Sani Jaap 920000 Mantra Puja

Sani Jaap 920000 Mantra Puja

Sani Jaap is done to gain the blessings of Saturn, which can result in blessings in various domains of our life.

What is Sani Mantra 92000 Jaap :

Shani Mantra Jaap offers enormous benefits in life by eliminating all financial and health problems, as well as bringing greater prosperity. It also bestows one with a stress-free life.

Who should perform Sani Mantra 92000 Jaap :

If your horoscope has Shani placed in a malefic house this Jaap is recommended in order to achieve mental tranquilly and respite from various illnesses, as well as to gain success, wealth, and fortune.

Why is Sani Mantra 92000 Jaap Done:

  • Increases good vibes, reduces Saturn's negative effects, and balances them out.
  • Respite from serious health issues.
  • Achievement of business goals.
  • Thriving career and good fortune.
  • Aids in elimination of debt and poverty.
  • Offers positivity and hope.
  • Destroys Navagraha doshas from the horoscope.
  • Promotes spiritual development
  • Reparation for past sins through Antahkarna Shuddhi.
  • Safeguards against illnesses and enhances health.
  • Prevents both physical and mental illnesses.

When is Sani Mantra 92000 Jaap Done (Auspicious times):

The auspicious muhurat will vary from person to person. Your priest will suggest the most auspicious Muhurat to perform the puja.

Where is Sani Mantra 92000 Jaap done:

Puja can be performed either at your home, temple or as per the priest’s instructions.

How is Sani Mantra 92000 Jaap done (observances and rules):

Ingredients for the puja include:

Black sesame, black thread, cotton leaves, cardamom, cloves, black urad, nagarmotha, black flowers, Shamhi wood, and oil.

The devotee must:

  • Wear clean new clothes.
  • Observe total celibacy and abstinence of meat and alcohol.
  • Perform the puja with supreme devotion and faith.
  • Keep physical and mental cleanliness.
  • Perform charity after completion of puja
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