In Vedic astrology, Nakshatras (or Constellations) are ruled by the moon. The term “Nakshatra” is a combination of two words – ‘Naks’ meaning sky and ‘Shetra” meaning region/area. Thus, Nakshatra is an area/region of the sky. The combination of 27 nakshatras forms the entire 360-degree circle wherein each division is of 13-degrees 20 minutes starting from Aries (zero) to Pisces (30-degree) and each division is further subdivided into 4 quarters of 3-degree 20 minutes called as padas.

The moon usually resides in each Nakshatra for one day and moves at 13-degrees 20 minutes in that period. The presence of the planets and other deities in these Nakshatras helps in analyzing the core personality of an individual and how they influence different stages of their life.

If you’re eager to know your Nakshatra or birth star, read on to learn more about the 27 nakshatras characteristics and learn more about the hidden traits of your personality.




  • Location:  0.00 Aries to 13.20 Aries
  • Ruler: Ketu
  • Deity: Ashwini Kumaras; the horse-headed twins
  • Symbol: Horse’s head (that symbolizes power, dignity, and swiftness)
  • Animal: A Male Horse
  • Lucky color: Blood red
  • Ruling Deity of Ketu: Ganesha
  • Gender: Male
  • Gana: Deva
  • Guna: Rajas/rajas/rajas
  • Ashwini nakshatra famous personalities: Pamela Anderson, John Adams, Celine Dion
  • Ashwini nakshatra characteristics: They are fearless, intelligent, self-sufficient, intuitive, adventurous, helpful, and show an inclination towards traveling
  • Ashwini Male, Female Characteristics: Males born in the Ashwini Nakshatra are handsome by looks, a great friend, patient, loves music, and nurtures literary ambitions.
Females born in Ashwini nakshatra carry a magnetic look with small eyes and an inclination towards administrative roles.

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  • Bharani Nakshatra
  • Location:  13.20 Aries to 26.40 Aries
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Deity: Yama (the God of Death)
  • Symbol: Yoni (that signifies creativity and the cycle of birth and death)
  • Animal: A Male Elephant
  • Bharani Nakshatra Lucky color: Blood Red
  • Ruling Deity of Ketu: Lakshmi
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Manushya
  • Guna: Rajas
  • Bharani nakshatra famous personalities: Edgar Cayce, Karl Marx, Imelda Marcos
  • Bharani nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: They are clever, artistic, spontaneous, dutiful, and loyal to their friends and family.  Males born in the Bharani Nakshatra are outspoken and never go against their conscience. They are also extremely versatile in their skill set.
Females born in Bharani nakshatra possess a pure and modest character yet are independent with a bold, impulsive, and optimistic character. They are perfect for roles that require an extroverted personality.


  • Krittika Nakshatra
  • Location:  26.40 Aries to 10.00 Taurus
  • Ruler: Sun
  • Deity: Agni (the God of Fire)
  • Symbol: Razor, Axe or Flame
  • Animal: Female Sheep
  • Lucky color: White
  • Ruling Deity of Ketu: Shiva
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Guna: Rajas
  • Krittika nakshatra famous personalities: Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan
  • Krittika nakshatra characteristics: Confident, Courageous, Honors commitment, and have a peaceful nature
  • Krittika nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males born in Krittika Nakshatra have a commanding appearance, are intelligent but very restless. They may find luck and fortune in the government sector.
Females born in Krittika nakshatra have a flawless body, with a medium height. They are suited to the role of a musician/artist or other similar creative professions. Krittika nakshatra 1st pada female characteristics include inclination towards a career in the military, and they showcase tremendous stamina and will-power with a focus on generosity.


  • Rohini Nakshatra
  • Location: 10.00 Taurus to 23.20 Taurus
  • Ruler: Moon
  • Deity: Brahma (the Creator of the Universe)
  • Symbol: Chariot, Oxcart (reflects commerce, fertility)
  • Animal: Cobra
  • Lucky color: White
  • Ruling Deity of Ketu: Goddess Parvatirohini nakshatra
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Manushya
  • Guna: Rajas
  • Rohini nakshatra famous personalities: Lord Krishna, Queen Victoria, Charlie Chaplin
  • Rohini nakshatra characteristics: Truthful, Generous, Handsome, polite in conversations and focused on spirituality
  • Rohini nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males have a slim physique with attractive eyes and magnetic touch. They are short-tempered, lack patience and forgiveness. However, they have an industrious nature making them good at business. 
Females are beautiful, with attractive eyes and a fair complexion. They are well-dressed but show signs of temperament. They have an inherent aptitude for all sorts of work and are versatile. This is known as the  ‘the star of ascent’. These people may have a beautiful appearance and thirst for beautiful objects. Interest for materialism can be in a higher note.


