Karaka in astrology means significator, that which makes or causes an event. A karaka gives indications about the future. When a thing leads to an action or carries in it a special functional activity that can cause an event, then it becomes a Karaka. Each of the planets is a karaka of different life aspects. Jupiter is the karaka of wealth, Venus is the karaka of marriage. The karaka formed as a result union between planets is the yoga-karaka

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Yoga-karaka is the planet which influences the karaka born out of yoga formed between planets placed in the Kendra and Trikona signs in the chart. The lords of Kendra (1st, 5th, 7th and 10th house) and Trikona (1st, 5th and 9th house) are the yoga-karaka planets. The yoga-karaka has a major impact on the life of a person. They vary with the ascendant sign.

  • Aries – Sun is the yoga-karaka
  • Taurus – Saturn is the yoga-karaka
  • Gemini – Venus is the yoga-karaka
  • Cancer – Mars is the yoga-karaka
  • Leo – Mars is the yoga-karaka
  • Virgo – Venus is the yoga-karaka
  • Libra – Saturn is the yoga-karaka
  • Scorpio – The Moon is the yoga-karaka
  • Sagittarius – The Sun is the yoga-karaka
  • Capricorn – Venus is the yoga-karaka
  • Aquarius – Venus is the yoga-karaka
  • Pisces – The Moon is the yoga-karaka

Bhava/House Karakatwa

Karakatwa is the quality that causes the effect of Karaka. It is the function that Karaka signifies. Each bhava/house has its own Karakatwa. This is what distinguishes one bhava from the other.

First bhava:

The Karakatwa of the first bhava define a person in real-world parameters which include appearance, stamina, ability, character and personality.

Second bhava:

The second house influences the nature of a person’s relationship with surroundings defined in real-world parameters such as mentality to cooperate, ability to communicate, make money, conduct business and face failures.

Third bhava:

The 3rd house influences the relationship the person has with others including siblings, cousins, friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers and the ability to touch their lives using words and expressions like in journalism, mass communication, publishing etc.

Fourth bhava:

The 4th house signifies the sense of ownership a person develops over worldly possessions like buildings, land, vehicles, intellectual property etc.

Fifth bhava:

The 5th house signifies intelligence which covers spirituality, education, common sense, memory, intuition etc.

Sixth bhava:

The 6th house’s karakatwa covers the aspects of debts and loans. In real life, this includes enemies, treachery, quarrel, fights, incarceration and even thoughts of suicide.

Seventh bhava:

The 7th house’s Karakatwa is for marriage and partnership. They include the desire for love, success, comfort and pleasure, and the experiences it causes.

Eighth bhava:

The 8th house Karakatwa is for longevity which includes the qualities of tenacity, patience, maintaining good health, managing finances, managing relationships, nurturing hopes etc.

Ninth bhava:

The 9th house Karakatwa is for benign qualities like charity, loyalty, sincerity, care, affection, respect, obedience etc.

Tenth bhava:

The 10th house Karakatwa is for professional qualities like discipline, command, obedience, respect, career, income, ambition etc.

Eleventh bhava:

The 11th house Karakatwa is for qualities invoking gratitude like the feeling of being fortunate, respect for the elders, availing profits etc.

Twelfth bhava:

The 12th house Karakatwa is for the feeling of inevitability like death, taxes, brief, suffering etc.

Planetary Karakatwa

Like bhavas/houses, planets too have Karakatwa which makes them significators of certain events and qualities in life.


The Sun’s Karakatwa is power and authority. This means politics, strength, courage, fortitude etc. The Sun is also karaka for fire, gold, temple, administration and medicine


The Moon karakatwa is motherhood. This means the qualities of tenderness and affection. It also signifies the quality of being liquid like that of blood and water within the body.


Mars karakatwa is for macho qualities like aggression, discipline, patriotism, toughness etc. It includes armed forces, weapons as well as an inclination for violence.


Mercury karakatwa is for logic and rational thinking. Its influence is felt in the fields of mathematics, astrology, business, correspondence etc.


Jupiter karakatwa is for wealth and wisdom. It includes teachers, educational institutions, life partners, learning skills, the ability to improve etc.


Venus karakatwa is for attraction, lust and union. It covers the field of luxury items, comforts, sensual pleasure, entertainment, jewellery etc.


Saturn karakatwa is for obstruction and delays. It signifies disease, destruction, treachery, bad habits, indigestion and failure.


Rahu Karakatwa signifies obsession. It can be sex, drugs, or alcohol. It can also be work, fame and success.


Ketu Karakatwa is to cause detachment. It can be religion, pilgrimage, death and enlightenment.

Chara Karaka

The planetary Karaka is also called Sthir Karaka since their power over the chart is fixed. Chara Karaka denotes the quality that is represented by the 7 physical planets. The power of this karaka over the chart varies with the longitudes occupied by the planets in the chart.

Atma karaka

The planet occupying the highest degree in the chart is the Atma Karaka or the significator of the soul. The effect of this planet will be felt on your soul. The position occupied by the planet in the chart will reveal the desires of the heart.

Amatya Karaka

The planet occupying the next highest degree will be Amatya Karaka. It is the significator of the wise person within you, with whom you attempt communication when contemplating things.

Bhratru Karaka

A planet occupying the 3rd highest degree is the Bhratru karaka. This is the significator of the relationship you have with siblings.

Matru Karaka

The planet with the 4th highest degree is the Matru Karaka. It signifies the relationship you have with your mother.

Putra Karaka

The planet with the 5th highest degree is Putra Karaka. It signifies the relationship you have with children

Gnati Karaka

The planet with the 6th highest degree is the Gnati Karaka. It signifies the relationship you have with your opponents.

Dara Karaka

The planet with the 7th highest degree is Dara Karaka. It signifies the relationship you have with your spouse.

Karaka for 12 Houses

While the Bhava/House has Karakatwa in them, it still needs a karaka to activate the Karakatwa. This is achieved through the planets. There is a karaka planet for every House. Few planets are karaka for multiple houses. Few houses have multiple planets as their karaka.

Understand the 12 important Houses in Astrology

  • The Sun is the Karaka of the 1st house.
  • Jupiter is the Karaka of the 2nd house.
  • Mars is the Karaka of the 3rd house
  • The Moon and Mercury are Karaka of the 4th house
  • Jupiter is the Karaka of the 5th house
  • Mars and Saturn are Karaka of the 6th house
  • Venus is the Karaka of the 7th house
  • Saturn is the Karaka of the 8th house
  • The Sun and Jupiter are the Karaka of the 9th house
  • The Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are the Karaka of the 10th house
  • Jupiter is the Karaka of the 11th house
  • Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the Karaka of the 12th house

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