May 2021 Monthly Horoscope – Aries

This month will bring auspicious results. You will be fast and energetic. You will carry out tasks efficiently. You will enjoy a good rapport with elders and authority figures. Finances will remain steady. There will be benefits of various kinds. Hard work will return sweet benefits. Those in charge will be happy with your effort. There is a chance of promotion also. The business will bring profits. Invest back some of the profits you gain. This will bring more profits. Maintain good communication with colleagues. Do not postpone any assignments. You will make good economic progress. You will have good opportunities to accumulate wealth. While profits will rise, expenses will decrease. Proper planning will help you save money. You will take good care of your family and meet their needs. However, refrain from being too lavish. When with friends, make sure all of you chip in with an equal share. If you are married, make financial plans together.

Your health needs special consideration. Follow a good diet. Eating fatty or oily food may give you food poisoning. Do exercises. Yoga is also advised. Maintain fitness. Go to sleep early and get up early. This will improve your physical and mental health.  Your love life will be stable. Sharing your problems with your partner will strengthen the bond. There may be fights, but you will reconcile. Maintain good communication. Do not try to keep secrets. However, be patient and maintain silence if an argument may arise. Do not bring a third person between you two. Your family members may not be able to understand you. However, you will be able to articulate well and thus avoid problems. If your parents are troubled, spend time with them this month. If necessary, seek professional help. 

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope – May 2021

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You will experience mixed results. You will try to improve conditions in family life. Your work life will improve, but be careful about money matters and health. You will experience success in your field of work. There is also a chance for promotion. Or, there may be better employment opportunities. However, avoid getting into partnerships. If already in a business partnership, maintain vigil against deceit. Maintain distance from people you do not trust. Stay alert when it comes to court or legal matters. Those working in the government sector will attain success in their field. There may be some financial problems. There may be unnecessary expenses. Or, there may be decreased income. However, the last two weeks will be good, and you will accumulate some wealth. Those doing business may experience growth.

Any past tussle with a partner or partners may be resolved. There may be profits, and good planning will keep expenses down. If needed, take help from elders or your spouse. There may be health-related issues like eye disorders, lack of sleep etc. It will do well if you take up meditation. Those above 50 may have joint pains. Eat food rich in calcium. There may be problems in married life also. You may get into a fight with your spouse. A bit of patience will help. Going on a drive together will help. If you are in a love relationship, your partner may feel closer to you. Maintain good communication and engage in conversations to smoothen out differences. Look out for each other within the family. Take matters in hand if needed and act maturely. Keep your cool and maintain good flow in words. Choose your words wisely while talking to elders. Maintain good rapport with everyone. Do not misbehave with your spouse. 

Gemini Horoscope – 2021 May

There will be mixed results. Be careful while talking to elders. Finances may be strong at the beginning, but there are worries towards the middle. Relationship-wise everything would be stable, but do keep anger under control. There may be a transfer at work. It may catch you off guard. Still, this may bode well for you. If you need a promotion or are searching for a better job, you have to up your work rate. Behave well with colleagues. Be polite with juniors. If you are in business, there may be business-related travel. This may bring you profit and new contacts. Sharing work-related problems with elders may help. There may be an increase in income. You will be able to pay all your bills. But then, there may be a sudden rise in expenditure. Sharing worries with your spouse may help. Do not spend money which you have saved for another occasion.

Health troubles are likely to happen. Maintain a good daily routine and a healthy diet. Avoid eating from outside; otherwise, there may be stomach problems. Proper exercise is necessary. Avoid dust and smoke as it may cause problems to the eye. There may be ups and downs in your love life. There may be arguments and quarrels. There may be temporary separations, but it will only make the bond between you two that much stronger. If you are married, gain control over your anger. Otherwise, there may be problems with your partner. However, you will accept your mistakes and redeem yourself at a later occasion. Do not be rude to parents or elders in the family. Maintain smooth communication with everyone and do not resort to any kind of exaggeration while talking. You may enjoy the support of your siblings and may have a good time with them. 

