Selection of Thithis for specific jobs

The Thithis or Lunar days are numbered from 1 to 15 (Prathipada to Poornima – full moon) in the Shukla-Paksha (brighter half of the lunar cycle) and 1 to 14 and 30 (Amavasya – new moon) in the Krishna-Paksha (darker half of lunar cycle). Thithis are very important in selecting a suitable time (Muhurta) for performing specific tasks. Generally, thithis 1 to 5 of Krishna-Paksha and 10-15 of Shukla-Paksha are favourable. Thithis 5 to 10 of both Pakshas give average results. Others are considered unfavourable. Sub-divisions of the Thithis and acts/jobs recommended to be done on these lunar days are given below:

Nanda Thithis(1, 6 and 11): Dance, music, house construction, garments, sculpture, wearing or making jewellery, agriculture and festivals.

Bhadra Thithis(2, 7 and 12): Thread ceremony, travel, marriage, ornaments, artistic pursuits, vehicles.

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Jaya Thithis(3, 8 and 13): House building, war-related activities, medication, agriculture, jobs related to weaponry.

Rikta Thithis (4, 9 and 14): Use of fire, poison and weapons, cruel deeds, causing injury or death, the study of the occult, inauspicious pursuits.

Poorna Thithis(5, 10, 15 and 30): Marriage, sacred thread ceremony, travel, coronation, propitiation of planets.

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