Neelu Pathak

Vedic Astrology & Tarot Reader

Neelu Pathak

I am Neelu Pathak, with over 12+ years experience in Vedic Astrology and Tarot reading. Born in an illustrious family of famous astrologers, I inherited the science of astrology from my forefathers. From an early age, I was greatly influenced by my grand uncle. I guide my clients after carefully examining the positioning of different planets in a native’s birth chart, their conjunctions with other planets and impacts on zodiacal signs. I can provide my clients with precise and accurate predictions about their future and destiny.

For each individuals I advise to solve issues using simple and effective remedies and personally feels that astrology should be used as a self-development tool to achieve the inner talent every human being possesses.

My astrology consultations include Life Reading, Career, Detailed Kundali Matching, Match Making, Health, Business, Finance and more.

Thanks to my deck of cards and intuition, I can help people to make right decision in their life. The cards never lie, we can change our future if we get to know the path we are walking on. When it comes to relationships it is very easy for me to help you out with your issues as a couple. If you need to talk to someone to help you out in your relationship, work, career or emotional situation or any other matter that makes you feel anxious or impatient give me a call. I will be very happy to help you.

Consultation only through phone. No written documents (pdfs, docs or hardcopies) provided.


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General Prediction
Rs. 3100
Ask any One Question
Rs. 1100
Ask any 3 Questions
Rs. 2100
Marriage Compatibility
Rs. 1500
One Year Report
Rs. 2100
Telephonic Consultancy for 30 minutes (Hindi)
Rs. 1800
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