Planets in Astrology – Part 2: Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu

Mars: The Planet of Will, Courage, and Aggression

Mars is a red-colored male planet in astrology that has all masculine qualities. According to Vedic astrology Mars is a symbol of power, spirit, strength, might, courage, patience, vibrancy, and confidence. In a horoscope, Mars dominates the external parts of the body from the stomach to the back and the internal organs, and diseases like fever, injuries, surgeries, accidents, etc. It is seen as shining armor or a warrior and is the owner of metals like iron and copper. Mars is closely associated with land in astrology and real estate. This planet in horoscope dominates upsurge of pride, egoism, and discipline boastfulness and results in high ranking officer, police, soldier, guardian, leaders, and army personalities. 

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Saturn: The Planet of Karma, Discipline, Challenges, and commitment.

Saturn is considered a strict and dark planet in astrology. 

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn dominates fear, anxiety, sorrow, misfortune, life, death, old age, delay, etc. The planet is enterprising, and serious in nature. Saturn is for a long-time, preparing to work for many years. It performs with good planning, thinking about all kinds of things. Although the planet rules industries, if found in a good position in the horoscope it makes a person a lawyer, judge, industrialist, politician, etc.

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Rahu: The Node represents indulgence, diseases, illnesses, instant success or failure of a person. 

Rahu represents adversaries. The planet is highly intelligent but sluggish and defiant in nature. Rahu denotes expressions of mental excitement, anger, confusion, violence, impulse, confusion, discomfort, etc. It dominates snake, flight, time, night, darkness, speculation, hidden wealth, and lost objects.

The planet is accountable for attributes such as obtaining high positions, lost items, politics, foreign travel, etc.

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Ketu: The lower node of the moon represents spiritual inclination, hidden and mystical aspects of a person’s life. 

Ketu is considered to be the most mystic amongst planets in astrology. In a horoscope, Ketu, the half-planet bestows spiritual inclination, wisdom, and non-attachment to materialistic desires. However, Ketu might show some malefic effects in any chart based on their placement in houses.

In short, sudden progress and degradation, accident, dismissal, humiliation, confusion, financial tightness are all its tendencies that are associated with the planet.

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