The deadly Coronavirus had rendered the whole world nonoperational by forcing people to stay indoors. The current phase of uncertainty has made the future also unpredictable. The Indian economy is in shambles as the virus continues to plague our lives.

In this blog, we analyze the astrological aspects of the pandemic and its after-effects on the economy. Those who trust astrological sciences may agree that this kind of complicated situation is unprecedented. There was never a situation in the past where Kalasarpa Dosha, Guru Chandala Yoga, and the vehemence of Jupiter were incongruence.

Governments and scientists are concerned that even if the Covid-19 situation is brought under control, the economic downfall would be too massive to recover from quickly. Businesses are facing uncertainty about their future. Jobs are at risk as firms look to reduce their workforce. And past weeks saw never-before-seen breakdowns in economic activities. 

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It is understood that the GDP was on a downward trend even before the Covid-19 crisis hit India. Now, with the Coronavirus and resulting economic breakdown, the slight recovery that the Indian GDP saw towards the end of 2019 has also been offset. 

In Kalasarpa yoga, all five planets come on one side of Rahu and Ketu. This yoga is generally not favorable for financial aspects. Vasundhara yoga is when Guru (Jupiter) yoga is with Kujan (Mars), which indicates renunciation of worldly and material life. Like these yogas, Guruchandala yoga and agnimarutha yoga are also not favorable for financial aspects. Guru is karaka (supporter) of finance and wealth. So the instability and unfavorable yogas have resulted in insecurity in all areas, particularly in India’s financial situation.  

But there is hope in the future. After this incredibly difficult phase, Vasundhara Yoga and Kalasarpa yoga has changed. As Sun, denoting self-existence, enters the house of Leo, people will be feeling more relaxed, and they will gradually resume their everyday routine life.

With lockdown rules being eased in phases, people have started stepping out of their homes and being more involved socially. Shops and small businesses have opened up with strict social distancing rules and sanitization procedures. Though there is still a long way to go to get back to normal, the initial steps have brought some relief.

Further, on September 24, as the current placement of Rahu-Ketu will change, it will help people be more mindful and confident. 

It would be ideal to leave behind this situation as early as possible. But scientists fear that the virus may not be eradicated any time soon. In the future, there might be some control over it, but it will depend on how people and countries react and the effort they are ready to put down.

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The power of the planet Jupiter

The public has begun getting back to their businesses as usual nowadays. But the economic impact is deep and unprecedented. Our country will take a long time to recover from it as Jupiter, which controls the financial aspects, will enter its heinous house (Capricorn). We have seen that past downfalls in share markets and economy coincided with this transition. 

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. When a planet transits through its debilitated house, it cannot give any benefits but produces miseries in its area. So here, though Jupiter usually gives financial stability and prosperous life, when it transits through Capricon, it results in economic instability, troubles, and uncertainty. Jupiter is also the karaka of knowledge, teaching, mastering, etc. So these areas too will suffer during this period.

Usually, Jupiter enters the house of Capricorn approximately every 12 years. It is worth remembering that earlier economic recession was witnessed in 1997 and 2008. When Jupiter enters the house of Aquarius, the situation will change for the better. But for the next one and a half years, Jupiter will travel through two Rasi, which can result in ups and downs for the economy. 

Horoscope Analysis of India

If we consider the position of planets at the time of our freedom from British rule, we can see that after 2015 it is the Chandra Dasa for the country. As the moon is in a rising house, this period denotes growth. However, by March 2020 the Chandra Dasa has been taken over by Saturn. So March 2020 was a combination of Chandra Dasa and the sub-period (apahara) of Saturn.

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 As Saturn is the planet of impasse and is one of the enemies of Mars, the growth of the country’s economy is uncertain. The country’s economy will face many challenges until October 2021.

However, by October 2021, as Mercury abducts the Moon phase, and Jupiter will become stronger, there will be a great leap forward in the economy as the apahara of Mercury in the Moon phase, and Jupiter will become stronger. Mercury is the ruler of the second and fifth bhavas and one of the relatives of the ruler Lagna. This is promising for the country.

Jupiter denotes the second bhava, and it is the ruler of the eleventh bhava. Moreover, it is aspecting at the second bhava which too is a good sign for the country. Also, it is worth remembering that for the last ten years, it has been a very auspicious time for the country as Jupiter could escape from difficult times.

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