A controversy erupted when it came to light that India’s football coach Igor Stimac had consulted an astrologer for team selection before four crucial matches, including three Asia Cup qualifiers, in May and June last year.

Apparently, Igor Stimac was in constant touch with the astrologer and ran possible players’ names against him. The final playing eleven was selected after incorporating the astrologer’s inputs. This resulted in India winning all three of their qualifier matches to qualify for the 2023 Asian Cup as group toppers.

However, hue and cry were made as a sports coach consulting an astrologer to better the prospects of the team was considered absurd and ruining the honor of the game. Detractors made it sound as if the team India football coach had crossed a line that should never be crossed in football.Igor_Štimac_in_Sepahan_training

Except that it has been crossed many times in the past. Way back in 2008, Raymond Domenech, then coach of the French football team, had openly admitted that his team selection was influenced by astrology. This is also true with one-time Brazilian football coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. Coaches and players resorting to astrology is widely prevalent in league football as well.

As stated by football legend Bhaichung Bhutia – “This is not a new thing. Many world-renowned coaches, especially African, American, and European coaches, follow this. South American and African countries also follow it a lot. They follow lots of astrologers.”

And this is not just limited to traditional football. Aaron Charles Rodgers is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in American football. This is what he has to say about astrology in sports – “It is totally legitimate and real and absolutely not a hoax. People can do whatever they think they need to do and/or believe whatever they need to believe to achieve happiness. We all deserve it.”

The fact of the matter is, that even with all the training, state-of-the-art facilities, and talent, there is still no guarantee that a team would win their match. There have also been occasions where low-profile teams overcome the odds and win the big one, baffling the critics and the experts. Leicester City defying the odds of 5000 to 1 to win the Premier League in 2016 is one of the more famous examples.

How does this happen? To the uninitiated, it is just luck, a blind happenstance. But those who know and understand the power of the stars apprehend the role of celestial alignments behind such events. On the right day, with the right players whose cosmic alignments are just in the right place in their horoscope chart, miracles can be generated.

It is only natural for a coach or a captain to do what is best for their team. They have to make sure their team wins at any cost. Taking astrology into consideration is far from the worst thing that a coach or a player can do to ensure victory for their team. Coach Igor Stimac did what needed to be done to ensure India entered the 2023 Asia Cup. The results speak for themselves.

Rather than mock Igor, or astrology for that matter, detractors should appreciate the effectiveness of astrology when it comes to sports and accept their role in deciding the outcome of matches. To further accentuate it, here is how astrology finds its role in sports:

Role of signsindepth horoscope

Certain zodiac signs are associated with certain physical characteristics. For example, Aries people have an abundance of energy which makes them perform well in fast-paced sports like football. Capricorns, on the other hand, are more methodical and are better suited for endurance sports such as running or cycling.
Different zodiac signs are also associated with certain mental traits. Aries are known for their competitive nature and determination to succeed. Meanwhile, Pisces have an intuitive understanding of their opponents and may have an edge in strategy or psychological aspects of the game.

Role of planets

Sun – A strong Sun in a horoscope will give a strong body and physical strength.

Mars – Mars represents our competitive streak and makes one passionate about their game.

Moon – The Moon protects one from physical injuries. Moon represents hormones, and for success in sports hormones like testosterone are important.

Mercury – It represents logic and analytical abilities which are essential to succeed in sports.

Saturn – Saturn pushes you and makes sure you have enough perseverance to play at the top level.

Role of houses

A strong ascendant and its lord are very crucial for success in sports because the ascendant represents our body and when afflicted can cause frequent injuries, bad attitude, and lack of passion.

The 3rd house in astrology represents courage, the strength of arms, valor, and coordination between hands and brain. A strong 3rd house and its lord make one highly competitive and they fight till the end.

The 6th house represents enemies in a horoscope. A strong and well-associated 6th house can give an easy win over opponents.

The 10th house also needs to be strong because without it there won’t be any success and career can be cut short due to lack of motivation.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Igor Stimac’s use of astrology in team selection shines a light on a practice that isn’t exclusive to him or Indian football. Many coaches and players worldwide, including renowned figures, turn to astrology for guidance in sports. While critics may scoff, those who understand the role of the stars in sports appreciate that, on the right day with the right players, astrological influences can indeed work miracles on the field. In the relentless pursuit of victory, coaches and captains explore every avenue available, and for some, astrology is a part of their winning strategy.

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