  • Mrigashira Nakshatra
  • Location: 23.20 Taurus to 6.40 Gemini  
  • Ruler: Mars
  • Deity: Soma
  • Symbol: Antelope’s (Deer) head
  • Animal: Female Serpent
  • Lucky color: Silver Grey
  • Ruling Deity of Mars: Lord Muruga
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Manushya
  • Guna: Rajas
  • Mrigashira nakshatra famous personalities: Doris Day, Goldie Hawn
  • Mrigashira Nakshatra characteristics: They are driven and self-oriented, talented in public speaking and research, and seek liberation.
  • Mrigashira Nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: Males have a doubting nature but are honest in their interactions with others. They believe in simple living, high thinking, and are well-educated.
Females are alert, witty, and a little selfish in general. They are intelligent, literate, and are interested in charity work or towards arts. They are fond of material comforts, enjoy various cuisines, and branded clothing.


  • Ardra Nakshatra
  • Location: 6.40 Gemini to 20.00 Gemini
  • Ruler: Rahu
  • Deity: Rudra (the God of storms and destruction)
  • Symbol: Teardrop, Diamond
  • Animal: Female Dog
  • Lucky color: Green
  • Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Manushya
  • Guna: Tamasic
  • Ardra nakshatra famous personalities: Babe Ruth, Venus Williams
  • Ardra nakshatra characteristics: They are motivated by desire, are passionate researchers, have an exploratory mind, and are abstract thinkers.
  • Ardra nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: Males have the ability to acquire Knowledge across domains, are humorous, are compassionate and cool-headed, and are able to maintain their equanimity during difficult times.
Females are well-mannered, have a peaceful disposition, and are fairly good in education. They can earn well in fields such as medicine or pharma.


  • Punarvasu Nakshatra
  • Location: 20.00 Gemini to 3.20 Cancer
  • Ruler: Jupiter
  • Deity: Aditi (the mother of the Gods)
  • Symbol: Bow and Quiver of Arrows (Ability to strive towards a desire or ambition)
  • Animal: Female Cat
  • Lucky color: Lead
  • Ruling Deity of Jupiter: Shiva
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Deva
  • Guna: Satwic
  • Punarvasu nakshatra characteristics: Quiet, patient, intellectual and spiritual in wisdom
  • Punarvasu famous personalities: Jerry Brown, Bob Hope, Ramana Maharishi
  • Punarvasu nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males are religiously inclined, avoid vices, and can excel and succeed in all fields. Best suited jobs include that of a teacher or as a stage actor.
If we talk about Punartham/Punarpoosam Female characteristics, they are calm in nature, but their tongue can be cutting at times. They are fond of music and have a creative bent of mind.


  • Pushya Nakshatra (Pooyam Nakshatra) 
  • Location: 3.20 Cancer to 16.40 Cancer 
  • Ruler: Saturn (brings commitment and practicality)
  • Deity: Brihaspati (bestows qualities of benevolence)
  • Symbol: Udder of a cow, Flower, Circle
  • Animal: Goat
  • Lucky color: Blackish Red
  • Ruling Deity of Saturn: Hanuman
  • Gender: Male
  • Gana: Deva
  • Guna: Tamasic
  • Pushya nakshatra characteristics: Knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, wealthy and fond of performing charitable deeds
  • Pushya nakshatra female celebrities: Mary Tyler Moore
  • Pushya nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males are emotionally weak, find it hard to make decisions, portray a good behavior but only for selfish interest. They have strong will-power and overcome difficult obstacles to reach their goals.

The females have a charming and endearing character, peaceful nature, they fail to experience peace. They are highly religious and may earn a lot from business in land, buildings, and estate. 

  • Ashlesha Nakshatra

  • Location: 16.40 Cancer to 30.00 Cancer
  • Ruler: Mercury  
  • Deity: The Nagas (Serpent deities of Wisdom)
  • Symbol: Coiled Serpent
  • Animal: Male Cat
  • Lucky color: Black-Red
  • Ruling Deity of Mercury: Vishnu
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Rakshasa
  • Guna: Satwic
  • Ashlesha nakshatra characteristics: They are skilled in research and writing, are sharp, mystical and have the ability to entertain
  • Ashlesha nakshatra famous personalities: Mahatma Gandhi, Larry Flynt, Oscar Wilde
  • Ashlesha nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The Males aren’t grateful to anyone (not even parents), but they are great orators and are fit for leadership. Professionally, Arts and Commerce suit them the best. 

