How to calculate occupations

There are 27 planetary occupations as per Indian Astrology. Influence of those occupations will be felt at the respective dasas or major period or Anthar dasas i.e., Sub period of the major dasas.

Method to find the planetary occupations in a horoscope :

  1. Calculate the position of Lagna (Ascendant) and place it in the chart.
  2. Calculate the position of planets and place them in the 12 zodiacal houses.
  3. Count from Aries to the Lagna and know its number. For example if Virgo(Kanya) is the Lagna, it will be 6th from Aries.
  4. Count the number of the houses in which the planet whose occupation we want to assess is positioned from Lagna. For example if Saturn is in Aquarius and the Lagna is Kanya, Saturn is taken to be in the 6th House.
  5. Add the figures got from 3rd and 4th methods. Double this number and multiply the total with the respective dasa period of the planet. Divide by 27. The remainder gives the number corresponding to the planetary occupation. If the remainder is zero then take it as 27.
For example:
From Aries to Lagna is 6.
From Lagna to the planetary position of Saturn is 6.
When we total these two figures we get 12.
This figure should be multiplied by 2. We get 24.

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Saturn’s period according to Vimshottaridasa is 19 years. Hence we should multiply the above figure by 19. 24 x 19 = 456. This figure “456” should be divided by 27. The remainder will be planetary occupation of the planet Saturn in the above example. 456 divided by 27 gives the remainder as 24.

Planetary occupation for 24 is as given in the list below is: Acquisition of Wealth.

When we take a horoscope, the planetary occupation of all the planets should be found out according to the method given above. All the planetary occupations of the horoscope gives us an idea to interpret the over all effect of the horoscope.

List of planetary occupations
Bathing It brings prosperity in the family with children. Better career is also indicated.
Dressing Acquire wealth or valuables. The person will have great influence on their surroundings.
Sweet scents Name and fame, recognition from outsiders. High honour may also be expected.
Preparation for worship Money or wealth obtained from earth, earthly things.
Praying Trouble from Government. Loss of wealth indicated. Dishonour may be experienced.
Worships Creates benefit from bad people. Financial gains, popularity.
Sacrificial preparation Digestive trouble, success in education.
Meditation Association with wealthy people. Luxury is gained from earth. Failure of opponents.
Kneeling Receiving many amenities. Good speech. Double or dual tendency.
Going round the altar Liver trouble, criminal affairs.
Contemplation Elevation of status, governmental power, good family ties. Success from all directions.
Reception of Guests Some unexpected wealth. Beware of foul play. Jealousy of others.
Dinner Getting cheated or cheating disposition. Ill health, irreligious.
Drinking Water Unhealthy or unclean food. Bad deeds or sinful actions.
Anger Boasting about oneself and selfish tendency.
Chewing Beetle leaves All good indications. Good position and wealth.
Court Entrance Good and calm disposition. High respect.
Growing Acquirement of great knowledge or learning and wealth.
Private consultation Lethargy, indefiniteness in things.
Delay Actions without fore-thinking, unimpressive but it gives learning.
Sleeping Sensuous nature and indulgence in wasteful things. Improper treatment of the family.
Drinking Careless actions. Harmful to people close to them. All actions are harmful and conceited.
Sweet drinks Good wife and children and luxurious life.
Acquisition of Wealth Great gains in all enterprises. Amicable to all others.
Taking off the crown Loss of important pursuits. Down fall in all enterprises.
Profound sleep Disease. Trouble from those in power.
Sexual intercourse Illegal connection with women of disrepute. Bad ways and deterioration in all undertakings

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