Jupiter Saturn conjunction 2020

After 59 years, Saturn and Jupiter will align themselves and create rare and major conjunction in Makara Rasi from 20 November to 5 April 2021. On 21 December of this year, 16 seconds past 11:52 pm, Jupiter and Saturn will align with each other at 6°20’28” in Capricorn. 

This conjunction is major as Jupiter and Saturn are the biggest planets in our solar system. Their coming together is likely to cause a stir in not just our lives but also on a national and international level. 

jupiter saturn conjunction

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Saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years, while Jupiter stays for a year. So it is after 30 years that Saturn is in Makara rasi. At the same time, after 12 years, Jupiter is also entering Makara rasi. But both these planets are in Makara rasi at the same time after about 60 years. The last time these planets had come together in Makara rasi was in the year 1961. They had remained together up to 1962. It was during this time that the Indo-China war broke out. Internationally, there was unrest in several places and it was generally a period of troubled relations. 

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India’s horoscope has Taurus as its ascendant. Hence, when Saturn and Guru enter the ninth sign they aspect Cancer which is the third house for India. Gruhayudh may cause issues of public agitation against rulers. Our neighboring countries may create disturbances as a result of the conjunction. It is to be noted that Makara is the neecharasi of Jupiter and swakshethra (own house) of Saturn. Planet in neecharasi may not give beneficial effects and planet in their own house might give favorable results. 

Sloka for guru transit

Naanaadukham, vithasamardhim, stithi

naasam, bandhuklEsam, puthradanabhim, 

ripubaadhaam, bhogan, rogaan,

vithasukhaphim, dhanahaanimsthana

prapthim, dukhamayam, yachadhijeeva

Meaning: Sorrows, money and happiness, losses, problems to relatives, children and honey, enemy issues, enjoyment, diseases, loss of money, achievements, and sorrows are the twelve results of guru transit. 

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system, and in Indian astrology, this massive planet is called Guru. Guru takes approximately one year to transit through one rasi. That means it takes 12 years for Jupiter to complete its transit through 12 rasis.  Guru is the most auspicious planet in the rasi chakra. So its position in the rasi chakra is very important for Indian astrology predictions. Astrologers say that the inconsistent speed of Guru is causing instability all over the world. Soon, Jupiter will enter its debilitated house Makara (Capricorn) on 20 November 2020.  

Jupiter in Puranas

Jupiter eliminates darkness and gives the light of knowledge and wisdom. For remedies, Indian astrology Lord Dakshinamoorthi represents Jupiter and offerings are given to Lord Dakshinamoorthi to get more wisdom, knowledge, success in career, blessings in the form of wealth, etc. In the Puranas, Jupiter represents the master or mentor of god Bruhaspathi. Jupiter is considered to have more divine power than any other planet in the rasi chakra. Also called Deva guru, Jupiter represents qualities like being spiritual, ability to master, teach, guide.

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Significance of Jupiter in a Horoscope

The position of Guru in a horoscope is very important for a good education, the blessing of gods, mastering of literature, etc. Transit of Guru is also crucial for all. When Guru travels through unfavorable bhavas like 1st house, 3rd house, 4th house, 6th house, 8th house, 10th house, and 12th house it results in problems in education, wisdom, career, wealth, luck, etc. These factors depend only on the position and strength of Guru in a person’s horoscope. 


It means that Jupiter is a planet which blesses with the happiness of mind; want the whole world to be happy. Jupiter will not mind the small errors of people as it is auspicious.

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Planet Saturn

Saturn is the next biggest planet in the solar system after Jupiter and rasi chakram. Saturn is called Shani in Indian astrology. Also, Saturn is the slowest moving planet. It takes approximately two and a half years to transit through one rasi. So, approximately, it takes 36 years to complete 12 rasis or houses. 

Saturn in Puranas

Mythically Shani is the son of lord Soorya and his wife Chhaya (shadow). He is the product of a strained relation. Shani represents everything that is slow-moving, lazy, servant-like, old, drainage, etc. Saturn is considered a very malefic planet in the rasi chakra. 



Saturn represents death, ailments, sadness, labor, and anger. It is said to be a planet almost like a judge who punishes karmic errors. Hence Saturn is also termed cruel.

Significance of Saturn in a Horoscope

Normally, people think that Shani gives only bad effects. People’s fear makes them think of Shani Dasa as a bad period. But Shani gives a lot of benefits if it is strong and in a beneficial house. When Saturn is placed in a beneficial sign and house, he blesses that person with great wealth and fame. Saturn is connected with the age and longevity of a person. Saturn in the eighth house blesses the person with a long life. Saturn is also the planet of justice, representing Yama deva in astrology. Saturn acts as a judge and punishes depending upon the severity of the sins of a person. The person who commits sin is rewarded accordingly.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction 2020 – Effect on zodiac Signs

  1. Aries (Mesha)
The conjunction will be in the 10th house for those in Mesha. The 10th house means your profession. You may improve your position in your career. But care should be taken to avoid loss of money.

2.Taurus (Vrishabha)

The ninth house of Taurus rasi will be affected. The ninth house denotes dharma, Punya, etc which means that they may undertake a spiritual journey. They will be respected by those around them.

  1. Gemini (Mithun)
For those in Gemini, the eighth house will be affected due to the conjunction. Health may see some disturbance. They should remain fit by eating healthy, exercising well, and taking enough rest.

  1. Cancer (Karka)
The seventh house of those in Cancer rashi will be affected by the conjunction. The time is good for travel and they can enjoy and experience happy things. The period is mixed for marital life. You will gain popularity amongst the public.

  1. Leo (Simha)
The sixth house of those in Leo Rashi will be affected. Attention should be paid to the health of the individual. Avoid borrowing money or taking loans. This is a good time for competitive examinations.

  1. Virgo (Leo)
For those in Virgo, the fifth house will be affected. This is the right time for education and students should make use of this time to the maximum. This period is good for children. Couples can expect mixed results in their love life.

  1. Libra (Tula)
Librans will see their fourth house is affected due to the conjunction. There may be some unhappy moments in family life, but a patient and positive approach can solve all problems. You can think of purchasing a new house.

  1. Scorpio (Vrischika)
The third house is affected for Scorpios. This is a period where you will help others. But you should be careful about your siblings.

  1. Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Sagittarius will find their second house affected. Your words will be respected. There might be some issues regarding the ancestral property. This is a good period financially.

  1. Capricorn (Makara)
The first house is affected by those in Capricorn rashi. They should be careful about their health. You are likely to experience good fame and your image will improve. 

  1. Aquarius (Kumbha)
The 12th house of Aquarius Rashi is affected. You are likely to see an expenditure increase. This is a good time for traveling and one should be careful of their activities, otherwise, you may get involved in bad endeavors. 

  1. Pisces (Meena)
Pisceans will see their 11th house affected during the conjunction. All your wishes will come true and you may see an increase in income. You can achieve great heights. The period is good for your professional life.


In astrology, LordVishnu and Dhakshinamoorthi represent Guru and Dharma Shastha and Lord Hanuman represents Shani. Visiting Lord Vishnu temple on Thursdays and offering Tulasi or Lotus garlands will be beneficial. Chanting Vishnu sahasranama and other slokas will reduce the negative effects. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa or other slokas will give beneficial results. Visiting the Hanuman temple on Saturday also reduces the negative effects of Shani. Fasting on Saturday is also beneficial.

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