History of Hindu Calendar 2020: A Quick Overview

Indians have been using the concept of the Hindu calendar since the ancient days and the calendar always underwent a change as the regional face of India changed. Different regions of the country gave rise to multiple variations of the Hindu calendar which are still in use today. Despite the differences, one thing that unifies them is the names of all 12 months.

The names of all Hindu calendar months are:

  • Chaitra (March to April)
  • Vaisakha (April to May)
  • Jyestha (May to June)
  • Asadha (June to July)
  • Shraavana (July to August)
  • Bhadra (August to September)
  • Ashvina (September to October)
  • Kartika (October to November)
  • Agrahayana (November to December)
  • Pausha (December to January)
  • Magha (January to February)
  • Phalguna (February to March)

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Hindu calendar

The history of Indian calendar 2020 dates back to the mid-1950s when the Calendar Reform Committee survey revealed that there are more than 30 variations of the Indian national calendar.  Even though there are multiple variations of the calendar, one mustn’t forget that there’s a standard version of the calendar too that serves as the national calendar of India.

The calendar utilizes the concept of both solar and lunisolar calendars. Lunar months form the basis of the 2020 Hindu calendar and it marks the 12 months by the same cycle as lunar phases depending on the celestial movement. Each month is then broken down into two fortnights lasting 15 lunar days.

The Lunar calendar is considered as the main element when it comes to making predictions in the Vedic Astrology or while deciding a particular muhurta, festival, and more. A solar calendar, on the contrary, indicates the position of the planet Sun in the universe, for example – The Gregorian calendar. It’s used internationally and is taken as the standard tool.

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Principles of the Regional Calendar

All the religious holidays in India are found using a lunisolar calendar whose calculations are based on the actual position of the Sun and the Moon. Few occasions arrive on Tithis, while some arrive on specific solar dates.

Back in the 1950s era, the committee tried merging the practices of a traditional calendar with modern astrological concepts. Based on their proposal, it was identified that all astrological calculations are performed according to a Central station at longitude 82°30’ East, latitude 23°11’ North, and solar days are reckoned from sunrise to sunset.

Generally, the solar month is defined in terms of the interval required for the Sun’s apparent longitude to increase by 30°, corresponding to the movement of the Sun through a given zodiac sign (Rashi). The first month of the 2020 calendar India i.e., Vaishakha begins when the Sun’s longitude is 23° 15. Another interesting fact worth knowing is that since the Earth’s orbits in an elliptical path, month length varies from 29.2 to 31.2 days and all short months occur in the 2nd half of the year.

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Influence of Month of birth on your Personality

Check out the following chart to know all 12 months names & how your personality traits are defined based on the months of Hindu calendar 2020:

Names of Months Explanation
CHAITRA: Those born in this month generally gain strength from living a celibate life and learn quickly about the world they live in.
VAISHAKA: Those born in this month will have a great personality and grace, enjoy clout, and will be foresighted. They will be seekers of truth and enjoy a long life.
JYESHTA These people will be greatly talented and they will calculate their benefits before doing anything.
ASHADA Those born in this month will find it difficult to eke out a living. They are blessed with a good appetite but may suffer from some disease.
SHRAVANA People born in this month will be popular and will be religious minded. They will generally enjoy a good family life.
BHADRAPADHA Those born in this month will be popular with women and will have more male issues. They will be fair in complexion.
ASHWAYUJA The person born in this month will be kind-hearted and enjoy a luxurious life with many servants. They will also enjoy the favors of several women.
KARTHIKA The person born in this month will be talkative and will have a crooked mind. They may remain unmarried.
MARGASHIRA Those born in this month will visit many places of religious interest. They will master many useful sciences and are suited to priestly or religious life.
PUSHYA These people will be secretive and will secretly plan to do bad deeds. They will suffer in life.
MAGHA The one born in this month may become a great Yogi, philosopher, and yet will know many worldly things too.
PHALGUNA: Those born this month are lucky will enjoy good family life, and will look to enjoying many things in life.

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