India became a democracy only in the 20th century. Before that the country was divided into provinces and kingdoms ruled by Kings. A Rajguru was appointed in each kingdom to give him advices, a minister to assist the king in implementing rules and regulations, a military or police general and force to keep the boundaries of the country and implementing law and order, a set of people (businessmen) to collect and sell essential materials to the people and another set of people (servants) to do other jobs like servants. In short, the types of jobs were very few, the population was small, and their wishes were limited.
Today the scene has changed. The country has developed tremendously. Instead of one king, there is a government with lot of officers, bureaucrats and political leaders on the scene. The requirement of modern support people has increased. Population has increased many folds. The need of luxuries has increased, people have become more complacent, and their health has deteriorated which has brought new equipments and gadgets in the market other than super specialty hospitals. So every field requires specialists. To cater to these requirements new type of educational institutions has come into being. With computers entering this scenario, a new professional ethics and work culture was instated. With every year there is new technology coming in and new people required to take this forward. This has opened up enormous fields of employment. And this has also led to a choice of careers available for the youth. But it has become increasingly difficult for them to choose the right career for themselves. The importance of astrology comes into the picture here. Only astrology can guide people in choosing the right education and right profession.
Here are some general indications on education and profession according to the moon sign of a horoscope.

Mesha (Aries) sign born (Aswini, Bharani and Karthigai Ist quarter)

The Mesha born is very ambitious and enthusiastic. They have a tendency to be headstrong and fearless. They will have a pioneering and progressive nature and possess qualities like self reliance and adventure. They love power and leadership and they are not easily thwarted by obstacles. They belong to the intellectual class. Try not to force them to do anything they dislike, instead appreciate them for their good works.
Mesha being a fiery and moveable sign, denotes leadership and dominance. Occupations governed by this sign are military, surgeons, dentists, mechanical engineers, police officials, jobs connected with iron and steel, wrestlers, industrialists, electricals and electronics, machines, doctors, sportspersons, advertisement field, animal husbandry, veterinary doctor, building contracts, real estate field, mining and geology, agriculture, explosives, navy, etc.

Rishabha (Taurus) sign born (Karthigai 2,3 and 4th quarter, Rohini and Mrigasira 1st and 2nd quarter)

Rishabha born are generally quiet and un-impulsive, persistent and determined. It is difficult to shake them out of their goals and targets. They are practical minded and apply their practical experience, perseverance and tenacity to good effect. They have a special ability to evaluate situations very quickly, especially in financial matters. Love them a lot, give them a good environment and they will do wonders.
Rishabha is an earthy and stable sign. These make them practical, methodical, persevering and prudent in their actions. They are best suited for administrative jobs. They make good bureaucrats. Other professions they may excel in are civil services, economics, property and building construction, agriculture, mining, food items, furniture and interior decoration, civil engineers, banking, jewelry, cosmetics, amusement industry, dairy, hotel business, etc.

Mithun (Gemini) sign born (Mrigasira 3 and 4th quarter, Arudhra and Punarvasu 1, 2 and 3rd quarter)

The Mithun born are endowed with a kind, willing, flexible and upright nature. They can very quickly adapt themselves to their surroundings and are hence remarkable for their versatility. They love change and diversity and aspire to own new gadgets in the market and possess a keen enthusiasm to learn more about the world. Make them understand about the value of discipline and don’t discourage them for their speed.
Mithuna is an airy sign. They are intellectuals and practical-minded, talented, refined and charitable and hard working. The professions suited for them are lawyers, scientists, advisors, philanthropists, writers, authors, accountants, lectures, pilots, aviators, philosophers, management consultant, trainer, communication, journalism, marketing, doctors, healers, rail and air transport connected professions, diplomats, translators and mathematicians, etc.

