Mars the significator for power, prestige, speed and enchantment entered its inimical sign Kanya on 20th July and joined its enemy planet Saturn, proclaiming the beginning of Agni Marutha Yoga. Mars started on its fiery and destructive journey when it transited to the constellation of fiery star Uthram on 14th under the fiery sign Simha. It indicates troubles related to fire. This time it was manifested in the form of train collision in West Bengal which took the lives of 67 innocents. The writer has scribed this matter in his previous article “Mars in Cancer Unleashes Destruction”.

The skies are witnessing some important yogas from 20th of August to 5th of September. Mars-Saturn Yoga indicates the dangerous Agni Marutha Yoga (fire and air) and these two malefics aspect Jupiter forming the Vasundha Yoga. Agni Marutha yoga is one of the most destructive yogas in astrology where two most dangerous planets meet in a rasi. Here the rasi itself is a destructive one. Kanya rasi is depicted as a furious young lady rowing a yacht alone carrying fire in one hand and a long knife in the other. Kanya is an earthy and female sign and depicts intellectuals as the lord of the sign is Mercury, the karaka for education. So we could conclude that the young lady is an educated one, rowing through the river with a destructive mentality. Kanya rasi is the 6th sign of kalapurusha. The 6th sign denotes diseases, legal matters, theft, crimes and enemies, etc. As per Mundane astrology (astrology for nations and climate), the 6th house represents Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, Public Health, Navy and Army, Warships, employees, epidemics etc. The planet, Saturn, represents democracy, common people, old age, senior citizens, agriculture, hidden places, caves, coal fields, excavations, archeology, land etc. and Mars represents army, surgeons, police, weapon users as well as those who use tools. When Mars and Saturn join in Kanya, a planetary war takes place between the two this month (July) end where Saturn beats Mars. The result is manifested in terrorists (Saturn) killing men in the army, BSF or Police in an ambush or fire on the following days. Saturn and Kanya rasi are enemies with Mars and so Mars will try its best to escape from the enemies causing maximum destruction.

Other events that may unfold, include, Earth and Nature based occurrences like, natural calamities, earthquake, volcanic eruption, cyclone, terrorist attacks, sabotage, bomb scares, attack on army barracks, wars, epidemics, train, air and vehicle accidents etc. Kanya being a female sign, the role of women in man-made disasters cannot be ruled out. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was brutally killed in a suicide bomb attack in 1991 by a female suicide bomber. At the time too, it was agni marutha yoga with mars in Kataka and Saturn in Makara rasi, both aspecting each other (Kataka and Makara are female signs). Another such incident was the killing of dacoit queen-turned-politician, Phoolan Devi. She was killed in 2001 when the same yoga was in full force. Saturn in Vrischika and Mars in Rishabha, both in female signs.

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If we page through the history of natural calamities, we would find that most of the terrible disasters have happened in Agni marutha and Vasundhara yogas. In 1982, army men killed around 40,000 civilians in Hamam, Syria, when this yoga was present. The same year Israel attacked Lebanon and many innocent lives were taken.

But Agni Marutha Yoga is also the yoga of adventures and valour. It has brought many proud moments too especially in the world of sports and games in India. Even as this scribe is writing this piece, Sachin Tendulkar has blasted a double century in the test match against Sri Lanka. India registered its first win in the history of test cricket in 1952 when this yoga was present. Indian team lead by Vijay Hazare beat England in Madras test in 1952 and also went on to win the test series against Pakistan. So this proves that the yoga will favor valour and adventures too.

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Vasundhara yoga affects mostly nations and nature. This occurs when the important planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars aspects each other. The most significant feature of Vasundhara Yoga is the affliction of Jupiter by Saturn and Mars. The habits of Saturn and Mars have already been explained earlier. Now we will see the significations of Jupiter as per Mundane astrology. Jupiter represents Dharma and the King, therefore an affliction indicates moral degradation. If the King is corrupt or the administration is corrupt, this yoga will be there to correct it. Saturn and Mars represents the democratic habits and Army. This yoga was in force twice in 1951-1952, first in Kanya-Meena signs and then in Mesha-Tula signs. Egypt was then ruled by the corrupt ruler, King Farouk who was the last of the 150 year old dynasty. In 1952, the army led by Abdel Nasser freed Egypt from the corrupt king and Nasser became the President. The success of the revolution inspired numerous Arab and African countries to remove corrupt regimes. Affliction to Jupiter is a threat to world peace.

Other significations of Jupiter are religion, law and judgment, ministry of finance, ministry of foreign affairs, industries, share market, etc. Presently Jupiter is posited in Meena rasi, 12th house of Kalapurusha which signifies Ministry of Planning, hospitals, public health, mental asylums, charitable institutions, crimes, spies, secret service, etc. Currently, Jupiter is transiting in retrograde motion. Retrograde means indirect or not moving in direct motion, so all the above matters will also have a retro effect. Let us analyze them taking into consideration the retro effect of Jupiter and its affliction by malefic planets.

The retro effect of Jupiter shows that events may occur that provoke religious institutions or religious leaders who may issue provocative orders and encourage its followers to act accordingly. People may disobey or agitate against court orders, as they allege that the judgments are made to please certain influential people only. Corrupt political leaders and bureaucrats will be caught red handed. One higher official will be arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan or China. Even before Mars joined with Saturn the yogas had started acting. First such event that comes to mind is the Sohrabudeen case in Gujarat where the former Home Minister Amit Shah was arrested by CBI.

Whenever Vasundhara Yoga has acted in the past, religious matters were affected. Pope John Paul escaped a murder attempt in 1981. The Pope apologized to the Jewish community in the year 2000. 54 Sikhs were killed by masked terrorists the same year in Anantha Nag in Kashmir:. In Kerala also, religious fanatics are trying to create riots between Hindus and Muslims, which may soon get out of control. The two yogas will be fiercer between 20th of August and 5th of September, when it will make the world know its presence.

We will examine how these two yogas affect individuals. Those who are experiencing the mahadasa or apahara/bukthi of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn need to be careful against unexpected turn-outs, accidents through vehicles, tools, fire, epidemics, fever,law suits, tensions due to children, undue delay in all matters, unexpected expenses, etc. Those who are born in Mesha rasi should not enter into risky matters and must avoid adventurous sports. Rishabha rasis should avoid getting into arguments with others, new friendships and should save for unexpected expenses. Mithun rasi should take health precautions especially of elders in the family, and be careful on professional matters as you will be entrusted with more work and responsibilities. Kataka rasi should not expect much co-operation from friends and relatives, and should avoid taking risks. Simha rasi need to be careful on financial matters as there is a chance of borrowing and be tactful and diplomatic with wife/husband, don’t take vital decisions on family matters now. Kanya rasi should be careful about health, possibility of accidents, behaviour with the ones of opposite sex may get mistaken by others. Tula rasi needs to be careful on financial matters, family matters, take timely action on govt. matters. Vrischika rasi should not be over confident. Dhanus rasi should be careful on professional matters; vehicle or fire accidents are possible so take care. Makara rasi may face obstructions in journeys, problems in profession take leave for some days, undue delay on all matters; may not receive help from near and dear. Kumbha rasi may face loss of finance, theft, problems in family. Meena rasi may have to go through health problems, problems in married life; so be diplomatic and postpone taking important decisions on family matters; obstructions in journey likely.

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