Mercury is strong, the native will have a staff. If Jupiter is strong, the native will be a Yati, i.e., an ascetic. If Venus is strong in the Stellium, the native will own and wear a chakra. If Saturn is strong, the native will be naked, and this ascetic is called Naga. If multiple planets in conjunction are strong, the native will become a pure ascetic.

There are people who will live ascetic lives with their families. The Stellium shows the mental status of the native. The native will be fed up with the rift in the relationship, and he will dislike competition in the world. He will realize that these are just illusions and that true happiness comes when he gets back to God.

If any one of the planets or many planets in the Stellium is combust, the native will lead a much disciplined life, but he will not become an ascetic. If the planets combust but the sun is strong, the person will follow a kind of asceticism implied by the sun.

In his chapter, Sage talks about another kind of ascetic yoga as well. If the planet causing asceticism is defeated in a planetary war, there will be no asceticism. However, the Sun and Moon are never part of a planetary war.

When the Stellium is in one house, the native will have multiple troubles in his life. Because astrology is linked to previous births, it is assumed that these people have significant karmic burdens that they must complete in this lifetime.

When a native has a Stellium, the native will have a strong connection to the house where the Stellium is present. If the Stellium is in the second house, the native will have a strong connection to the second house. The second house indicates money, possessions, valuables, family, speech, values, and education.

This native will profit from matters of the second house. His life will be dominated by matters of the second house. The Stellium has pros and cons, and we need to understand them. The native will take a long time to adjust to their new surroundings. The natives will have to be very careful with their emotional status. In childhood, the native may feel undernourished. We also need to know which sign the Stellium is in. If the Stellium is in an air sign, the native will be very active.

If it is in an earth sign, the native will be very stubborn. The “Stellium in the air” sign will make the natives very intelligent. Meanwhile, the Stellium in the water will make the natives very emotional. These natives should control their prime energies. Otherwise, these energies will misguide the native, and he will have failures in life. Such natives should have a mentor in their life so that they can have a good life. The planets in the Stellium will force the native to follow all of them, so the native will be confused. As a result, this native requires the guidance of a native with divine intellect in order to guide the person.

In Vedic astrology, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not considered in astrology, but in the west, these planets are considered part of astrology. So, these planets can be part of the Stellium. There are six-planet horoscopes.
In Vedic astrology, the signs are divided into Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. If the star is in the Dharma house, the native should lead a pious life. If the Stellium is in Artha House, the native will have to be very careful with the money managers. If the Stellium is in Kama’s house, he should control his desires. If the Stellium is in Moksha House, the native should follow a spiritual life.

Astrology is growing and transforming every day. The field of astropsychology is rapidly expanding, and astrology is also seen as a tool for understanding a person’s mental frames.

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