Jupiter Transit To Scorpio

Jupiter or Guru , the planet for luck, fortune and benevolence will move into the mysterious sign of Scorpio during October 11th 2018. This move is seen to be a very crucial one in astrology. This move is showing the importance of finance sector as Scorpio primarily indicates mysterious matters. So for the next one year you may have an interest in mysterious matters.

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Jupiter is the planet for expansion and magnification. So, you may find expansion and magnification in various part of your life. Majorly the transit is seen through the Moon sign, but, there is a person who sees it through Lagna, and Sun sign as well.

Jupiter transit  or Guru peyarchi will affect everyone in different ways. Scorpio is the eighth sign of zodiac wheel and governs the desires and emotional self. It can be seen as the most mysterious sign in astrology. For the next one year majority of the population will feel like exploring the hidden self in them.

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