More an absence of colour than a colour itself, black, nevertheless makes the strongest statement among colours. Black can be appealing and intimidating at the same time. Black is a much-preferred choice when buying clothes and cars.

Throughout history, black has been a noun used to describe things that are negative and anti-life, like black magic. Generally, people, especially children, are afraid of the dark. It is seen as an omen of all that is gloom and doom.

Melanophobia is the condition where a person develops an irrational fear of black. It can also develop Nyctophobia – fear of darkness and autophobia – the fear of being alone, in the person.

Vedic astrology has a strong connection with all colours, especially black. In Vedic astrology, black is seen as a means to hide the lesser instincts of one’s character while focusing on the brighter ones. In Vedic astrology, black also represents death and the fear of the unknown.

Black in astrology

Saturn: In astrology, the planet most closely associated with black is Saturn. It is one of the reasons that makes Saturn the most feared among the planet lords. Saturn is the lord of karma and justice. Like black, Saturn can be intimidating and inescapable. But like black, Saturn also loves being formal and disciplined.

It is recommended to wear black during the Saturn-ruled months of Capricorn (Makara) and Sagittarius (Dhanu) as it pleases Saturn.

While wearing black, the person also has to display self-restraint in personal and professional life, which is what black represents in this instance.

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Saturn, in the form of karma, can hit a person in the most unexpected of ways. One will not see it coming. But if you manage to be on the good side of Saturn by observing strict penance, such instances can come in the form of luck and goodwill also.

If not, Saturn can be a terribly vindictive and sadistic force of nature who seems to relish the opportunity of spreading misery into the life of a person. Saturn can make a person feel weak and exasperated. Saturn can even bring death to a person.

Rahu: Rahu is the smoky shade of black which can strongly affect life. In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered dark planets since they are lunar nodes and do not have a physical existence. But still, Rahu has powers over both the Sun and the Moon.

Traditionally, Rahu is considered to be the severed head of the asura Swarabhanu who tried to drink the elixir meant for the devas through deceit. But the devas found out just as Swarabhanu was drinking the elixir and cut off his head, which attained immortality as Rahu.

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Swarabhanu was an asura. An asura is a representative of black. Asuras are shown wearing black in modern television shows. In ancient murals, asuras often had black skin. An asura is anti-creative and authoritarian. An asura means against joy and peace in life.

Rahu is considered to be the main planet behind black magic. A person becomes susceptible to black magic if Rahu is present in certain positions in the horoscope. More often than not, a person under the spell of magic develops irrational fear over everything else.

Rahu is often seen as a symbol of evil, an omen of undesirable events still to come. Rahu also depicts the emotion of fear. It is believed that during the event of a solar eclipse, Rahu swallows the Sun momentarily. So, Rahu also finds a place in some cultures as the black Sun.

Significance of black

The colour black has huge significance in Vedic astrology and culture. Black is often the colour used to differentiate asuras from devas. The colour black is considered anti-life. At the same time, it is considered formal and trim. It symbolizes discipline and control.

Emotionally, black can be a valuable ally in making use of forgive and forget as it helps hide unpleasant truths that have long since become irrelevant. It can also be used to hide one’s weaknesses which helps the person in his battle with the enemies.

Black is the colour that conveys mystery and secrets. A person who prefers black usually wishes to communicate that he or she is a serious person who prefers to flaunt their elegance and add an air of mystery around them which others will find intriguing while giving their confidence a boost.

Black colour can absorb negative energy. This is why black clothes are recommended during the months of Makaram and Kumbham, ruled by Shani. Sabarimala pilgrims wear black during the Mandala-Makaravilakku season for the same reason.

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However, too much black is unhealthy. It makes the person anti-social. Others will avoid and shun such a person. Too much black in a person makes him or her a pessimist in life. Such a person will find life bleak and devoid of any meaning.

Therefore, while black is generally considered one of the cool colours, a person should think very carefully before choosing black. The colour black can make a person look dignified and boost his confidence, and it can also bring loneliness and ill-will into the life of that person.

Black magic and fear of black

Melanophobia is the condition where a person develops an unhealthy fear of the colour black or anything dark in general. It is an intense and overwhelming fear of a particular situation. In Vedic astrology, the fear of black is reflected in black magic.

People suspect it’s black magic when problems are created due to bad luck rather than mistakes. It will seem like some force is bent on bringing hard times upon them. A series of such unfortunate events will convince any sane person that he is being haunted by some dark powers.

Vedic astrology directly doesn’t have anything to do with black magic. Astrology is the study of stars and planets. It does not have anything to do with evil forces. But there are forces which can be manipulated to bring bad upon an innocent person.

There are gods and goddesses who can be manipulated into being bad to others through a specific procedure. Kali, Dhumavati, Bagulamukhi and Bhairava belong to this category of gods and goddesses.

There are also entities who can be demi-gods or demi-goddesses and evil spirits like bhoot, pishach and rakshas. Some of them can cause much harm to a person, others can do little depending on the aura of the person.

People with strong and beneficial horoscopes can resist any type of black magic. But those with weak horoscopes are susceptible to black magic. But, in the end, black magic can affect a person only if they let it.

Every person has an aura around him or her. It is like an invisible shield which keeps out unwanted forces from messing with spirituality. If that aura stays strong and positive, the person can withstand any attack in the form of black magic.

Whether a person is a victim of black magic or not can be ascertained by checking the horoscope. If the horoscope is predicting good times and if the person experiences misfortune after misfortune, it can be due to black magic.
To counter such black magic effects, Vedic astrology suggests poojas like Shri Durga Saptshati Pooja, Shri Kaal Bhairav Pooja, Shri Hanuman Pooja and other such poojas. To get the best astrology services visit Clickastro.

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