October is almost here, and it is time to plan your month. Keep from troubles at the workplace, in relationships, and anywhere else that you are involved. This forecast will help you plan your day-to-day activities and help you identify the areas that you will need to pay special attention to. Check your October 2021 Monthly Horoscope now and  find about your time in October.

Aries: The results will be mixed. You will do well, professionally speaking, whether you are an employee or run your own business. Hard work and diligence will pay dividends. You will be hailed for your efficiency and grounded attitude. You will receive help and support from the authorities. Promotion is likely.  Extreme caution should be exercised while conducting financial transactions. You will have trouble meeting all expenses. Cut down on unwanted luxuries and comforts.

As a student, life will be with its ups and downs. But, if you can keep emotions out of it, you will be provided with multiple opportunities to prove your worth and taste success. Though there will be struggles, you will be able to overcome them. Love life will face challenges. You will have to be patient to overcome them. Married life will be favourable. Your stature and respect among family members will increase. Family bonds will become more solid and intimate. Your health will remain weak initially but will normalise towards the end of the period. There may be problems like fever, headache, blood pressure, boils, bleeding, etc.

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Taurus: This will be a relatively good month. At work, you will attain your monthly goal fastly and efficiently. A job change can happen. There may be a transfer against your wishes. Be cautious against enemies. They will try to harm you. Remain confident and trust your instincts; you will overcome enemies with ease.  Financial transactions should be carried out discreetly. There will be a rise in income. Expenses will also rise proportionately. So, savings will be minimal. Students will excel in competitive exams.

Love life will be testing. Minor differences may get blown up to become serious disputes. You will have to be very careful with your choice of words. Marriage life, however, will be bliss, provided you do not give in to undue doubts. Disputes can occur within the family. Your influence over the family may be put under test. There will be a visit by a distant relative after a long time. Minor health problems can appear during this period. There will be a lack of immunity. Be careful with what you eat, and stomach problems can give you pain. 

Gemini: The month will be above average for you. Professionally you will reach a comfort zone. You will reap the benefits of hard work put in during the past. If you are self-employed, you will get results of long term investments made in the past. However, there will be some financial troubles. Some of it may be due to increased spending on health. Time will be due to pay back on loans taken in the past. New income opportunities will become available through friends and relatives. Job holders may be gifted a bonus.

Love life will have ups and downs. You will have to work hard to maintain the relationship. Proper communication is a must to avoid developing misunderstandings. Married life will remain stable. There will be some troubles in the family. Do not hold grudges against in-laws, or it can cause problems in married life. Due to probable health risks, it is better to avoid travel and eat healthily during this time. There can be diseases to the lungs and chest. People with liver problems will have to consume enough water. 

Cancer: But for some nagging health problems, this will be an excellent month for you. Work-life will prosper and bring joy. You will meet your targets. You will begin working on new targets. You will receive help and support from those around you. There will be an increase in income. A bonus or promotion is also on the cards. If you are self-employed, there will be profits. You may also start something new. Make sure to seek guidance from those with experience before doing that. Students will have to work hard to maintain scores. Otherwise, it will be a mixed month for them.

Love life will see moments of happiness. Compatibility and intimacy between the couple will increase. There may be some opposition from family members against your love, but you will be able to overcome it together. Married life also will turn fruitful. There will be more understanding with the spouse. Peace will reign in family life. Be cautious about health problems. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do yoga or other exercises. Seek professional help even if disease symptoms are mild. 

Leo: This will be a better than average month. There will be profits and benefits in professional life. A promotion can also happen. You will be successful in every project you undertake. Though there will be challenges and obstacles, you will be able to overcome all of them with support from friends and acquaintances. Time is also good to make new investments. Students will remain focused and will achieve success. Love life will be good initially, although problems may crop up towards the end of the month.

Take practical decisions. Do not let a third person interfere in your relationship. Married life will fare better. You will win the trust of your spouse. However, her health may cause you to worry. Family life will be mixed. There will be a lot of happiness, but the health of the mother may become weak. Mutual harmony will prevail. You will have to be careful about your health. Problems related to stomachs such as gas and indigestion can crop up. You should be cautious with your diet. Do yoga and other exercises. 

Virgo: The month will be pretty favourable for you. Professionally you will taste success. Those seeking new jobs or a change of employment will receive a decent option. However, do not let success get into your head. Remain serious about your work, or it can affect you in future. Economically you will enjoy prosperity. Make most of the opportunities you receive. Expand your business if you are self-employed. If you have been thinking of buying a vehicle or property, this is a good time for it. Students will receive some good news. Love life will be favourable. The bond between you two will get more vital and profound. There will be an increase in compatibility and understanding.

Married life will face challenges. Your behaviour may become rude. Consequently, arguments and clashes can happen. Choose your words carefully. Also, be less self-centred and more open to criticism. Family life will go through ups and downs. Results will be mixed when it comes to health. Though there will not be any significant problems, some weakness or fatigue may persist. You may also experience fever and headaches. Maintain a healthy routine. Do yoga and related exercises. 