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Cancer Zodiac Sign May 2021 Horoscope

There may be financial benefits. There will be some good moments in family life. Positive changes may happen. Love life may see turmoil. Married couples may sort out differences. Health may be precarious. Your work will be appreciated and praised by authority figures. There will be a promotion. If you had been looking for a better job, chances are you may get one. There may be work-related travel. Those in business may gain new contacts. You may also be able to expand your business or lay the groundwork for it. However, make sure you consult someone with experience before making a decision.  Do not be overconfident. This will lead to mistakes. There may be a sudden and big growth in income, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Proper planning will help you prevent unnecessary expenses. Invest money on essential items needed in the house. There may be problems with the throat and stomach. Do regular exercise and avoid eating fatty food.

Elders especially have to take good care of their health. Doing meditation is advised. There may be problems in your love life. There may be a quarrel and temporary separation. You will have to work on your behaviour. But if you are married, this period will bring you happiness. You will be devoted to your spouse, who will be devoted to you just the same. Any past differences may be smoothed out. You may engage in joint activities at this time. You will also receive love and support from your siblings. There may be religious occasions in the family. Piece and happiness may prevail. There will be good communication and faith between family members. You will support your spouse and parents in doing household chores. You may feel more attachment towards your mother.

Monthly Horoscope May 2021 Leo

There may be troubles at work. Small mistakes may cost big. Family life will remain mixed. Married couples may have a good time while those in love have to stay alert. Your health needs special care. There may be several ups and downs in your field of work. You may act over smart, leading to discontent among colleagues. However, your intelligence may salvage the situation. Excess work may bother you. Avoid getting involved in office politics. Do not be disrespectful towards anyone. If in business, you may tweak current technologies and techniques to achieve better results. You may receive cooperation from family and friends. Your income will see a rise, and you will be able to rein in unnecessary expenses. However, if you are single, you may spend money on partying and fooling around with friends. Invest money only after talking to those with experience. Spending money on social activities will gain you reputation and mental satisfaction. Do not be lax about your health. Consult a doctor even if the problem seems small or trivial.

Morning walks will do you good. Pay attention to your daily routine, and go for a change of scenery is required. There may be problems in love life. Differences may crop up, and there may be quarrels. If you remain fair and understanding, the situation will improve by the end of the month. Do not let work get between you and your lover. Married people will have a good time. You will spend more time with your partner. There will be harmony. There may be a short trip or a weekend outing. You may become a little distant from your family. Differences may crop up between you and some members of the family. To overcome estrangement, engage in open talks. This will bring balance to your family. 

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope – May 2021

The results will be mixed. You will have to work hard to maintain your professional standard. You cannot afford to make mistakes. Health requires utmost care. Finances will be good. Hard work will get you good results. There may be more responsibilities. You have to be patient. Good deeds done in the past will yield results. Your business may face some difficulties. Be cautious while dealing with partners. Undertaking new endeavours may not bring immediate results. There may require an update in technology. Talk to seniors if you require help. If you had been waiting for a promotion at work, you might get it now. You will be more efficient, and those above you will trust you with more. You will be able to dominate your opponents. If you are an entrepreneur, make sure to keep your staff happy. That way, you are less likely to be cheated. Hidden health problems may make an appearance. Do regular exercise to keep yourself fit. If you are on medication, take your medicines on time and get good sleep. You may suffer from problems related to the throat or mouth.

Try to avoid spicy food. Take plenty of fluids. If you are in love, you may go through some testing times. If you stay loyal, there is no need to stress out. Otherwise, there will be problems. There may be conflicts in married life also. You will have to take good care of your spouse. Use your money to improve comfort at home. Share everything and maintain good communication. There may be conflict within the family. There may be arguments over rights and possessions.  Resolve issues as quickly as possible. Let elders in the family take care of the situation. By not picking sides, you will help solve things. Be not shy about expressing your feelings.

