Astrology as a means to improve your career

As you near the completion of your professional education programs, the thought that prevails is, “when will I get a job?” What are my career prospects? Will I be successful in my career? The questions are endless. While one seeks the advice of a counselor, Indians have also been relying on astrology to find answers to questions related to their career choices, career growth, and development, change of job prospects, etc.

Astrology helps us choose the ideal career that aligns with our planetary positions at birth. Many astrologers have been providing consultancy services in career astrology, one of the main requests apart from matrimonial astrology. An ideal career not just aids the intellectual development of an individual but also a means to improve their emotional and financial well-being.

Vedic astrology has been guiding millions of Indians in making the best career choices that would make the individual prosperous and successful. As lockdowns grip the world in the current testing times, businesses and job prospects have been majorly affected. This had led to people taking solace in astrology to look for remedial solutions to improve career prospects. If you want to know how astrology helps to improve your career prospects, read on.

Vedic Astrology and Career Predictions

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Vedic astrology has been empowering people to make the right career choices that improve their quality of life and also aids in social success and recognition. Vedic astrology defines various houses or bhavas that are the indicators of an individual’s career and financial growth. Astrologers analyze the natal chart or Kundli of the individual to ascertain what the placement of the celestial bodies reveal about a person’s financial and professional prospect and the respect and recognition gained from your profession, etc.

After deeper scrutiny of the houses and the planets, an astrologer can provide career suggestions to help the individual lead a successful and prosperous life. The following houses or bhavas are considered in the Kundli that help the individual map their career prospects.

  • The 2nd house signifies finance and inflow of wealth in an individual’s life. It indicates the sources from where a person can earn income by pursuing a particular profession or career path. 
  • The 6th house is also a significator of job and occupation. It defines the type of work that an individual can undertake. 
  • The 7th house signifies partnership and defines the partnership prospects and the possible gains if an individual intends to pursue a partnership business.
  • The 10th house is the major significator for a career and is also known as the house of career. This house signifies the nature and status of the job that the individual can acquire. It also defines how the individual’s karma is translated into actions.
  • The 11th house signifies the source of gains that an individual can acquire.
Apart from the above houses, several planets denote various professions. Their influence on the 10th, 2nd, and 11th house prompts an individual to choose their career.

  • Mercury: The planet Mercury influences mathematicians, scientists, accountants, bankers, travel agents, poets, advocates, printers, publishers, orators, ambassadors, clerks, astrologers, travelers, secretaries, interpreters, etc.
  • Venus: The planet Venus influences artists, fashion designers, florists, perfumers, architects, musicians, actors, etc.
  • Sun:  The Sun influences government service, commanders, bankers, noblemen, medicine or medical professionals, engineering, defense services, rulers, goldsmiths, etc. 
  • Moon: The Moon influences agriculture, shipping, the Navy, the water supply department, perfumers, etc.
  • Mars: Mars influences professionals in the military, police, surgeons, engineers, etc.
  • Saturn:  Saturn signifies hard work-intensive professions such as agriculturists, farmers, miners, mason, sweeper, sexton, tanner, estate agent, dyer, plumber, cobbler, scavenger, potter, coal merchants, jailers, security guards, etc.
  • Rahu: Rahu is the influencer for engineering, politics, research work, stockbroking,  aviation, and speculation, etc.
  • Ketu: Ketu influences careers related to spirituality, such as yoga, reiki, spiritual gurus, fire-fighters, archaeologists, etc.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter influences professions such as advocates, professors, priests, ministers, judges, administrators, those working in the revenue department, treasury, court, temples, justice, mathematicians, economists, physician, grammarians, etc.

The Role of 10th House in career predictions

The 10th house in the Kundli is known as Karmasthana/Keertisthana or Rajyasthana and is the house of action and profession. Analysis of the 10th house in the horoscope and the placement of planets in this house, especially the placement of Saturn, can help predict an individual’s job and career prospects. 

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According to Vedic astrology, Saturn plays a significant role while predicting an individual’s career or professional life and success. The placement of the 10th lord in each house of an individual’s Kundli is indicative of the professions that they can pursue and find success in. You can get a deeper analysis of your career and business prospects by analyzing the placement of the 10th Lord in your natal chart.

The Role of Saturn in Career Predictions

Saturn or Shani as it is known is renowned for its malefic effects. The placement of Saturn in the career horoscope, especially in the 10th house, could prove critical in the professional growth of an individual. Hence it is essential to have an accurate reading and analysis of the career horoscope to ensure that your professional development is smooth and successful.

If Saturn’s placement is in a benefic house, this can indicate a successful and gratifying career prospect and change. To reduce the malefic effects of Shani, an astrologer can suggest various remedial measures to nullify the malefic effects and promote successful career growth. 

Online career horoscope and career analysis

The recent times have proven to be quite a challenging phase with many businesses and industries being affected due to the lockdown, which has, in turn, affected the job market. Digitization has come to our rescue during these testing times. It has now become possible for us to seek astrology services from the comforts of our homes. Many companies, such as Clickastro, provide online astrological services that have helped many access their career and business horoscopes online by providing just the basic birth details such as the time, place, and date of birth. The career horoscope is available in seconds.

You can gain insight into the ideal career options based on the planetary positions in your natal chart and obtain remedial measures for any malefic effects. These services are free and can be accessed any time from the comforts of your home. Premium services are also offered at nominal rates. They will give you an in-depth analysis of your personality and status, career and business prospects, favorable periods in your career, income and wealth prospects, etc.

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