Libra: This month will be somewhat dull. You may face financial crunches and struggle to meet all the expenses. Consequently, there will be a rise in mental tension. Things will be fine at the workplace. Your superiors will be pleased with your work and entrust you with additional responsibilities. If you are self-employed, there may be a dip in profits initially. But things will take a turn for the better during the latter period of the month. Generally a good period for students, but those in love may face challenges.

Relationships may get stale, resulting in anger and frustration. Married life will see ups and downs. Try to avoid futile disputes. Be patient while dealing with your spouse. Debates and clashes will pollute the domestic environment. It will be good for you to indulge in social and welfare activities. This will improve your stature and bring prestige to your family. There will be difficulties regarding health. You will not be feeling energetic. You may suffer from eye disorder or insomnia. Accidents can also happen. 

Scorpio: Overall, this month will prove to be quite favourable to you. Professional life will be satisfactory. You will enjoy the support of your superiors. Self-employed people will also enjoy a great time. The business will expand, and the margin of profits will increase. There will be an increase in expenses towards the end of the month, but nothing you will not manage. Money which had been due to you will arrive. Students will do well. Married and family life will be blissful. But for a few hiccups in love life, this month will treat you well.

Clashes may occur with your love. There will be separation and cutting-off of communication. To save your relationship, you will have to remain patient. However, there will be great compatibility in married life.  The attraction between husband and wife will increase. There will be a family get together, and you may host the function. Happiness will flow. Health will be good initially. However, problems will creep in towards the latter period. You will suffer from eye troubles and lack of sleep. There will be sprains and other such injuries. 

Sagittarius: While love life will see turbulence, this month will be a great one in all other aspects of life. There will be great professional results if you get your focus right. You will benefit from the government. Promotion is also likely. Self-employed people will also enjoy favourable results. There will be work-related travel, and such trips will bring success. The economic situation will be prosperous. You will be able to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Your income and bank balance will increase. Students planning to pursue higher studies will get good news. They will also do well in competitive exams.

On the other hand, bitterness and conflict will engulf love life. There will be blame games, and insults may be thrown at one another. The relationship itself can end. To save it, you will have to exercise utmost patience. However, married couples will experience smooth sailing. Though you may find it hard to find enough time to spend with each other, you will celebrate essential events in life. Family’s trust in you will increase. Health will remain good. Keep doing regular exercises. Eat healthily. Avoid outside food.

Capricorn: There will be some financial problems during this month. The income level will remain stagnant. Hard work will not bring desired results. You will require the support of family members. Keep a tab on your expenses, and do not take any loans during this period. On the other hand, there will be progress in work-life. Your relationship with your colleagues and senior officials will improve. Those in government jobs will avail special benefits. The business will expand, and new contacts will be made. Students will experience success in higher education.

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Love life will be fruitful. Love and romance will be in the air. Lasting memories will be created at this time. Compatibility between husband and wife will increase. There will be a perfect balance in the relationship, and you will enjoy the full care and support of your spouse. Family life will be good. There will be a feeling of cooperation and harmony among family members. There will be functions and get-togethers in the family. Health will remain stable. There may be minor problems like cold and cough. Maintain a good diet and do regular exercises. 

Aquarius: This will be a somewhat weak month. There will be disappointment in professional life. You will work hard but will not receive desired results. There will be numerous challenges and obstacles placed on your way. Self-employed people may be asked to pay more taxes. There will be work-related travel. Too much time spent on work will cause disturbances in family life. Economic difficulties may befall you. Income will not grow and may even decrease. You may have to endure mental stress. If you do not maintain prudence, the situation can get out of hand. Students will enjoy a favourable period. You will be lucky in love. There will be ample opportunities to spend quality time together.

The mutual attraction will increase. Married life will experience bliss, and you will be able to overcome problems with the support of your spouse. Family life will be prosperous, and harmony will prevail among family members. You will win their love and affection. Health will be weak. There may be problems with the eye. You may also suffer from a lack of sleep. Joint pains are also likely. 

Pisces: The results will be mixed during this month. Your economic condition will be great. Money will keep flowing into your hands. That which has been due to you will also arrive into your hands. You will also receive money from various sources. However, you should not give in to greed, or else there will be ramifications. There will be an increase in income whether you are employed and run your own business. However, problems will crop up during the latter half of the month. Rivals will try to ruin your image at the workplace. Things may turn sour with your business partners.

Students will dodge difficulties and achieve success. They will do well in competitive exams also. Love life will turn stale. Stay true to your partner and help develop mutual trust between you. Married life will see conflicts. Your spouse may be mean and rude towards you. There will be clashes of ideas and ideologies. Health will show signs of trouble. There will be skin as well as blood-related disorders. Boils may get manifested in the skin. Consult a doctor if there are any such symptoms. 

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