Kataka (Cancer) sign born (Punarvasu 4th quarter, Pushyam and Ashlesha)

The Kataka sign born are very reserved, sensitive, sympathetic, persistent, impatient, impressionable and emotional. They are gifted with a fertile imagination, delighting in strange scenes and adventures. They understand people and read their intentions intuitively and quickly absorb other’s ideas. Their faculty for adaptation is remarkable but they often show a high degree of nervous irritability being sensitive to people and things. Be kind to them otherwise they may develop an inferiority complex. Help and love them.
Kataka is a watery and moveable sign. These people live more in a mental plane than physical. They are thinkers and creative, emotional and passionate too. Professions indicated by this sign are sailors, shipping, merchant navy, marine engineering, liquid-based industry, thinkers, philosophers, artists, dairy farming, food, underwater mining, marketing, nurses and doctors, home furnishing, historians, customer relation officers, petroleum and chemical industries, etc.

Simha (Leo) sign born (Makam, Poorvapalguni and Uthrapalguni 1st quarter)

Simha born are honorable, generous in money matters, magnanimous, candid and warm-hearted. Their special qualities include fearlessness, love of power and authority, organizing ability and self-confidence. They are assertive characters and are usually very practical with their goals and ideals. They prefer to act and reach their objectives rather than talk about them. Parents should handle them with care and try not to correct their egoistic character.
Simha is a fiery and fixed sign. Fiery signs give vitality and energy to a native and such natives are never happy working under someone. They like to be in a position of authority. Professions indicated by this sign are civil servants, criminal lawyers, surgeons, archeology, sports, building construction, education experts, animal husbandry, astronomer, share business, politicians, ministers, speculators, musicians, CEO s of large enterprises, soldiers, ambassadors, agriculturists, actors, etc.

Kanya (Virgo) sign borns (Uthrapalguni 2, 3 and 4th quarter, Hastham and Chithrai 1 and 2nd quarter)

Kanya sign born belong to the intellectual class. They are usually observant, shrewd, critically inclined, judicious, patient and practical minded. They are intellectually inquiring, methodical and logical, studious and teachable. They combine mental ingenuity with the ability to produce a clear analysis of the most complicated problems. They are careful and cautious, and usually act methodically with apparent forethought. They are also eminently industrious and persistent, tending more towards the practical than the ideal. Love and appreciate them even for very small things and it will give them much confidence.
Kanya is an earthy and dual sign. These make the native practical, methodical, persevering and prudent in their actions. At the same time they find it easy to take quick decisions too. Professions indicated by this sign are doctors, mathematicians, agriculture related professions, professors, computer and software experts, planning department, reporters, journalists, auditors, clearing agents, real estate, travel and tourism, taxation, criminal lawyer, cosmetics, etc.

Tula (Libra) sign born (Chithrai 3 and 4th quarter, Swathi and Visakham 1, 2 and 3 quarter)

Tula born are very gentle, courteous, honest and possess a sense of justice which controls all the actions of their life. They have kindness, compassion and deep affection. They are very flexible and sensitive, easily influenced by prevailing conditions. Their mind is inventive and shows ability in constructive and decorative work. They find it very difficult to take quick decisions. Let them think and come to a good decision. Don’t compel them for hasty decisions.
Tula is a moveable and airy sign. Moveable sign indicates that the native will be fond of traveling and will develop a nature of exploring. They will be good in marketing too. Airy sign indicates intelligence and thinking capacity. Professions indicated by this sign are judges, diplomats, management consultants, officers of law, actors, singers, beauticians, models, interior decorators, photographers, fashion designers, politicians, air hostesses, pilot, liaison officers, business persons, CEOs, etc.