2021 May Monthly Horoscope Libra

There will be many auspicious results. Hard work will bring great benefits. You will do good in the field of education. There may be problems in family life but nothing unsolvable. Good things will happen in your love life. You will attain success in your work field. Those above will appreciate your work. The business may grow, and prospects of expansion may arise. Being associated with the government sector will bring benefits. You may get promoted. Do not get involved in anything which can land you in legal trouble. If you are looking to expand your business, make proper preparations first. Seek advice from those with experience. Do not make hasty decisions. Your income may rise. If there had been trouble paying the bills, it might cease from now. In business, income may come from various sources. Repay your debts even if they may upset your financial balance. You will be mentally at peace. The situation will gradually improve on its own.

Health is vulnerable. There may be skin-related diseases. Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid eating stale food. There will be warmth in your relationship. You will show faith in your partner and trust them to make decisions. There will be happiness in married life also. There may be occasional days of scepticism, but generally, you will have a good time with your partner. Do not get into arguments with your in-laws. It may have major ramifications on your married life. There will be some problems within the family. There will be mistrust between members, which can give rise to arguments and accusations. Try and be calm in such situations. There may be problems with the health of your mother. Ensure open communication between the members of the family. Those away from their family should maintain regular contact. 

 Scorpio May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

This will be a normal month for you. You may get desired results at your workplace and make advancements in your professional life. Health is vulnerable. A minor carelessness may result in major health issues. There will be mixed results in the field of education. Family life will see better results. There will be new job opportunities or new opportunities in your job. If you are unemployed, you may find a job. You will impress your colleagues with your speed and efficiency. Authority figures also will take note. In business, you may try to implement plans which were postponed due to various reasons. Success will come to you if you keep a calm mind. You will receive support from your family. Your income will remain steady. Calculated risks may bring benefits. Seek advice from experienced persons. You will be able to control your expenses. Money due to you will arrive. Spend it to improve comfort at home. There may be headaches along with biliary diseases.

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Maintain a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. There may be strange experiences in your love life. You may desire a little me time. If you do take it, it will end up making your partner sad. Maintain clear and open communication. This will resolve any existing issues. The love between married couples will increase. You will have a good time with each other. If money gets in the way of expressing love, explain it to your partner and ensure things improve. There will be peace and happiness in family life. The health of parents will improve. There may be minor health problems for the mother. Siblings may also face health issues. Help out those in need and prove your worth as a member of the family. Also, be open and understanding towards others in the family. 

Sagittarius  May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

There will be mixed results. You should be careful in your career. If you are in debt, you may have to pay up. You will have to work hard to maintain a financial balance. Education will remain normal. There will be benefits in business. Do not get involved in office politics. Focus more on the job at hand. Choose your words wisely while communicating with authority figures. Your business may not bring desired results. Your partners may disappoint you. There may be conflicts. Issues can be resolved if you maintain a calm mind and open chat. You should introduce modern technology into your business. Things will get better towards the end of the month. Expenses may rise. This may affect your finances. This may also impact your mental balance. You need to have a good contingency plan to maintain your financial balance. Do not take any loans now. Pay special attention to your health concerns. Watch what you eat. Do not drink unclean water.

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Do meditation to improve mental health. Your love life will remain steady. There may be disagreements at the beginning. Your partner may try to boss you around. However, ascertain facts before confronting your partner. Find out the reason for the sudden behaviour change. Knowing the truth will help you fix the issue. This may be the same in married life as well. Your spouse may suddenly become aggressive. Petty issues can turn into full-blown fights. Things will improve towards the end of the month. There may be ups and downs in family life. Family members may develop grievances against each other. There will be a decline in trust. Avoid using aggressive words. Maintain calm and open conversations. Stay out of a situation if you are not aware of all the facts. 