The females born under Ashlesha nakshatra are cunning and blessed with the ability to persuade people. They can do well in administrative roles.

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  • Magha Nakshatra

  • Location: 0.00 Leo to 13.20 Leo
  • Ruler: Ketu
  • Deity: Pitaras (the Father of Humanity, Ancestors)
  • Symbol: Royal Throne or Palanquin
  • Animal: Male Rat
  • Lucky color:  Ivory/Cream
  • Ruling Deity of Ketu: Ganesha
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Rakshasa
  • Guna: Tamasic
  • Magha nakshatra characteristics: They are generous, spiritually inclined, respectful of ancestors and can manage numerous people
  • Magha nakshatra famous personalities: Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Magha nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males born in Magha nakshatra are highly industrious, happy-go-lucky people, soft-spoken, and an expert in various subjects. They have an inclination towards cultural activities, are honest and god-fearing. They love doing charitable activities without expecting anything in return.

The females are short-tempered, generous in nature, and god-fearing. They can do exceptionally well in both domestic and professional responsibilities and thus will hold a very high post in their career. In general, they are spiritually inclined and helpful in nature.

  • Purva Phalguni Nakshatra 
  • Location: 13.20 Leo to 26.40 Leo
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Deity: Bhaga (the God of delight bestows affection and sexual passion)
  • Symbol: Hammock, front legs of the bed (that signify rest, rejuvenation, and pleasure)
  • Animal: Female Rat
  • Lucky color: Light Brown
  • Ruling Deity of Venus: Lakshmi  
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Rakshasa
  • Guna: Rajasic
  • Purva Phalguni Nakshatra characteristics: They are charming, generous, polite in talks, have a wandering nature and favor luck in relationships
  • Purva Phalguni nakshatra famous personalities: John F. Kennedy, Robert Redford, Madonna
  • Purva Phalguni nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males love their freedom and resent it when someone curbs it. They are honest workers, are clever minded, and hate obeying their superiors leading to minor conflicts at work.

Females born in this nakshatra are amiable, polite, and highly knowledgeable about arts. They prefer scientific learning and thus are likely to enter the teaching profession. They never say no to helping those who have helped them in the past.

  • Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra 
  • Location: 26.40 Leo to 10.00 Virgo
  • Ruler: Sun
  • Deity: Aryaman (the God of patronage and kindness)
  • Symbol: Two rear legs of the bed
  • Animal: Bull
  • Lucky color: Bright Blue
  • Ruling Deity of Sun: Shiva
  • Gender: Female
  • Gana: Manushya
  • Guna: Rajasic
  • Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra characteristics: They are noble, friendly, independent, live in comfort and luxury, and place emphasis on healing others
  • Uttara Phalguni nakshatra famous personalities: Sean Connery, Agatha Christie
  • Uttara Phalguni nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males born in this nakshatra are self-dependent, and rarely take the help of anyone in their professional career. They earn well in jobs wherein they have to directly deal with customers. Personality-wise, they are also very stubborn and it’s difficult to change their decision once they have made it.

The females are calm, cool-headed even in the most adverse situations. They are simple by nature and have a talent for numbers aka mathematics in general. They can earn well through teaching, administrative jobs, and even through modeling or acting

  • Hasta Nakshatra
  • Location: 10.00 Virgo to 23.20 Virgo
  • Ruler: Moon
  • Deity: Savitar (an aspect of Surya, that is jovial, carefree and imparts creativity)
  • Symbol: Hand
  • Animal: Female Buffalo
  • Lucky color: Deep Green
  • Ruling Deity of Moon: Parvati
  • Gender: Male
  • Gana: Deva
  • Guna: Rajasic
  • Hasta nakshatra characteristics: They are highly resourceful, active, practical, and have immense purity in their thoughts and actions.
  • Hasta nakshatra famous personalities: Jimmy Carter, Robert Duvall
  • Hasta nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males born in hasta nakshatra are disciplined, are born leaders and possess a good educational foundation, and excellent general knowledge. Being avid listeners, they are great at resolving conflicts.

If we look at the Atham nakshatra female characteristics, we notice that they are usually shy, have great regard for elders but are outspoken as well. 

 To be continued…

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