Vrischika (Scorpio) sign born (Visakham 4rth quarter, Anuradha and Jyesta)

Vrischika sign born project an image of great power, both physical and mental. They are dignified in their bearing and reserved by nature. A feeling of pride or self-importance may form a part of their personality. Single-mindedness, thoroughness, self-discipline and courage are their strong points. Try to teach them the value of patience in the practical life. Control them with love.
Vrischika is a watery and fixed sign. These people live more in a mental plane than physical. They are thinkers and creative people, emotional and passionate too. Fixed quality makes the native practical, methodical, persevering and prudent in their actions. Professions indicated by this sign are medicine, chemicals, liquids, insurance, surgeons, pharmaceuticals, military, machinery, detectives, naval officers, navigators, nurses, explorers, sea foods, poison, police and defense officials, etc.

Dhanus (Sagittarius) sign born (Moolam, Poorvashada and Uthrashada 1st quarter)

Dhanus born are honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere with a passion for justice. They may be impulsive, ambitious, eager to learn, active and enterprising. They are capable of great endurance, hard work and have executive ability. They love to initiate new projects and have an urge to understand concepts that are new to them. However, their innate ability would be for adaptation rather than invention.
Parents should teach them to handle money properly and encourage them to read extensively.
Dhanus is a fiery sign. Fiery signs give vitality and energy to the person and they love adventure. They like to keep themselves busy and are full of energy. Professions indicated by this sign are lawyers, judges, preachers, bankers, financial experts, lectures, physician, Ayurveda doctor, money exchange, transport, artists, foreign trade, foreign exchange, health centre, hospital, religious institutions, customs, etc.

Makara (Capricorn) sign born (Uthrashada 2, 3 and 4rth quarter, Sravana and Dhanishta 1 and 2 quarter)

Makara born are impartial, just and accurate, aiming to be precise, exact and constant, fulfilling their dreams through persistent, industrious and persevering endeavor. They are also very contemplative, reserved, deep and profound. They are born leaders and organizers. Because of good organizing ability they are able to lead several projects simultaneously. Cheer them up to get rid of their sorrow nature and inject confidence.
Makara is a moveable and earthy sign. Moveable sign indicates that the person will be fond of traveling and will develop a nature of exploring. Their earthy nature makes them practical, methodical, persevering and prudent in their actions. Professions indicated by this sign are project undertakers, project leaders, planning professionals, geologists, archeology, income tax, homeopathy, ayurveda, orthopedic doctor, labor department, machine tools, agriculture, building contracts etc.

Kumbha (Acquarius) sign born ( Dhanishta 3 and 4rth quarter, sathabhisha and Poorvapathrapada 1, 2 and 3rd quarter)

Kumbha born are determined, patient, quiet, unobtrusive and faithful. They are honest, steady, discriminative and truly intelligent individuals and are noted for their integrity and sincerity. They are studious and thoughtful and at the same time versatile. They can retain whatever knowledge they acquire and are discriminative enough to turn all their forces in the best direction. Give them maximum co-operation in extra curricular activities also.
Kumbha is a fixed and airy sign. Airy sign indicates intelligence and thinking capacity. Fixed quality makes them practical, methodical, persevering and prudent in their actions. They like to remain informed on everything under the Sun. Professions indicated by this sign are scientists, intellectuals, philosophers, computer hardware experts, automobile and aero plane engineers, atomic theory, astronomer, statistics, stock exchange, education, intelligence officer, etc.

Meena (Pisces) sign born ( Poorvapathrapada 4rth quarter, Uthrapathrapada and Revathi)

Meena born are generally very kind and generous, receptive and peaceful. They are good natured, sensitive to the feelings of those around them and will never pose a threat to anybody. They are concerned with the problems of others as much as their own. Possessing very strong emotions, they become very closely attached to their friends, quietly accepting their advice and opinion and endeavoring to act upon them whenever possible. They require much encouragement. Show them the practical side of the world.
Meena is a watery and dual sign. These people live more in a mental plane than physical. They are thinkers and creative people, emotional and passionate too. They find it very difficult to take quick decisions. Professions indicated by this sign are doctors, nurses, sailors, naval officers, hospitals, writers, chemical and oil dealers, perfume and sea products, courier services, amusement parks, communication, investment field, insurance, law, etc.

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