May 2021 Monthly Horoscope Capricorn

There may be ups and downs in your career. Students will experience good results while it will be mixed in your married life. Though there may be fluctuations, results at work will be mostly good. You may have too many things in your mind and so may feel distracted. You will receive favourable outcomes if you remain focused. Your business will do good. Pending issues may be solved. You will be able to drive your business forward. Do not be overconfident. Make proper consultation before taking any decision. Your economic situation will improve. You will earn through multiple sources. Any persisting financial issues may be resolved by the end of the month. Still, remain cautious and spend money wisely. Or make wise investments. Give priority to upgrading comfort at home. There may be small health problems like stomach upsets. This can be avoided by eating healthy. Drink a lot of water.

Do regular exercise. Those over 50 should take daily walks. You may have power over your partner in your love relationship. You will benefit from it. Your partner will start trusting you more. Expect gifts. Honesty and loyalty will reign supreme in married life. However, persisting differences may cause separation. There may be disagreements and disharmony. But you have to keep your ego aside and work towards strengthening your relationship. There will be a positive vibe within the family. However, there may also be some fluctuations. Be careful in matters related to money. Take the advice of elders in financial matters. There may be the arrival of a new member into the family. Younger siblings will assist you in uplifting the general atmosphere in your family. If there are any harsh words, do not take them personally and try to alleviate the situation. 

 Monthly Horoscope May 2021 Aquarius

2021 May will be a good month. You will get desired fruits in family life. Students will experience mixed results. You will have to increase your effort in your professional life. Maintain good health. Doubts may creep into your mind when at the workplace. You may feel you are unfairly treated. There is a chance of success if you change jobs. However, before doing anything rash, talk to an elder and seek their advice. Your business will do good. You may incorporate new schemes and earn more profit by employing better techniques. Follow your mind and not your heart at work. Be careful regarding matters of money. There may be a rise in expense. You may also give away something to charity. You may take out a loan to buy a property or build a house.

Deal with monetary transactions wisely. Discuss with your family members how well to handle finances. You may feel a tightness in the chest of phlegm related problems. Try not to travel. If you are over 50, go for regular walks. Take care of your mental health as well. There may be challenges in your love relationship. There may be quarrels and separation over trivial matters. Be careful about what you say. Do not push your partner into making more commitments. Married life may be smooth, and you will overcome obstacles. There will be occasional fights, but your love for your partner will only increase. There may be arguments between your parents and your spouse. Maintain calm and control your anger. You may have a good time with members of your family. Though there may be arguments, nothing of it would be serious. Listen to elders. There may be a decline in the health of parents. You may benefit from your siblings. 

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May 2021 Monthly Horoscope Pisces

May 2021 may be full of challenges. There may be multiple obstacles in your career. Students will experience a normal month, but those pursuing higher studies may have a tough time. You have to be careful in your love and family life. There will be good results in financial life. Those employed will have to move around a lot. You may have to move away from home. At the same time, those who had been trying to go abroad will find success. The business will do good. More effort will bring you more money. You may also benefit from your friends and contacts. Your business will grow through word of mouth. Those experiencing meagre growth till now may see a change in fortune. You can seek help from family members to meet targets. You will earn money from multiple sources. There may also be a pay rise. You may attain benefits from the government sector. You may spend money on religious activities. This will spare you from mental turmoil. An unbalanced diet can spoil your digestion.

Avoid eating fried or oily food. There may be a pain in the shoulders and joints. If you are on medication, ensure you take it on time. Your love life may require special attention. There may be trust issues between you and your partner. Maintain transparency and share your views. There may be conflicts in married life as well. The situation will improve towards the end of the month. You should not allow a third person to interfere in your affairs. Avoid hasty decisions. There may be difficulties in family life. There may be a property dispute. There may be problems with the health of your mother. Use your words wisely; otherwise, you will worsen the situation. Keep a balanced mind and be calm. 

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