When it comes to Indian astrology or Vedic astrology to be precise, many are familiar with a zodiac sign, birth star, horoscope, the transit of planets, etc. Houses in astrology hold up the foundation. To understand the basics of Astrology, precisely Indian Astrology you must familiarize yourself with various houses in Astrology.

It is somewhat common to hear phrases like Taureans are stubborn; cancerians are calm and so on.  These are the implications of the zodiac signs associated with the specific houses. When you come across the astrology prediction, ‘your third house represents…’ you may wonder what’s the third house! Let’s explore briefly about the various houses in astrology, the significance of each house in Vedic astrology and more.

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How important is the house/bhava in Astrology 

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Horoscope reading and analysis stands on three major factors – planets, houses, and signs. 

Each house in astrology carries its significance. When a planet is placed in a specific sign, complete and comprehensive analysis is impossible without knowing the house it is placed. 

For instance, Jupiter placed in Pisces signifies only a few factors. When you want to study and learn about your career, you have to check the tenth house as the primary factor. Each of the 12 houses corresponds to 12 zodiac signs and represents a few vital elements in a person’s life.  

Which planet rules which house?

Each planet rules a house or two houses in Vedic astrology.  Here is the list of planets and the houses they rule according to Vedic astrology.

  • Aries – ruled by Mars
  • Taurus – ruled by Venus
  • Gemini – ruled by Mercury
  • Cancer – ruled by the Moon
  • Leo – ruled by the Sun
  • Virgo – ruled by Mercury
  • Libra – ruled by Venus
  • Scorpio – ruled by Mars
  • Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter
  • Capricorn – ruled by Saturn
  • Aquarius – ruled by Saturn 
  • Pisces – ruled by Jupiter
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Except for Sun and Moon, other planets rule two houses. Since Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets in Vedic astrology these two planets don’t rule any house.  

According to Vedic Astrology, this is the common horoscope chart. However, when it comes to an individual’s birth chart or horoscope, the first house is not always Aries. The time of birth determines the first house of an individual in his / her horoscope. First House can be Aries or Virgo or Capricorn as per the Indian Astrology horoscope chart calculated based on the birth time and place. 

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