Generally, people have a lot of anxiety regarding the compatibility and the fate of their relationships. The amazing fact is that relationship-based queries are frequently coming from the Western world than India. Maybe Indians are not much in favour of divorces or they find marriage as a Saath Janamon Ka Rishta.

During this Valentine’s day more than committed people, singles will be looking forward to starting of a new relationship, but whichever day it is, it will be good for you to understand what kind of love life you are destined for. Nothing other than God’s will can supersede whatever written in your birth chart.

As you know, nothing in this three dimension can be perfect. Likewise, no marriage or no relationship can be perfect, because the participating parties both are in imperfect in many ways.  If you are a single male or female and yearning for a compatible partner, you should first see the nature of Venus in your chart.

Venus is the main indicator of a love life for males and females. Venus should be a friendly sign, with the friendly planet and in a friendly mode.  Venus in a bad sign or bad mode never says that you will never have a romantic relationship. The only indication is that please don’t be in a hurry to get into a relationship. Whenever Venus is in a complex mode, then you should take time in being in a relationship. You should not be aggressive or possessive in a relationship too.

Next check your mahadasa, if the houses indicating romance, and marriage are activated, through mahadasa or antar dasa then it is a positive signal for you to enter a relationship during this time. That doesn’t always guarantee an all is well kind of relationship, but depends upon the strength of the dasa lords, you may enter into a relationship or you may have minor romantic experiences.

If this mahadasa is not favouring a relationship, then even if it is Valentine’s day, then it will be difficult for you to start a new relationship. In that case, please don’t try to enter fun part of a relationship for your amusement. Please don’t create negative Karmic burdens through taking relationships lightly.  Everyone has a soul which never dies, even our physical body dies, the soul never forgets anything.

Venus, which is in a complex mode means, you already have a lot of Karmic lessons to go through in this birth. So, better you be practical, realistic and sincere whether you are a male or female.  When we have a lot of delay in our progress, then Karmic backlogs can be one reason according to astrology.

If you are planning to propose on this valentines day, better you check your Mahadasa, and find whether it is connecting with 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th house or the Mahadasa lords are placed in 1-5, 1-7, 1-9,1-11, and vice versa. Then it can be a good time to focus on a relationship.

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