Misunderstandings surrounding horoscope matching for marriage 

Is there a need to check horoscope matching before getting married? Many couples who checked their compatibility before marriage are leading miserable lives. At the same time, many who did not care to check their compatibility are happily married. The topic of marriage compatibility is used by critics to find fault with astrology.

So, is there really a need to check horoscope compatibility before getting married? There is no mention of checking compatibility as a prerequisite before marriage in any book of authority in astrology. In fact, they do say that there is no need to worry about compatibility if it is a love marriage.

Yashyaammana: samaasaktham

ThaamEvavivahEl, budha: 



(PrashnaMargam 21-64)

Meaning: The woman who invokes passion in you without any deceit, you should marry her. That passion is more virtuous than every other compatibility. 

horoscope compatibility
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It means that to get married only compatibility of the heart and mind is needed. It is worth contemplating the role of romance in this context. It should be remembered that in this modern society persons who commit to a relationship only after checking the job and status of their partners are not covered under the above rule. For them, checking the compatibility of their horoscope will help them soften the troubles that may happen in the future. 

It will be good if parents or guardians check the horoscope of the child before he/she becomes an adult. They should have an idea of the best time for their child’s married. The bustle of education and wait for a good job may see the best times pass by for some. Marriage is one of those things which have a life-long impact on the person. Getting married at the right time can make the life of a person; similarly, marriage at the wrong time can have drastic effects.

When a man and woman get married, the drawbacks in the horoscope of one may get compensated by the partner’s horoscope. This is where the need for horoscope matching (Kundali Matching) becomes important. The science of astrology recommends matching a horoscope lacking in Dhana yoga (wealth) with one that is abundantly blessed with it and horoscope matching lacking in santhana yoga (children) with one that is blessed to have children. If the male horoscope has karma haunting it, getting married to a woman who is under the Dasha of the lord of the tenth house who is either in swakshethra or is in an exalted position, the couple will see gains in employment after marriage. If not, the couple will be haunted by hurdles and bad luck. 

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In many instances, a decision on marriage is taken by just taking into consideration the star analysis of the man and woman. Checking the compatibility of the planetary alignments of the couple and knowing the presence of malefic elements, the upcoming dashas, the malefic quotient of Venus along with the presence of malefic in the 4th and 8th House, will guarantee that the couple matches by at least fifty percent. If the marriage horoscope is also checked, compatibility can be predicted with still more accuracy. However, it should be remembered that the ability of the couple to adjust and the blessing of the divine upon the couple have the last say over the success of a marriage. 

In the star compatibility, the Rashi compatibility checks the compatibility between the behavior of the couple. Rashiadhipathi compatibility checks the agreement between minds, vashya compatibility checks the attraction, mahendra compatibility checks the gain of wealth after marriage, gana compatibility checks the sattva, rajas, and tamas of the couple, yoni compatibility checks the sexual relationship, mutual attraction, and happiness in married life, dina compatibility for health and long life, sthreedeerga compatibility checks the longevity of married life, wealth and other material pleasures, rajju compatibility checks the possibility of offsprings and finally, the vedha compatibility checks the unity between the couple. 

Krooreshtame: vidhavathaanidhaneswar om se


Salswararthag eshumaranamswayam evathasyaa:

Kanyaalig oharishuchaalpasuthathwamind O:

(Hora 22-14)

Meaning: If there is a malefic present in the eighth house parting of a spouse may occur. This can happen during the antardasha period of a malefic which matches the Dasha period of the malefic lord of the eighth house or after the nisargadasha period. However, if a planet in an exalted position is present in the second house, there won’t be parting. 

The asthamam (eighth house) of the woman has a significant say over the health of the partner, the agreement of the eighth house should also be considered during the marriage. 

In addition to the things said above, it is important to ensure the couple does not come under the same Dasha period or under Dasha periods of hostile planets at any given time. If the couple is under the Dasha period of enemy planets, even death can occur. It is a fact that for something that needs to be approached with such precision, there exists a minority that does not see marriage in due seriousness. Most of them approach the astrologer merely as a matter of courtesy, after having already decided to get hooked, as they have checked and is satisfied with the likes and dislikes, family background, and financial status of the persons involved. As a result, the astrologer is asked to find a match between the two horoscopes. If the astrologer refuses to do so, the parents simply approach another astrologer. For a few, they require to make the marriage happen somehow. So, they invent variations to get the horoscopes matched. And if the marriage fails, the fault lies with the astrologer!

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Another group makes use of social media to ascertain the horoscope matching rather than approach an astrologer. They fail to see the value in knowledge attained through years of sadhana (practice) and hope to get a backdoor result. Still another group, though desperately in need of help, is reluctant to accept this science, afraid it would make them look less progressive. 

Naap rushtakasya chid broo nandhyay ena cha

Pruchchathaparamaarthaphalajnjaanamyath O

Naiv ehasiddhyathiithi

This science of astrology requires astrologers to not comply with those seeking results other than what is true. Such a person will not attain supreme knowledge in astrology. Positive things happen when a person approaches an astrologer without deceit or duplicity and if both focus on the matter in unison and get in touch with the divine. It should also be understood that the time, tithi, week of the month, and the star of the day the person meets the astrologer will influence the horoscope matching predictions. This science is as valuable as a person in the dark needs light to show the way. It is up to the person to make use of the light. 

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