Finding auspicious days with ‘Taarabala’

Many factors are to be considered while selecting an auspicious time (Muhurta) for any activity. ‘Taarabala’ is one such factor, which requires careful attention.

‘Taarabala’ means ‘Strength of Constellation’. The constellation ruling at the time of a person’s birth is called ‘Janmanakshatra’ or birth star. Count from the birth star to the one ruling on the particular day on which an important activity is to be done or a journey undertaken. Take this number and divide the same by 9. Find the remainder.

The remainder gives the ‘Tarabala’ and the indications from this number are, as follows:

Name for Taarabala
1 Janma Danger to body
2 Sampath Wealth and prosperity
3 Vipath Dangers, accidents and losses
4 Kshema Prosperity
5 Prathyak Hurdles and obstacles
6 Sadhana Realization of ambitions
7 Naidhana Dangers
8 Mithra Good
9 (0) Parama mithra Very favorable.
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Although there are some exceptions to the favorable and unfavorable results as described above, but generally the above results can be applied.

Example: -You are born in Bharani and want to undertake a journey on a day ruled by Sravana. Counting from your birth star to the one ruling on the proposed day, the number will be 21. This divided by 9 leaves a remainder of 3. This goes under ‘Vipath’ and hence unfavorable. ‘Taarabala’ is not good.

When the day’s nakshatra falls in the first ‘Paryaya’, that is within the first nine stars, the effects of unfavorable’Taarabala’ holds good in full.

In the second ‘Paryaya’ (cycle), from the 10th to 18th, the bad effects will have only half the strength.

In the third cycle, ie the Janma, Vipath, etc., falling from the 19th to 27th, the evil effect is considered almost negligible.

So, make sure that the ‘Taarabala’ is good, before you start on any important activity.

Best of luck!

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