There is an interesting mythology about revenge which relates to Eclipses in the Puranas. The story goes that after the Devas and Asuras churned the Ocean (samudra manthan) for the elixir of immortality (amritha), Devas lead by Lord Vishnu, in his Mohini avatara, fooled the Asuras and got away with the Amritha. It was then distributed to the Devas to make them immortal. Rahu, an Asura, found out about the feast and finds his way to it disguised as a Deva. The Sun God and the Moon God see through Rahu’s disguise and expose him. A furious Lord Vishnu beheads Rahu. Since then, the separated torso and head revolve around the earth as Rahu and Kethu. To avenge its death, Rahu swallows the Sun or the Moon whenever it can. Rahu Ketu .  Rahu Ketu Transit Predictions

On a more scientific note, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is fully or partially covered. This can only happen during a New Moon day (amavasya) when the sun and moon are in conjunction as seen from earth. On 11th July 2010 we witnessed a Total Solar Eclipse as the sun was fully covered by the Moon. Astrologically this eclipse occurs in Mithun (Gemini) rasi. The main significators, Sun, Moon and Kethu are posited there and Rahu from Sagittarius and Saturn from Virgo are aspecting Gemini and its occupants which shows the terrible intent of malefic planets. As per Mundane Astrology, the after effect of solar eclipse lasts for few months, whereas the lunar eclipse lasts for few days only. But it is also proven or written in texts that the after effects of eclipse will be more effective in places where this phenomenon is visible. The present eclipse is visible over much areas of Pacific Ocean including islands such as French Polynesia,Easter Islands and also in the southern tips of Argentina, Chile in South America, Mexico and parts of USA. Gemini being an airy sign, aerial as well as man made disasters in this region cannot be ruled out. As it is not visible in India, there would be little of damages in this area.

The solar eclipse may cause some effects in the natives too. Mithun (Gemini) rasi represents couples. So couples, who are not in a happy relationship, may head for a separation. Even marriages which have been arranged and the ceremony fixed may get cancelled. So it is suggested to postpone decisions on vital issues concerning partners and marriages for one month, until the month of Simha. Mithun is an airy sign, so weigh your words carefully, even while joking as you may be misunderstood leading to animosities. Singers and mimicry artists need be very careful about their voice and should take medicines to prevent sore throats or infections. Problems are through electronic media like mobile phones, computers are likely in the form of alarming calls, e-mails, virus attacks, etc. Mithun is the 3rd sign of Kalapurusha. The 3rd sign represents bravery, adventurous mind, bad deeds, impulsiveness, cheating, etc. so be careful against these as the current planetary alignment may put you into much trouble. Health wise take precautions against troubles and aches in throat, ears, hand, shoulders, hands and diseases like bronchitis and thyroid. As the Moon is powerless and malefic, those who are under treatment for mental illnesses need to take precautions. The eclipse may affect pets too very badly. Some may show unusual habits. But the period of eclipse is recommended to those who are engaged in the studies of occult sciences such as astrology, mantra and tantra etc.

The following is a guideline to natives who are born in different Moon signs.

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Mesha: You will have special energy to do adventurous deeds and may courageously face any obstacles. But don’t be impulsive. Analyze the situation first and then act. Take care of elders in the family. Be very careful while communicating vital matters. Use cell phones and computer very carefully.

Rishabha: Don’t get involved in risky matters especially finance related. You may have to make compromises to avoid conflict in delicate family matters. Be careful during discussions, as your word may get misunderstood. Help and take care of your father and other male elders. Don’t neglect health problems. Tooth aches may disturb you.

Mithun: You may be mentally disturbed. Unexpected expenses or theft may occur. So take precautions and keep a reserve. Be very gentle/diplomatic/tactful while dealing with wife/husband/lover. Be very careful while communicating vital matters. Use cell phones and computer very carefully. Modern gadgets and credit cards will also be a reason for your worries.

Kataka: Unexpected expenses but less income likely. Try to maintain a reserve fund to meet those. Hospitalization and loss of near relatives/friends may cause you much grief. Don’t neglect even small issues as they may upset your calculations.

Simha: Don’t be overconfident. Don’t think that everything is under your control. Over-confidence will bring you much loss and tensions afterwards. Be careful against accidents especially while driving vehicles.

Kanya: Professional matters may worry you. Be tactful and lay low for the time being. Businessmen are recommended not to indulge in expansion activities for now. Wait for another month. Expected orders from abroad may not come in time. Those who are in a romantic relationship are suggested to be very tactful with your partner.

Tula: Avoid risky matters and don’t make any moves to secure any amount due to you from your employer or inheritance. This is not the right time for it. Do not take any leave unnecessarily as it may affect your profession. An expected communication from a far off place may not come in time. Be very careful while communicating vital matters. Use cell phones and computer very carefully.

Virshika: Take care against accidents, poisonous bites and theft. Don’t travel to either lonely places or much crowded places. Be careful against accidents especially while driving vehicles. Try to be sensitive on family matters.

Dhanus: Family matters should be handled very delicately. Spouses should first discuss issues amongst themselves. Those in the service industry should aim for complete customer satisfaction. Those who are in a romantic relationship may have to be willing to make compromises to keep the romance intact. Be careful against accidents especially while driving vehicles.

Makara: You will have a special energy to face any obstacles. But don’t be impulsive. Analyze the situation first and then act. Any projects undertaken should be double checked before completion as small mistakes may be reported to authorities. Take care of your life partner’s health.

Kumbha: Intelligence alone will not lead you to success. This is a time for you to lay low till the tides are over. Submit professional reports after a month. It would be advisable to postpone auspicious events in the family for a month. Be very careful while communicating vital matters. Use cell phones and computer very carefully.

Meena: Think before you get into arguments while discussing delicate issues in the family. Decisions regarding education of children are better taken with the opinion of experienced elders. Avoid interfering into other’s family matters. Control your eating habits, take quality food only.

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