General characteristics of a person born in the 12 Hindu Lunar Months according to `Yavana Jathakam’, one of the oldest Hindu Astrological works, is given below.

Influence of Month of birth

A chart showing the Hindu years (Samvatsara) from Christian era 1900 to 2020 is given below.
Names of Months Explanation
CHAITRA: Those born in this month generally gain strength from living a celibate life and learn quickly about the world they live in.
VAISHAKA: Those born in this month will have a great personality and grace, enjoy clout and will be foresighted. They will be seekers of truth and enjoy a long life.
JYESHTA These people will be greatly talented and they will calculate their benefits before doing anything.
ASHADA Those born in this month will find it difficult to eke out a living. They are blessed with good appetite but may suffer from some disease.
SHRAVANA People born in this month will be popular and will be religious minded. They will generally enjoy good family life.
BHADRAPADHA Those born in this month will be popular with women and will have more male issues. They will be fair in complexion.
ASHWAYUJA The person born in this month will be kind-hearted and enjoy a luxurious life with many servants. They will also enjoy the favours of several women.
KARTHIKA The person born in this month will be talkative and will have a crooked mind. They may remain unmarried.
MARGASHIRA Those born in this month will visit many places of religious interest. They will master many useful sciences and are suited to priestly or religious life.
PUSHYA These people will be secretive and will secretly plan to do bad deeds. They will suffer in life.
MAGHA The one born in this month may become a great Yogi, philosopher and yet will know many worldly things too.
PHALGUNA: Those born in this month are lucky, will enjoy good family life and will look to enjoying many things in life.